Putney Walkabout Audio Guide

By Brenda Turner,2014-03-20 15:38
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Putney Walkabout Audio Guide

     Putney Walkabout: Audio Guide

    The drama of Buried Alive focuses on the interna-

    tionally known artist Priam Farll, who decides to

    swap identities with his valet Henry Leek, so that

    when the latter dies, Farll begins a new life as his

    former servant, burying’ himself in Putney, where

    nto a life he marries a middle-class lady and settles i

    of domestic bliss at 29 Werter Road. However,

    Farll cannot resist the motivation to paint, which

    leads to dramatic consequences and discovery.

    The guide will be launched during Look Again, this

    year’s Wandsworth Arts Festival. Three guided Four historic walks through Putney, and a new walks, lasting between half an hour and an hour and dramatised journey based on Arnold Bennetts a half, will be offered, all starting at Putney Library 1908 novel Buried Alive will be launched in May at 1.30 pm: 2010, during the Wandsworth Arts Festival. A CD version will be available from the Putney Library nd Sunday 2May: Buried Alive launch. Walk the and an MP3 version, via Wandsworth Borough

    walk and meet the author of the dramatisation, Councils heritage website. The walks are designed

    Maria Oshodi. for everyone, but have additional access features to enable visually impaired people to participate. A th Sunday 9May: Putney Library to St Marys tactile thermo-map’ will be available from Putney

    Church and Putney Bridge. Library, to help orientation for the walk. th Sunday 16May: Putney Library to Putney Bridge The CD contains 3 tracks: Track 1: access infor-

    and Embankment. mation for visually impaired walkers; Track 2:

     four historic walks from early history to present

    Members of the Putney Society will be on hand to times - Putney High Street, Putney Bridge Road,

    help guide walkers, but people who are visually tney Embankment and Putney Heath; Track 3: a Pu

    impaired should arrive with an escort. dramatised walk based on Arnold Bennetts novel Buried Alive, set in Edwardian Putney.

The dramatisation is by Maria Oshodi, Artistic Di-

    rector of Extant, the UKs only theatre company

    for visually impaired professionals, and features

    Clive Merrison (the headmaster in the film of Alan

    Bennetts The History Boys and a memorable

    Sherlock Holmes on BBC radio) as Priam Farll,

    together with other local actors Tom Marshall,

    Tamara Hinchco, Ronald Markham, and visually

    impaired actors Tim Gebbels and Heather Gilmore.

The sound-mixing and design are by Peter Bosher,

    who is also visually impaired. It was produced at Wandsworths Pocklington Resource Centre by Sue Rolfe, for the Putney Society, with the invalu- Left to right: Michael Relf, Tamara Hinchco, Tom able assistance of Centre Manager Odette Battarel

    Marshall, Tim Gebbels with guide dog Lizzie, Alex and sound engineer Michael Relf - and funded by

    McConnell, author of dramatised version Maria the National Lottery through Awards for All.

    Oshodi with guide dog Penny, Ronald Markham

    and Clive Merrison.

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