The 33rd Annual State Convention

By Lynn Fisher,2014-03-20 15:33
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The 33rd Annual State Convention

    rdThe 33 Annual State Convention

    of the

    National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey

    T E C H

    * Training * Education * Commitment * History *

    Crowne Plaza Hotel

    36 Valley Rd., Clark, NJ 07066

    November 6, 7, 8, 2009

    Joseph Ruffalo, President


    We will be broadcasting live on Sat., Nov. 7 from 9 am noon,

    2 pm 5 pm and 7 pm 11 pm.

    To listen, go to

    Should you prefer to use the JAWS-friendly web page, go to or go to and click on the listen to NFBNJ State Convention link.

    The National Federation of the Blind is

    changing what it means to be blind.


    Mission Statement

    The National Federation of the Blind is an organization where the blind and interested sighted persons can come together to plan and carry out programs to improve the quality of life of the blind; to provide a means of collective action for parents of blind children; to promote the vocational, cultural, and social advancement of the blind; to achieve the integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality with the sighted; and to take action which will improve the overall condition and standard of living of the blind. The Federation works toward the removal of legal, economic, and social barriers to full participation by blind people in all aspects of community life.

     The National Federation of the Blind is an organization of the blind speaking for themselves.

    The National Federation of the Blind Pledge

    I pledge to participate actively in the efforts

    of the National Federation of the Blind

    to achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind;

    to support the programs and policies of the Federation;

    and to abide by its constitution.

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    For more information, contact Joe Ruffalo at or 973-743-0075.

    Funding Our Movement

    Donations to the National Federation of the Blind of NJ are tax deductible. Mark a special date in honor of or in memory of a loved one or friend with a gift to the NFB of NJ.


    The National Federation of the Blind of NJ thanks


    for their generous sponsorship of this year’s Convention

    Contact information for speakers can be found on the last page of the agenda.

FRIDAY, NOV. 6, 2009

    10:00 am6:00 pm Registration Open

    TECH Seminar/Convention registration: $15

    Box lunch can be purchased in Grand Ballroom: $13

10:00 am6:00 pm Exhibit Hall openWashington Room

    11:30 am1:00 pm Merchants Division lunch meetinglocation TBA


    1:00 pm Welcome to the TECH Seminar!

    Joseph Ruffalo, President, NFB of NJ; National Board Member, NFB;

    Program Manager, First Occupational Center of NJ

1:05 pm Making a Difference

    Gary Wunder, Secretary, National Federation of the Blind;

    Pres., NFB of MO

1:20 pm Advanced Diabetic Solutions

     Jordan Benis, Chief Operating Officer; Convention Sponsor

1:30 pm Announcements

WORKSHOPS There are two workshop sessions.

     Session I is from 1:45 to 2:30. Session II is from 2:45 to 3:30.

    Session I 1:452:30 pm Please choose from the following 3 workshops.

    The New Digital Talking Book PlayerAdams Room

    Adam Szczepaniak, Director; Mary Crain, Media Technician

    NJ Talking Book and Braille Center

    Bridging the Gap: Blindness and DiabetesJefferson Room

    Michele and Vincent Chaney, NJ Diabetes Action Network; Jordan Benis,

    President, and Tina Rockwell, Director of Patient Services, Advanced

    Diabetic Solutions

    Accessible Science for StudentsMadison Room

    Moderators: Carol Castellano, Pres. POBC-NJ and Evelyn Valdez, Pres.,

    NJABS; Presenters: Marilyn Winograd, TVI, MDW Educational Services;

    Dr. Lillian Rankel, Science Teacher, Central HS, Pennington


    Session II 2:453:30 pm Please choose from the following 3 workshops.

    Technology: KNFB Mobile & Newsline for the BlindAdams Room

    Rick Fox, Dewitt & Assoc.; Bill Dougherty, NJ Talking Book & Braille


    Put Your Best Foot Forward: Mobility Choices for Everyone

    Jefferson Room

    Vincent Chaney, NJAGDU; Gary Wunder, Pres., NFB of MO

    Braille: The ABCsMadison Room

    Mary Jo Partyka, Sue Tillett, NJ Assoc. to Promote the Use of Braille


3:40 pm Wrap-Up and Door Prizes

     Joe Ruffalo, Pres., NFB of NJ

4:005:00 pm Division Meetings

     NJ Assoc. to Promote the Use of BrailleMadison Room

     Technology DivisionAdams Room

     Diabetes DivisionJefferson Room

     NJ Assoc. of Blind StudentsGrand Ballroom front

4:006:00 pm Visit the Vendors in the Exhibit AreaWashington Room

    Registration Open

    7:00 pm Resolutions Committee MeetingJefferson

     Mary Jo Partyka, Chair

     All are welcome

    8:0011:00 pm Talent ShowcaseGrand Ballroom

     Hosted by the Central Chapter, NFB of NJ

     Cash Bar

    NOTE: Breakfast will be served from 6:45 8:45 am on Saturday morning in the Jefferson Room for those registered in the hotel. Bring your breakfast coupon.

     Vendors will be available in the Exhibit HallWashington Room

     at the following times:

    Friday 10:00 am 6:00 pm

    Saturday 7:45 am