The Triple Jewels

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The Triple Jewels


     “Dharma” means „Right Understanding “Sangha” means „purity and harmony‟.

    The Triple Jewels and Views.‟ Delusion has obstructed us from Today‟s world is full of pollution. Pollution of

    seeing the true face of people and the reality mind, spirit, views, and body. Even the earth

    behind matters and objects. This has caused us and atmosphere are hazardly polluted. The

     to look at life and the universe in a distorted and Buddha taught, “The environment changes

    deviant way. When delusion is cleared and our according to our state of mind.” We should THE BUDDHA JEWEL minds are pure to an extent, we give rise to return from all these pollutions and rely upon

    wisdom. With wisdom, we are able to see all . Purity of Mind is the key to purity of mind people and matters completely and clearly. saving our Earth. When our hearts are pure, we can see the past, There is also great disharmony in our “Buddha” is a sanskrit word which present, and future. Only when we have clearly world today, among spouses, families, friends, means „Awareness and Understanding‟. When seen the Whole can our viewpoint and societies, and countries which has brought us we take refuge in the Buddha, we vow to return Understanding be considered „Right‟. much suffering and disasters. The Buddha from blind faith and delusion and rely upon The Buddha‟s mind is pure without the taught us to rely upon the Six Principles of Understanding and Awareness as a way of life. slightest pollution and therefore sees everything Living in Harmony to establish harmonious We are not relying upon the statues or Buddha-clearly and entirely. We can rely upon the relationships between ourselves and others. images, but rather the spirit of Understanding Sutras (recorded teachings of the Buddha) As students of the Pure Land Teachings, and Awareness they represent. because they speak entirely of the truths the we should rely upon the choice of wisdom and As students of the Pure Land Teachings, Buddha has seen. They teach and show us the compassion as our way of treating others and we learn to rely upon Amitabha Buddha‟s way to attain Purity of Mind, to see life and the dealing with affairs. Great Strength Bodhisattva lessons on wisdom and compassion. „Amitabha‟ universe most clearly, and become just like the represents wisdom. His choice of the Buddha stands for Infinite Light and Infinite Life. When Buddhas. Recitation method of practice is wisdom in its we follow his teachings, we will attain wisdom, As students of the Pure Land Teachings, highest form. Kuan Yin Bodhisattva represents happiness, and longevity. we should rely upon the Six Sutras of Pure Land compassion; when we introduce the Pure Land as guidelines of practice: Teachings to others, we are practicing the This is taking refuge in complete compassion of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva. the Buddha. 1. The Sutra of Amitabha‟s Purity, Equality, and Understanding. This is taking refuge in 2. The Amitabha Sutra the Sangha. 3. The Sutra on Observing Amitabha Buddha and His Pure Land 4. The Chapter of Universal Worthy Bodhi- sattva‟s Conduct and Vows 5. The Chapter on the Foremost Attainment of

     Great Strength Bodhisattva Through Buddha


     6. Vasubandhu Bodhisattva‟s Report on the

     Way to Reaching Pure Land

    This is taking refuge in

    the Dharma.




     Taking Refuge means to return IN THE and . From where do we return rely from and to what do we rely upon? TRIPLE JEWELS When we take refuge in the Buddha,

     we are returning from our deluded ______________ state of mind and relying upon an Awakened, Understanding mind. WHAT IS TAKING REFUGE? When we take refuge in the Dharma,

    WHAT ARE THE TRIPLE JEWELS? we are returning from deviant views

     and relying upon proper views and understanding. When we take refuge in the Sangha, we are returning from pollution and disharmony and relying upon Purity of Mind and the Six Principles of Living in Harmony. Taking refuge in the Triple Jewels restores the complete wisdom and abilities of our Self-Nature. We will

     attain Purity, Equality, Honesty,




     Buddhism is the most profound and

     wholesome education directed by the Buddha towards all people. “Would the teacher be mindful of me and bear witness as I, student _________________ , The content in Shakyamuni Buddha's express my sincere wish to accept the Buddha‟s forty-nine years of teaching describes the teachings as my guideline of practice, beginning true face of life and the universe. Life from today to the end of my life. refers to oneself, universe refers to our living environment. The Teachings To the Buddha I return and rely,

    directly relate to our own lives and returning from delusions and

    surroundings. relying upon Awareness and Understanding.

     Those who possess a complete and proper To the Dharma I return and rely,

    understanding of life and the universe are returning from erroneous views and

    called Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. Those relying upon Proper Views and Understanding.

    who lack the understanding are called

    worldly people. To the Sangha I return and rely,

     returning from pollutions and disharmony and

     Cultivation is changing the way we think, relying upon Purity of Mind and the speak, and act towards people and matters Six Principles of Living in Harmony. from an erroneous way to a proper way. Now I, ____________________ , sincerely request the Elder Teacher Chin Kung to be my The guideline for cultivation is under-witness as I take refuge in the Triple Jewels standing, proper views, and purity. today. Given the name Miao Yin, I now begin a Understanding is without delusion, proper new way of life, relying upon the Buddha‟s

    views is without deviation, and purity is teachings of Proper Understanding, Purity,

    without pollution. This can be achieved by Equality, and Compassion to restore the

    complete wisdom and true happiness of my practicing the Three Learnings of self-

    Original Nature.” discipline, concentration, and wisdom.

     The Three Basic Conditions are the _____________________________ foundation of cultivation and study. Certified by the Elder Teacher When interacting with people, accord with Chin Kung the Six Harmonies, and when dealing with society, practice the Six Principles. Follow ________________________ the lessons taught by Universal Worthy Date Bodhisattva and dedicate one's mind to everlasting purity and brightness. These complete the purpose of the Buddha's Would the student Miao Yin receive and forever Teachings. abide by the teachings in this certificate.

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