Tami Bliss, Lydia Surat, Chris Heezen

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Tami Bliss, Lydia Surat, Chris Heezen

    Tami Bliss, Lydia Surat, Chris Heezen Don’t eat pet food, It will put you in a bad mood.


    Don’t make your pet cry, stay alive ;-_(

    Your mother gave you life; we don’t want to disappoint her.

    Don’t wanna frown, stay safe and sound.

    You make food for asses, don’t make yourself look like one.

    Don’t act like an ANIMAL with the equipment.

    STAY SAFE………………………PLEASE!

    Stay alive to keep production high Don’t be what your pet eats.

Drew Dawson

    Zach Neises

    Jacob Brehmer

    Slogan for Pet Food Manufacturing Places

    1. “We don’t need no stinking leashes!” Promoting worker safety in the workplace

    2. “If you lose a finger, you know who will be eating it later.”

    3. “Our pet foods are perfect they way they are, hold the extra parts.”

Jesse Erdman

    Josh Tomlin

    Matt Adamson

Trisha Erk

    Emily Ketcham

    Sam Munce

    1. Save A Finger Saves a Pet

    2. Our safety is our future

    3. The practice of safety brings us closer to the safety of our future.

    4. your safety brings a smile pet closer to your heart

    5. Safety brings us pride

    6. Be Safe: Protect your flanges

    7. Safety first brings cost down

    8. Watch out your hand might be eaten by one of our customers!!

    9. Would you want your animal eating a finger?

Jai Mimmack

    Usman Farukh

    Anne Jerke


    BADM 370

    Pet food manufacture

Safety Slogan

    ; Don’t eat what you are packaging

    ; Animal Food not suitable for human beings

    ; If eaten see a doctor

    ; Keep it away from children

    ; Strictly for animals

    Pooler, Gabe

    Nedved, Laken

    Serr, Lorne


    Our main ingredient is horse… not human.

    Safety first …meow!

    Unlike your pet, the machine will bite the hand that feeds them.


If you don’t wear a hard hat, you may became flat

    Be safe, don’t become what you work on.

    Think Safety stay Alive

    When in doubt pull it out.

    Do you love your family? Prove it and be safe! Be safe or you will die.

    Please be safe, we don’t have insurance.

    Watch your hide, and keep your ass safe. It is udderly important to keep your paws safe. Don’t be a pig keep your work place clean.

Katherine Langner

    Anthony Severson

    Stephanie Rosenberger

    SLOGAN: Pet food safety

    No leash required.

    Guide-dog approved.

    You won’t need a muzzle to quite a hungry dog.

    Drooling permitted.

    Sit. Stay. Eat.

    Good on their teeth, not on your carpet. Happy mouth. Happy tail.

    So good you might need to guard it. Good for your dog, not for you kids. Good for your dog, better for your budget. For a healthy dog, choose the best. All real, no preservatives.

    Not responsible for tail lashings.

Kyle Kruse

    Darin Albers

    Scott Paulson

    1. Remember to keep your paws out of machinery at all times.

    2. Watch your work, go home in a good mood.

     Goof around, go home in a bag of food. 3. Watch your paws around machinery, and don’t fly too fast.

     Your safety is our #1 concern.

    Jeff Pollreisz, Dusin Havlik, Amanda Mark Beware of bites!

    Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Take caution when making

    pet food!

    Watch where your dogs play, so you don't get hurt. Saftey Never Hurts!

    Saftey Never Bites!

    Saftey won't bite! But your pet will!

    We know you love to make pet food but don't forget it can be dangerous too!!

    Think Saftey at all times!

    Don't think like a pet, think cautiously! Pets like food not your fingers! Watch your hands when making the food!

    Pets don't like fingerfood so take caution when at work! We don't want to hear you bark if you get hurt so take saftey precautions!


    Cats have 9 lives. . . .YOU DON’T!

    Days Since Last accident “Amount of Years”

    (Picture of Pet, and a person stroking it) “You still want to be able to do this when you

    get home? Remember, Safety First.


    Your cat loves you too


    Don’t leave you cat without a mommy or daddy. Be Safe

    This isn’t a hot dog plant.

    It’s a rough job. . BUT CATS NEED IT! Be safe.

    Don’t Delay, Be safe.

    Saftey is YOUR cat’s number 1 priority.

    Cats can land on their feet, Humans can’t

    Sonje Twaddle, Jim Howard, Kurt Reichelt

Pet Food Factory Safety Slogan

    1. Better than sex pet food factory

    2. Sober = Safe

    3. Safe, Secure, and Doggone Good

    4. Safety is the Cat’s Meow

    5. You’re in safe paws

    6. Outta Bark’s Way

7. Beware of Safety

    8. Better Safe than Rawrry

    9. Don’t Eat the Food

    10. Don’t Feed the Employees

    11. Keep Your Paws off the Food

    12. Pet Food Protection Police

    13. Our Bark is Worse than our Bite

    14. We Dig You, Be Safe

    15. Please Wear your Paw Booties

    16. Sanitary Pet Food Makes Happy Pets 17. Safety First, Pet Food Later


1. Making pet food is what we do best, but please be safe and watch your step.

    2. Continue to work hard but don’t forget your safety card.

    3. Be safe or else.

    4. Never stop, continue to strive, if we remember the safety tips we’ll make it out


    5. Since we are such litter bugs, please watch your step.

    Adam Zens

    Douglas Iverson

    Dani Kuyper

    ; Barking is our name safety is our game!!! ; Don’t get your hand caught, you still want to pet your dog don’t you?!?!?!?

    ; Animals appear a lot better when you can see them: wear your goggles!!!!!!!!!

    ; Humans don’t get nine lives, play it safe!!!!!!

    ; Pets are disposable YOU aren’t: work safe!!!!

    ; It’s kibbles and bits, not kibbles and fingers: PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BADM 475

    Becky Bessman

    Jordan Erickson

    Jacob DeBoer


Ingredients: Lamb, rice, corn, Bob… you remember Bob? You don’t want to end

    up like Bob.

Come on get safety. (think David Cassidy & the Partridge family)

Ingredients: NOT HUMANS

You don’t want to end up in a reverse Chinese situation.

Kendra Finck

    Caitlin Spors

“Do you part stay smart

Hahn, doyle, christiansen

    Pet Food Slogan around the factory keep people safe

Remember: No monk eying around, No cat calls, No Horse play

    Make your best friend happy, go home safe Keep your fingers to yourself

    Play time is later

    Watch your step

    Your pet loves you, stay safe

    Stay out of the bag, stay safe

    Don’t become filler, stay safe

    Stay safe, Roll with the big dogs later

Nick Skonhovd

Lindsey Herr

Adam Maas





    Preferably Not You!

     Be Safe

Teryl Keppen

    Laura Smith

    Jeff Landhuis

Think safety…it couldn’t hurt

    Don’t be a fatality…make safety a reality

Ashlee Kirschenman, Katy Morton, Patrick Lynch













    Phillip Podhradsky Bob Magna Jr.

    Trevor Cucinello

    Everybody and their dog are interested in YOUR safety.

    Satlak, jenkinson, wilson, slogan

1. Watch your paws

    2. Because your life matters 3. Just remember we don’t have health insurance

    4. Hands don’t grow back

    5. Hands don’t grow on trees

    6. Don’t get stuck up a tree

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