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    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    11:00 a.m.

    Joshua Bates Centre Athens, ON

    The Committee was invited to participate/observe the SMART Exercise Program (tailored for seniors and adaptable to individuals with disabilities). The session began at 10:00 a.m. The Accessibility Advisory Meeting began at 11:15 a.m.

    Members Present: Tom Woodford-Smith, Chair, Keith Moyer, Vice-Chair, Elfriede

    Bob Dohle, John McClintock, Elaine McClintock, Evelyn Pott,

    Greene, Bill Thake, John Conley

    Guests Present: Warden Jim Pickard, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

     Stephen Clarke, MPP Runciman’s Executive Assistant

     Ruth Kitson, Executive Director, CPHC

    Rev. Bruce Dimetroff, Athens Baptist Church

    Rev. Kathleen Walton, Athens United Church

    Rev. Karen Freak, Anglican Church

    Pastor Fred McCracken, Free Methodist Church

    Rev. Winston Visser, Christian Reform Church

    Jack Hayes, Athens Senior Group, President

     Members from the SMART Exercise Program

Staff Present: Deborah Gill, C&SS

    Lisa Severson (Recording Secretary)

Absent: Les Shepherd

1.0 Call Meeting to Order

    Mr. Woodford-Smith called the meeting to order at 11:15 a.m. and thanked both

    the Township of Athens for the use of the facility as well as the SMART exercise

    group for allowing members of the Committee to participate and/or observe their

    exercise program.

2.0 Additions to the Agenda

    The following items were added to the Agenda:

Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting

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    Minutes May 14, 2008

     Letter to the Editor

    A copy of a letter composed by Mr. McClintock, to the editor of the Brockville

    Recorder and Times, which appeared in the May 6, 2008 edition, was circulated

    to the Committee to review regarding accessibility issues at a newly constructed

    condominium complex in Brockville. The building is only accessible from the

    garage area and someone in the building must let you in this entrance. The

    front entrance to the building has two stairs one must climb to gain access to the

    building. Currently there is an individual with a disability who lives in the building

    who feels she has no means of leaving the building due to the situation. To

    remedy the situation a ramp could be constructed easily at the front entrance at a

    minimal cost. The Board of Management of the condominium has been

    contacted about the situation and has to date not acted on the request. As the

    Accessibility Advisory Committee has no jurisdiction in the City of Brockville the

    Committee received the information and requested an update on the progress of

    this situation at future meetings.

    Update from Mr. Moyer

    Mr. Moyer provided a brief update on various items taking place in North

    Grenville including the compliance of North Grenville’s Municipal Centre and

    North Grenville High School. A more detailed report will be brought forward at

    the June meeting.

3.0 Adoption of Committee Minutes April 9, 2008


     Moved by Mrs. McClintock and seconded by Mr. Thake

     THAT the minutes of the Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting held on

    April 9, 2008 be approved as circulated. Carried.

4.0 Brief Overview of Accessibility Advisory Committee

    Mr. Woodford-Smith provided a brief overview of the Accessibility Advisory

    Committee membership and highlighted a few of the Committees achievements

    and their priorities for 2008.

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    Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting

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    Minutes May 14, 2008

    5.0 CPHC Presentation

    Ms. Ruth Kitson, Executive Director of the Community and Primary Health Care (CPHC) spoke to the group about the CPHC. The organization formed in 2006 after ties with the VON were severed. The focus for the organization is to provide optimal health within the community from prenatal services to end of life services. Some of the key activities of the organization include:

    ; Meals on Wheels which served over 30,000 meals last year in Leeds and

    Grenville. The respective long-term care facilities in Athens, Prescott and

    Brockville prepare the meals for delivery and volunteers deliver the meals

    to citizens.

    ; The need for transportation to medical appointments, etc has increased

    30% from last year. Transportation is done by volunteers for a fee.

    ; Over 12000 residents have medical care due to the five family medical

    centers located in Athens, Gananoque, Brockville (2) and Prescott.

    ; A new chronic disease centre will be opening focusing on arthritis and a

    pre-diabetic program.

    ; Provide care giver support.

    ; Organize weekly SMART exercise programs in various communities.

    ; Over 750 volunteers managed by CPHC for various programs.

    ; Mobile unit for medical services travel throughout Lanark, Leeds and

    Grenville, providing medical services to communities with no or little

    medical personnel. The community raised the money to purchase the

    vehicle, with the province providing funding for its operation.

    Ms. Kitson stressed that 70% of the funding to operate the CPHC is provincially driven, while 30% is raised annually by the community.

    6.0 Township of Athens Presentation on Accessibility Challenges and Successes

    Mr. Greene presented a PowerPoint Presentation on the key areas within the municipality related to accessibility (presentation available upon request). Areas reviewed were government buildings and facilities, parishes, businesses and local service group facilities. Most of the government buildings and facilities are accessible, as are most of the parishes. Some businesses within the municipality face the challenge of steps to enter their businesses, with little or no room for ramping. Some businesses have been retrofitted and are accessible. Local service groups including the CPHC will be housed in fully accessible buildings. Although faced with challenges the community is commended for their efforts towards ensuring accessibility is in the forefront for its residents.

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Accessibility Advisory Committee Meeting

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    Minutes May 14, 2008

7.0 Question and Answer Period - Nil

8.0 Next Meeting

    Mr. Conley suggested that the next meeting be held in Gananque to facilitate

    Mayor Garrah to attend and speak to the group about his involvement with guide

    dog training. Ms. Severson has been requested by the Committee to extend an

    invitation to Mayor Garrah to attend the June meeting. An email confirming the

    location will be forwarded to members.

9.0 Adjournment

     The Chair adjourned the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

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