Elementary Career Lessons

By Henry Freeman,2014-06-18 00:42
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Elementary Career Lessons ...

    Career Development

Lesson Title: My Rocket to the Future

Indicator: K-2.2.1

    Objective: Students will describe one or more jobs they find interesting.

Grade Level: Kdg. 2nd

Length: 30 45 minutes


Attached worksheet, one for each student.


1. Tell students they are going to take an imaginary rocket journey to a star. Hand out

    paper with picture of a rocket to each student.

    2. Have students name their rocket and write it on the rocket in the drawing.

3. Tell students that in order for their rocket to fly to the future, they need to put fuel

    into the rocket. Explain that the best fuel for reaching the future is the school subjects in

    which they do well. Have students list the school subjects they are good at in the fuel part of the rocket. Explain to students that the school subjects that they enjoy and do

    well in, really do help them reach their goals in the future. Remind students that they

    will always have that fuel of knowledge with them no matter what they decide to do. Explain that students can also add more fuel to their rocket as they grow older and learn

    about new subjects. Remind students that not everyone is good at the same school

    subjects; different fuel helps rockets go in different directions.

4. After students have listed the school subjects in which they do well, ask students to

    imagine what it would be like to be an adult and have a job. Discuss with students what

    possible jobs they might have. Have students choose one of the jobs they have talked about and put that job title in the star.

5. Below the star, have students write or print what they would like about their job (e.g.

    being independent, making money, getting to wear nice clothes, working with animals,

    working with computers, etc.) Ask student if they would enjoy their jobs.

    6. Allow students to color pictures and display in the room or take home.


Completion of My Rocket to the Future worksheet.

My Rocket to the Future

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