With regard to micro-credit, rural credit cooperatives immeasurable town supporting agriculture analysis of the situation _10940

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With regard to micro-credit, rural credit cooperatives immeasurable town supporting agriculture analysis of the situation _10940

With regard to micro-credit, rural credit cooperatives

    immeasurable town supporting agriculture analysis of the situation

     Key Words immeasurable papers Analysis of rural credit

     Abstract immeasurable Town, rural credit cooperatives at all

    levels of micro-agricultural credit business in the district towns and rural party and government attach great importance to the efforts of the staff of credit cooperatives steadily carried out, in support of the "three rural" economic development has played a large role as promoting the immeasurable Town, a new socialist countryside construction, speed up the pace of the farmers to get rich is not a lack of resources. However, in rural credit cooperatives to small agricultural credit in the

    ideological understanding of business operations, etc., there are still some shortcomings, we should pay close attention. To achieve its maximum efficiency, you need to improve the level of financial services and solve the contradiction between supply and demand of funds in rural areas, build

    long-term mechanism of micro-agricultural credit to make greater efforts.

     Measureless town rural credit cooperatives at all levels of micro-

    agricultural credit business in the district towns and rural party and

    government attach great importance to the efforts of the staff of credit cooperatives steadily carried out, in support of the "three rural" economic development has played a larger role as promoting the measureless Town a new socialist countryside construction, speed up the pace of the

    farmers to get rich is not a lack of resources. Current measureless Town Small agricultural credit demand and input on how the situation in the end, there is also what issues we need to conscientiously study and solve, the author, as a grass-roots level loan officer's identity, the nearest small town a few years immeasurable the actual situation of agricultural credit for a analysis.

     1, immeasurable Town granted the status of micro-credit

     Nanjian Yi Autonomous County in the town southeast of immeasurable

    Town, is located in the central mountains Ailaoshan and immeasurable. A total area of 251.95 square kilometers, a maximum altitude of 2790 meters in the lowest elevation of 1446 meters, the town government of resident

    small river, 50 km away from the county seat, national highway 214 line and the provincial "mini S & P line" was "ah" type across the territory. Jurisdiction bright, Bao-ping, Dean, New Deal, Good, Ma Street, insurable, Patriotic, Red Star, developed, defend Taiwan, peace, Huashan 13 village

    committees, 222 villages, 290 agricultural groups. Inhabited by the Han, Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai, Miao, Lisu, Wa, Naxi, Hui, Brown, 11 ethnic minority population of 17382 persons, accounting for 49.1% of the total population;

    35384 residents of the town, with a population density of 140.4 people / sq km. In recent years, the rapid development of aquaculture species, the individual processing industry, individual business and individual services, has become immeasurable Town farmers to develop a sideline the

    main source of revenue. Beginning in 2002, immeasurable positive response from the rural credit cooperatives at all levels of Town government and the People's Bank's call, firmly establish the concept of credit, the work

    of agriculture, villages and townships to create a credit for the effective carrier, to promote micro-agricultural credit, create a credit

    project, support the town transfer production of agriculture and farmers income, the full establishment of household economic files, seriously

    implement the farmer credit rating, increase micro-agricultural credit of

    the input, and built a government-led, rural credit cooperatives in

    agriculture as the main micro-credit system.

     Second, immeasurable Town issued the effectiveness of micro-credit

     In 2007, immeasurable Town at the provincial association of rural credit cooperatives, the town government's correct leadership, to the 3143 credit support to farmers, farmers loans reached 7.65 million, tired release amounted to 16.44 million yuan. Strongly supported the immeasurable Town, local economic development, and achieved good results.

     (A), the implementation of small agricultural credit to meet a larger share of the farmers a reasonable demand for loans.

     According to the survey generally reflected farmers, and now through the micro-agricultural credit and the procedure is very simple that, with "credit card" and valid identity documents can be directly handled and what time to take on when, for the majority of farmers become rich create the most the basic primitive capital accumulation; use of funds in the Small agricultural credit effect, driven by the current town farmers to expand production into high enthusiasm, from the original reluctance to

    lend to the present initiative to loans, thereby activating the mechanism of agricultural inputs. The Credit Union 13 village committees, 222 villages, 9444 households. In 2007, the credit unions in the promotion of micro-agricultural credit, in the way innovation and excellence from the

    service to run a "micro-agricultural credit" mini-supermarket, as long as

    meet the loan conditions of the farmers, to the mini-supermarket by the

    credit card confirmation, can get loans, services, farmers accounted for 99% of all households jurisdiction, coverage reached almost 100%, won the local farmers, the Government's praise.

     (B), the release of small agricultural credit the close of the community, the political relationship between silver.

     To increase the injection volume of micro-agricultural credit, credit

    unions credit staff would leave villages and households, increasing contact with the farmers, to narrow the distance with the farmers, closer ties with the masses of flesh and blood. Credit Union's credit officers to

    understand the situation not only the home village, busy season, even made loans door, grass-roots party organizations in particular the village, "the two committee" cadres, by participating in the survey to understand the farmer's production operations and income, help farmers to expand production and operation, the flesh and blood in close contact with the farmers. I survey, farmers generally reflect: "Small agricultural credit is the glue between cadres and masses," and many village cadres to promote

    micro-agricultural credit and worked in close cooperation with the rural credit cooperatives, coordinated operation, not only to improve the governance of silver relations, but also to build equality, mutual assistance and cooperation of a new relationship. Credit in support of the farmer cooperatives of professional development, make full use of micro-

    agricultural credit as a booster engine, an effective solution to the farmers cooperatives in the development of specialized financial needs, so

    that the farmers has been rapid development of specialized cooperatives, has been county, the county government, the town committee, the town government's full recognition and attention.

     (C), the release of small agricultural credit credit environment

    optimized immeasurable Town.

     "Credit is the flagship business, credit is the current deposits," the release of micro-agricultural credit household credit increased

    awareness of the town, "proud and trustworthy, dishonest shame" concept continues to strike deep roots in the promotion of the town of credit improvement of the environment is currently in full guarding credit, disloyal has become a trend. Such as: investigation insurable village, the village is not as rich, but the local credit cooperatives, by adhering to

    create a credit works, to continue upgrading the village farmers credit concept, since 2007, each of 100 rural credit cooperatives can be Multi-

    million micro-agricultural credit support, allowing farmers to move rapidly to the road to prosperity. At present, the village pig per household up to 20 long, 75 is a large-scale breeding households, the

    village farming income accounted for 46% of total revenue, per capita net income reached 7,000 yuan, becoming immeasurable Town pig first village,

    into of the town and keeping promises to benefit because of the "credit village" is one.

     (D), the release of small agricultural credit increased dynamism of SMEs.

     In recent years, micro-agricultural credit in support of the

    development of SMEs has also played a significant effect. Especially the company + base + farmers agriculture-related small and medium enterprises

    is particularly prominent, forming a faucet with a base, base with a new micro-agricultural credit system for farmers. Small town rural credit

    cooperatives has issued loans to 120 million yuan to support the flue-

    cured tobacco planting, bubble walnut planting, tea, beef cattle as the main pillar of the product processing enterprise group, the annual hundred-million kilograms of agricultural products processing and

    transforming, processing, sales revenues reached 2.2 billion, which accounted for 50% of the tens of millions of ultra-radiation base of 90

    million mu more than 1000 households in 7 led farmers to promote agricultural production, supply, marketing integration, development, and the farmers income has played a positive role in promoting.

     (5), the release of micro-agricultural credit in rural credit

    cooperatives are effective in promoting the steady development of their

    own operations.

     Promotion of micro-agricultural credit not only set a good social image of the rural credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives, broadening service "three rural" economic channels, but also further promote the various businesses of the rural credit cooperatives in the healthy development, and achieved remarkable economic . As of the end of 2009, 3, town of rural credit cooperatives deposits reached 17 billion, in early 2008, a net increase of 900 million yuan, an increase of 123.95%,

    creating the highest level in history; the balance of loans reached 1.1 billion, compared with 2007 year net increase of 7 billion, an increase of 120%; operating profit of 357 million yuan, compared with the beginning of 2007 a net increase of 435 million, an increase of 357.69%; showing a strong capital market, a moderate proportion of sales, effectiveness promising "triple win" situation. At the same time, small agricultural credit has also led to the issuance of non-performing loans of rural

    credit cooperatives to clear income.

     Third, micro-credit granted Wuliang Town Problems and Causes

     From the measureless Small Town Rural Credit Cooperatives put the current situation of agricultural credit, despite the small agricultural

    credit in the promotion of rural economic development, farmers to get rich, and the socialist new countryside construction, have achieved remarkable results, however, rural credit cooperatives to small agricultural credit in the ideological understanding of business

    operations, etc., there are still some shortcomings, we should pay close


     (A), the full micro-agricultural credit in the rural economy,

    understanding the actual role of the deficiencies.

     Small agricultural credit has been in operation for many years, but

    some rural credit cooperatives or credit officer in charge of their thinking and understanding is still not uniform or non-place status.

    According to the author know, some financial institutions personnel will be issued a one-sided micro-agricultural credit as a purely political,

    policy-related task is completed, and even a small number of officers that the small loans for agricultural credit is poor, is mounted "face" and not affordable loans, dispensable; there are individual officers believe that

    a wide range of micro-agricultural credit a large quantity of poor

    efficiency, and the credit is disbursed, the result may be worth the candle; in talking about pushing for further micro-agricultural credit,

    the some rural credit cooperatives, one-sided emphasis on the objective of

    the officers, neglect subjective initiative, fearing in practice to address and overcome the problems encountered. Ubiquitous "four fears": fear of increased workload, comprehensively implement the following can

    not cope with; afraid of accountability, risk themselves; fear of misunderstanding the farmers to reduce the repayment consciousness; afraid of vouchers lending, lending to lose the initiative and so on. Knowledge is a guide to action, there is an error led to the current understanding

    of some of the rural credit cooperatives in the small agricultural credit delivery in the process of the positive nature is not high, lack of motivation, work to carry out imbalance situation.

     (B), micro-agricultural credit demand can not meet the farmers on the level and amount of funding requirements.

     At present, the rural credit cooperatives granted the use of micro-

    agricultural credit are mainly small-scale kinds of farming families the

    financial needs of small-scale farm machinery for farmers, agricultural production areas of service, as well as housing, education and consumer items such as micro-credit no breakthrough in progress; In micro-credit,

    the failure to distinguish between the implementation of guidance, namely

    credit, but rather adopt a "broad-brush" methods of management are

    controlled by less than 50,000 yuan. However, according to the survey found that: With the rural economic development, level of funding needs in rural areas in recent years great changes have taken place, farmers in the traditional sense to buy fertilizer, seeds, film and other agricultural means of production, demand for funds has been weakened, while the demand for micro-agricultural credit have continued to rise, mainly reflected in

    the expansion of production demand, consumer demand and a substantial increase in demand for education, etc., in the agro-processing, work or

    business, developing hand in small workshops, agricultural credit especially increased demand for these farmers to develop the second and

    tertiary industries (processing industry, commerce, services) the

    financial needs of micro-agricultural credit business has exceeded the current limit. Survey found that: At least 30% of the self-employed due to

    not meet the conditions of access to credit difficult to obtain the support and are supported by the farmers are not entirely able to be met in full, subject to various factors, but the funds to meet the average rate of 60% -- 70%. This part of the farmers, this part of the industry,

    although the strong demand for funds but can not be met, this contradiction in the present the town is particularly prominent. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     (C), varieties of a single

     Loan refers to various types of loans, trade financing, discounting, factoring, loan commitments, guarantees, letters of credit, bill acceptance and other tables inside and outside the credit and financing business, and I rural credit cooperatives for small businesses to support

    mainly in loans, Bills acceptance and discount business is almost stagnant, as trade finance, factoring and other operations were never involved. At present, the loans primarily secured loan in the main part of a small amount of low value credit.

     Fourth, to solve problems of micro-credit strategies and advice

     To eliminate the micro-agricultural credit to push some of the

    barriers to achieve its maximum efficiency, the need to take the following countermeasures and suggestions:

     (A), to improve the level of financial services

     Thousands of households involved in micro-credit loans to farmers to

    manage complicated, heavy workload, make small agricultural credit issuance and management of the need to loan officer with a high degree of

    professionalism, a good professional quality and solid style of work. As the main force in rural finance, rural credit cooperatives is necessary to accurately grasp the "community-based, service three rural issues" in the

    market positioning, effectively improve financial services. First of all, enhance their understanding, foster new ideas agriculture. To establish a "good image depend on agriculture, relying on agriculture against the risks, relying on agriculture and raising efficiency, relying on

    agriculture for development" concept, adhere to service "San Nong" the purpose of closely around the needs of building new countryside, and continuously improve service way, improve the service functions, improve service levels, truly rural credit cooperatives Ban Cheng, "community-

    based, retail-based bank." Second, we must continue to do a good job, "3300 Huinong project" implementation. Actively make innovations in agriculture and strive to broaden the field of agriculture to achieve "three changes." Support from support for traditional agriculture to

    modern agriculture, a shift from supporting traditional peasant farmer to the modern shift from supporting traditional rural areas to support the new changes in rural areas, focusing on the industrialization of

    agriculture, rural urbanization and modernization of the farmers, not only through micro-credit support to solve the funding problems plagued the farmers, but also a positive solution to rural economic development, science and technology, information problems, with the help of rural

    credit cooperatives, information, etc. to actively send financial knowledge for farmers, send science and technology information, and promote farmers increase their ability to get rich and improve agricultural and sideline products value-added, so as to provide a full

    range of rural economic development and wide-ranging, deep-seated

    financial services, supporting agricultural efficiency and rural incomes, rural economic development.

     (B), solve the contradiction between supply and demand of rural funds

     First, from the rural financial institutions in their own terms, it is necessary to expand the firm deposits, expand its comprehensive strength, the key lies in its advocacy, service, image and homework

    articles provided by the state to take advantage of interest rates, refinancing, etc. policy advantage, and constantly improving and perfecting the management system and clearing functions, through the rise in deposits and market share increased to meet the funding needs of

    different levels of farmers. Second, some departments to cancel funding for rural financial institutions and organizations of the discriminatory restrictions policy, decentralization of fiscal management of deposits. In particular, to guide local governments in local deposits in financial institutions and organizations should play an active role in continuously improving market share and credit support. Third, the People's Bank to moderate increase in agriculture and then put the loan amount, and to

    improve the management of agriculture re-lending approach, so that the

    characteristics of the rural economy with the current adaptation; 4 is clear and functional position of rural financial institutions to ease the rural credit support for agriculture pressure. Agricultural Bank and other commercial banks to innovative financial products and services, ways to broaden the channels of credit support for agriculture. Agricultural Development Bank and other policy-related banks to adjust the functions,

    rational division of labor, the expansion of agriculture and rural services.

     (C), to build long-term mechanism of micro-agricultural credit.

     First, we must improve the coordination mechanism for micro-

    agricultural credit. Rural credit cooperatives at all levels of local

    party and government leaders should actively seek the understanding and support, to continue to carry out in-depth credit township, village

    credit, credit assessment of the activities of farmers, small agricultural credit to support agriculture to promote the transfer of production,

    increase farmers to create a good financial ecologyEnvironment. The second is to implement the micro-agricultural credit supervision and restraint mechanisms. To uphold the Notice monitoring system, credit unions and

    local party and government co-ordination of administrative village as a unit, quarterly or every six months on a regular basis to take notice, a hearing will be held micro-agricultural credit, the letter the user

    forums, etc., the majority of farmers notice, notification letter to the user credit rating, credit amount, loan amount, etc. retractable; through the establishment of micro-agricultural credit "monitor box", to

    strengthen external oversight, on a regular basis to collect people's

    complaints and the suggestions to further enhance the transparency of micro-agricultural credit. At the same time, we must severely crack down on such non-compliance with loan-to-self-serving acts of "cheating of the

    peasants," "loss of agricultural" behavior, as well as farmers will not be accepted for no reason, for no reason does not meet the credit needs of farmers in the efficient, by the name of Chinakayao acts such as loan-to-

    do, once verified to be severely dealt with strictly. The third is to

    establish a sound mechanism for monitoring supervision. We should pay close attention to the work carried out micro-agricultural credit

    conditions and increase the demand for micro-agricultural credit to meet

    the rate of recovery rate of principal and interest of the inspection

    efforts and make full use of credit management information system, strengthen the agricultural credit delivery and recovery of small, non-

    performing loans, "Two rate" of the query and statistics, strengthening of off-site monitoring and analysis, timely detection of problems and to take measures to address them. The fourth is to improve the micro-agricultural

    credit management responsibility to implement the mechanism. Accordance with the rights, responsibilities and benefits of combining principles,

    establish and improve scientific and rational, standardized management responsibility for the loan evaluation system, to further clarify the credit personnel management responsibilities.

     In general, micro-credit loans for farmers to carry out an effective

    solution to immeasurable Town farmers loans, support "three rural" economic development, improve operational efficiency of rural credit cooperatives immeasurable Town played an important role, is currently promoting the new socialist rural development, accelerate the pace of the farmers to get rich is not a lack of credit resources. Measureless Town through meticulous work of credit unions, through hard work, and constantly push forward the work steady in an orderly manner, in order to

    promote agricultural and rural economic development and increasing the income of the farmers to make new contributions.


     1, "Yunnan Province, farmers in rural micro-credit association credit

    management approach"

     2, "Nanjian Yi Autonomous County of farmers in rural micro-credit

association credit management approach"

3, "boundless credit cooperatives farmers credit Autobiography" in

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