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Shanghai Art Museum.dox

    Shanghai Art Museum is a nonprofit social and cultural undertaking, which is located at the busting West Nanjing Road, backed by the People’s Square and People’s Park. With the sound function and advanced facilities, Shanghai Art museum has a certain influence among the domestic an internantional modern art museums.

    In the aspect of Technical Specifications

    Shanghai Art Museum was built in 1933. After several of the transformation and renovation, now Shanghai Art Museum has 12 exhibition halls and the total exhibition area has 6,000 square meters. In recent years. a number of sessions such as the International Biennial Exhibition is organized by it, which proudly shows its original and elegant silhouette. Flooded with light, transparent and functional, it is inscribed in the new generation of event environments and fully satisfies the expectations of users in terms of service. So the museum can support enough space and power and basic system. However, since the theme is “Christmas Masquerade”, so the event may

    need some complex ornate lighting system and vocational stage sound equipment, which need to be prepared by the organizer-self.

    In the aspect of Logistics

The each part of Shanghai Art Museum’s logistics is sound. In

    details, according to the plane figure, each floor has 2 separate escape corridors, and is equipped with an independent fire control facilities and sensitive fire extinguishers. Meanwhile,

    the stadium has underground garage and there are also some parking spaces on the ground, the total of 150-300 parking

spaces are available.

    In addittion, the museum has its own coffeehouse, which can offer delicious food and drinks.

    Moreover, the transport around the museum is also very convinient.

    So the Logistics are meet the requirements of the event.

Creative Vision

    As the exhibition’s theme is masquerade Christmas party, the main activities are Christmas party and maze. Hence, more creative vision from the event group is carried out on these two main activities. As a designer’s point of view, the whole vision should be creative, attractive with mysterious atmosphere; while as to the manager, he needs to be more feasible to consider feasible factors.

    Overall, same opinions of manager and designer are: The main hall of the first floor should be dedicated to Christmas Party, placing dance floor and the surrounding facilities. With marble-based building materials, the hall should be more elegant and gorgeous, and the sound should be made points. Furthermore, the porch swing can make the ball an attractive place with good atmosphere.

    On the second floor, the main point is to build the maze. Just by using different decoration, the manager is in order to show different style of each area. Like a maze, each corner has a different secret gift, which is also like the feeling of coming into Santa’s house, everywhere with surprises. The maze adds more fun and increase the activities participation level, which is also allowed by the Shanghai Art Museum.

    Besides, the display of art usually needs lights support, so the cost of lights can be saved but with fantastic effect. However, there must be different view between manager and designer. Because venue is a protected building, it is impossible to paste on the wall and to change the location of the wall. As a result, the wall layout and the design of the maze must be limited. To the same reason, the overall style should be fixed initially, and the demand for supporting the activities is hard to meet. For example, the demand for furniture and big screen cannot be fully satisfied.

Design Layout

    From the aesthetic needs, Shanghai Art Museum holds the 30’s British style, which makes it even more match the full sense of the Christmas party.

    The first floor is used to hold large mask Christmas party, it needs a huge Christmas tree, while the lobby of the Shanghai Art Museum is wide and high enough to accommodate the size of the tree. Secondly, the hall is large enough to put tables and chairs available to visitors to have a rest and chat with each other. Moreover, the circular columns between floors can be placed with the lights. Furthermore, there has already the Media interview room and VIP room on the first floor, which can be used directly.

    On the second floor, the whole region can be divided into different parts with different decorative style, which can make the activities more fun and participatory.

    It can be said that the group do not need change on the original architectural style of the venue; and there is enough space and accessories to provide ornaments. And, the second floor supports the group to enlarge the attractive points of the activities.

    In short, the fit point of the Shanghai Art Museum to the

Christmas party reaches 80(total 100).

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