Food Safety in China

By Tiffany Gonzalez,2014-07-05 16:41
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Food Safety in China

Food Safety in China

     With the growing awareness of healthy eating, more and more people now are paying more attention to the importance of healthy diet and an active life. But at the same time, a growing unrest over food safety in the China has caught everyone’s concern.

    In September 2008, a fresh outbreak of kidney disease occurred, due to baby formula contaminated by melamine. Three babies died and over 6,000 were made sick by the tainted formula. The supplier of the milk, Sanlu Group, is a name brand and is one of the National Inspection-free Products. The company is said to have known of the problem for months, but claims the contaminant came from milk suppliers. Who should be main responsible for these serious incidents like milk scandal? After the incident happened, many people attribute this to the Exemption of some brands in our country and now the exemption about the food has been abolished. Personally speaking, I think the exemption of food do play an important role in Sanlu incident. Abolishing inspection-free of food, to some degree, can ensure the food safety but cant solve the issue

    fundamentally. There are still some factor leads to the disaster. The main cause of the disaster is the inadequate regulatory system. Without exemption of food, all kinds of products need to be examined. But to examine so many products needs much time and money. The government wont have so much energy, which leads to oversight in some

    links and some immoral factor will use it to make illegal profit. To solve the issue fundamentally, to consummate Chinese monitoring system can be essential. Maybe the government should use some way effective which cause less time and money. With the improving quality of examine, the opportunities that can be used by evil producers can be reduced. Whats more, everyone involved in it should set up a high responsibility for others. Some victims were often paid off by the factory to keep the secret. But they dont think that someone else may suffer from the

    dangerous food. In order to protect everyone profit, people should ask the law for help and expose the evil to the media when they find the substandard products. Only in this way can we come by a healthy eating and a harmonious world.

    All in all, to eat safe food, government should be effective in monitoring and examining. Besides, people in China should realize their responsibilities and help the government supervise the food producing and supply.

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