Inconvenient Bride

By Eleanor Wilson,2014-11-04 17:24
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Inconvenient Bride

    “Why fight it? It’s what we both want. Unless you only

    believe in one-night stands?”

    “Of course not!”

    “Then maybe you’re a chicken.”

    Her eyes flashed. “I’m never a chicken!”

    “No?” Dominic challenged softly. “Then prove it.”

    For a long moment she didn’t move. Then something changed. The corners of her mouth turned upin a smile that set his heart pounding. And quite deliberately Sierra reached out and snaggedhis tie from where he’d tossed it on the chair.

    She ran it through her fingers as she stepped forward to meet him. And his heart slammedagainst his chest as she whispered, “How nice of you to remember I had a use for this.”

    ANNE MCALLISTER was born in California. She spent long lazy summers daydreaming on localbeaches and studying surfers, swimmers and volleyball players in an effort to find the perfecthero. She finally did—not on the beach, but in the university library where she was working.She, her husband and their four children have since moved to the Midwest. She taught,copyedited, capped deodorant bottles and ghostwrote sermons before turning to her first love,writing romance fiction.

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