By Rita Lopez,2014-03-20 15:02
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Try a Bike for Health: Mizen 2 Malin Tour 2010

It’s not long now before the Mizen2Malin Tour 2010 so we wanted to ensure that you

    are fully prepared for the event. Hopefully, by now you will have the miles in the legs

    and will be raring to go!

    First things first, if you have a mobile, please put the following mobile numbers in to your

    phone so you can contact us if needed before or during the trip

    Malcolm Good (Bike collection & Drop-Off) ph: 087-6814852

    Sarah Good ph: 086-1700190

    Eamonn Linnane ph: 086-2375027

    Aidan Flynn ph: 086-8775752

    We have tried to include a reasonably comprehensive guide to the trip but please free to contact any one of us if you require further information, or if there’s something we haven’t


     The average cycling speed for the trip will be approximately 15mph (24km/h) and

    regular breaks will be taken each day as well as a lunch stop so on average you will

    be stopping for a break every 20-25 miles (35km).

     Water and some snacks will be provided throughout the trip as will lunch (usually

    soup and sandwiches).

     Breakfast time each morning will be approximately 7.00-7.30am and set-off will be

    approximately 8.30am (this may vary depending on the length of the day’s cycle, but

    you will be advised of this the previous evening).

     Please ensure that if you have any maintenance concerns with your bike that you

    address them at the end of the day’s cycle so as not to hold the group up the following


     Dinner will also be provided each night in the hotels at either 7.30 or 8pm.

     We will have a Garda Van, Motorbike Marshals, Luggage Van and Maintenance

    Truck with us throughout the trip, as well as other support vehicles so you'll be well

    looked after!

     You will be issued with a Guide Dogs Polo shirt and Mizen2Malin cycling jersey.

    The polo shirt is for casual wear throughout the trip but the cycling jerseys MUST be

    worn as your outermost layer whilst on the bike (unless of course you are wearing a

    rain jacket). As you can imagine 70 cyclists all wearing the same cycling jerseys

    arriving in a group through a town has an amazing visual impact and helps to raise

    awareness of the event.

     If you have any specific dietary requirements, please let one of us know in advance so

    we can notify the hotels.

     The itinerary for the week is as follows: