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Try a Bike for Health: Mizen 2 Malin Tour 2010

It’s not long now before the Mizen2Malin Tour 2010 so we wanted to ensure that you

    are fully prepared for the event. Hopefully, by now you will have the miles in the legs

    and will be raring to go!

    First things first, if you have a mobile, please put the following mobile numbers in to your

    phone so you can contact us if needed before or during the trip

    Malcolm Good (Bike collection & Drop-Off) ph: 087-6814852

    Sarah Good ph: 086-1700190

    Eamonn Linnane ph: 086-2375027

    Aidan Flynn ph: 086-8775752

    We have tried to include a reasonably comprehensive guide to the trip but please free to contact any one of us if you require further information, or if there’s something we haven’t


     The average cycling speed for the trip will be approximately 15mph (24km/h) and

    regular breaks will be taken each day as well as a lunch stop so on average you will

    be stopping for a break every 20-25 miles (35km).

     Water and some snacks will be provided throughout the trip as will lunch (usually

    soup and sandwiches).

     Breakfast time each morning will be approximately 7.00-7.30am and set-off will be

    approximately 8.30am (this may vary depending on the length of the day’s cycle, but

    you will be advised of this the previous evening).

     Please ensure that if you have any maintenance concerns with your bike that you

    address them at the end of the day’s cycle so as not to hold the group up the following


     Dinner will also be provided each night in the hotels at either 7.30 or 8pm.

     We will have a Garda Van, Motorbike Marshals, Luggage Van and Maintenance

    Truck with us throughout the trip, as well as other support vehicles so you'll be well

    looked after!

     You will be issued with a Guide Dogs Polo shirt and Mizen2Malin cycling jersey.

    The polo shirt is for casual wear throughout the trip but the cycling jerseys MUST be

    worn as your outermost layer whilst on the bike (unless of course you are wearing a

    rain jacket). As you can imagine 70 cyclists all wearing the same cycling jerseys

    arriving in a group through a town has an amazing visual impact and helps to raise

    awareness of the event.

     If you have any specific dietary requirements, please let one of us know in advance so

    we can notify the hotels.

     The itinerary for the week is as follows:

    Try a Bike for Health: Mizen to Malin Tour 2010 ndthSaturday 22 May-Saturday 30 May 2010

    (Distances below are approximate, daily route may vary slightly depending on

    weather conditions)

Saturday night May 22nd Stay in Westlodge Hotel & Leisure Centre, Bantry

    (Bus from Bantry to Mizen Head and then cycle from Mizen Head back to Bantry).

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms)

    Stage 1 Saturday 22nd Mizen Head Bantry 50km


     rdSunday 23 May Stay in the Mount Brandon Hotel Tralee (Cycle from Bantry to Tralee)

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms)

    Stage 2 Sunday 23rd May Bantry Tralee 110

     thMonday 24 May Stay in the Bellbridge Hotel Spanish Point (cycle from Tralee to Kilkee)

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) thStage 3 Monday 24 May Tralee Spanish 80


     thTuesday 25 May Stay in the Quality Hotel, Oranmore, Galway (Cycle from Kilkee to Galway)

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) Stage 4 Tuesday 25th MayKilkee Galway 130

     thWednesday 26 May Stay in the Breaffy House Hotel (Cycle from Galway to Sligo)

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) thStage 5 Wednesday 26 May Galway Castlebar 140

     thThursday 27 May Stay in The Sligo Park Hotel, Sligo (Cycle from Sligo to Letterkenny)

    Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) thStage 6 Thursday 27 May Castlebar Sligo 120

     thFriday 28 May Stay in The Clanrr Hotel

    (Cycle from Letterkenny to Malin Head) Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) thStage 7 Friday 28 May Sligo Letterkenny 110km

     thSaturday 29 May Stay in Inishowen Hotel Buncrana

(Cycle from Letterkenny to Malin Head)

Stage Date From To Distance (Kms) thStage 8 Saturday 29 May Sligo Letterkenny 66km th Sunday 30 May Wake Up and Stretch after celebrating the Mizen to Malin 2010.


    Cycling the length of Ireland, from the most Southerly tip to the most Northerly tip is an amazing accomplishment and will include some spectacular scenery and experiences. However, the very nature of the trip makes the logistics somewhat difficult as neither Mizen Head nor Malin Head are accessible by public transport. As a group, we will be responsible for the transportation of all participants throughout the event but we do require that everyone make their own way to Cork (we will be staying in the West Lodge Bantry Hotel on Saturday rd23 and their own way returning from Buncrana (from the Inishowen Gateway Hotel on thSaturday 30 May)

    We have detailed below the most direct transportations possible for a group of this size. Please let Aidan know your planned journey (we have given you a few options, or you may wish to travel somehow else) so we can account for all Mizen2Malin participants and their bikes and make sure everyone makes it to the start line on time!

    For the second year we have decided to do the initial leg of the journey, Mizen Head to Bantry on the Saturday afternoon, this will make the logistics of Sunday much easier and it will therefore be a shorter cycling day. However, this does mean that saturday will be a long day of travelling for everyone so we would ask that you bear with us on this. In order to save time jerseys will be distributed on the bus.

     ndDay 1 logistics, Saturday 22 May:

    08:30 sharp: Coach departs the Red Cow inn for those coming from Dublin. Seats

    MUST be reserved in advance and a nominal charge of ?20 per person will apply. Please

    bring your luggage on this coach with one set of cycling gear in a separate small bag (this

    will be very important for a quick turnaround time at the hotel in Bantry)

    12:30 approximately: Coach arrives in Irish Guide Dogs Centre in Cork. Tea, coffee, etc

    will be available at this point

    13:30 sharp: Coach will leave the Irish Guide Dogs Centre in Cork for the Westlodge

    hotel Bantry (this is a 75km, 90 minute journey)

    15:00 approximately: Coach arrives in Westlodge hotel Bantry and waits there for

    everyones return. Sarah, Eamonn and some other support team will be at the hotel ahead

    of time and will have everyones hotel room keys ready and checked in. We ask that at

    this stage everyone promptly brings their luggage to their rooms and changes into their

    cycling gear.

    15:30 sharp: Coach leaves Bantry for Mizen Head, this is a 50km, 45 minute journey.

    16.15 appproximately: coach arrives at Mizen Head, where your bikes will already be

    waiting along with the full suppport crew

    16:30 sharp: The start of the Mizen2Malin tour 2010! Depart Mizen Head

    18:30 appproximately: Everyone arrives back at the Westlodge hotel Bantry

    20:00: Dinner is served.

    Days 2-7 will have much more straightforward logistics, breakfast approximately 07:30, on the road 09:00, lunch 13:00 or thereabouts and arrive at destination between 15:00 & 17:00 depending on length of day's cycle

     For those of you who are in support vehicles or are meeting us en-route, some of the

    abovementioned information may not be relevant. If you have any queries please feel

    free to contact us. We do request that everyone advises Aidan if they wish to avail of

    the coaches from Dublin to Cork & Cork to Bantry as places are limited.


    If you wish to have your bike brought to the start point of event, we require that you drop it off at one of the following two locations at the designated times:

    ; NORTHSIDE: Eamonn Linnane’s house (9, Pine Grove Road, Swords, Co. Dublin) that 19.00hrs, Wednesday 19 May.

    ; SOUTHSIDE: Leopardstown Race Course Car Park, (beside Parade Ring and before thentering Westwood Car Park) between 17.00hrs and 19.00hrs, Thursday 20 May

     th; CORK: The Irish Guide Dogs Centre, Ballincollig Cork. Thursday 20 May or stFriday 21 May 10am-2pm.


    This is also a short journey (approximately 20-miles). The group will be taken back to the hotel by bus, once disassembly of the bikes has taken place, approximately 4pm on Friday th29 May.

TRANSPORTATION FROM FINISH OF EVENT (BUNCRANA) th; A coach will be leaving Buncrana for Dublin on Saturday 30 May, at

    approximately 11am. Seats must be reserved in advance and again a nominal

    charge of ?20 will apply. Everyone will be contacted before the event and

    bookings will be taken for this coach then.


    The following are the bike collection points the week after our return from Buncrana:

    ; NORTHSIDE: Eamonn Linnane’s house (9, Pine Grove Road, Swords, Co. Dublin) ndat 19.00hrs, Wednesday 2 June.

    ; SOUTHSIDE: Leopardstown Race Course Car Park, (beside Parade Ring and before thentering Westwood Car Park) between 15.00hrs and 16.00hrs, Sunday 30 May


    Everyone will be issued with a Label (three sticky copies of your name and assigned number). Please place this label 1) on your bike 2) on your baggage and 3) on your helmet.


    Luggage will be taken from one hotel to the next by our support crew. Please bring your bag/suitcase down each morning and put it directly into the van which will be parked out the front. We will ensure that this luggage van is the first vehicle home each day so your luggage is there when you arrive.


    The website is available, though the 2010 update is pending some technical issues! and the online donation facility has been activated. We will be getting weekly sttracking reports from 1 May onwards as regards who has been sponsored what

    amounts and you will be notified of this directly. Please text Aidan to confirm if you want your name included for the online donation facility.


    For any of you who haven’t been away on a cycling holiday before, you may be wondering

    what to pack….

    We’ve compiled a list of necessary clothing/equipment for the trip that you can tick off as you

    pack, to ensure you have everything you require. Most of this equipment you will either

    already have or can be picked up inexpensively.

Bicycle - goes without saying!

     Bicycle Helmet - you will not be allowed participate without one

     2 x spare tubes - We will have tubes and maintenance equipment available on the

    trip but we recommend picking up a couple of tubes suitable for your bike to ensure

    we have the correct type, these can be picked up in your local bike shop Bicycle repair kit/Bicycle Pump/Multi-tool for bike - These are all available for a

    few euro at your local bicycle shop. There will be a fully equipped maintenance van

    with us during the event but it is advisable to have the basics with you in case the van

    is some distance away from where you are, to avoid delay.

     Cycling Shoes - whatever type are appropriate for your bike

     Cycling shoe covers Optional - If you have hard cycling shoes, it may be worth

    your while investing in a pair of cycling shoe covers as they keep your feet toasty and

    warm when the weather is wet or cold

     2 x pairs of cycling shorts (Minimum!) Please note that cycling shorts are designed

    to be worn next to the skin (i.e. you should not wear underwear with them) Cycling Gloves - Again, these can be picked up in any bike shop and are absolutely

    essential, not just to keep your hands warm but also because they absorb some of the

    impact that would otherwise reach your shoulders and neck

     Cycling Jerseys We will be providing a cycling jersey; these will be issued to you

    on arrival in Bantry. Repeat M2Mer’s please bring jerseys from prior years too.

     Layers of clothing to wear on the bike - The weather is of course unpredictable so

    we recommend bringing lots of layers that you can wear underneath your cycling

    jersey to keep you warm, i.e. vests/workout tops/long sleeve tops, etc. Also, bring

    plenty of pairs of socks as you may go through more than one pair a day if the

    weather is wet

     A Cycling/Waterproof jacket - Because we’re pessimists! If you already have one,

    that’s fine. If you are buying one, please make it red if at all possible as this is the

    team colour

     Sun cream - Because we’re also optimists! We will have some sun cream available

    if the weather is good but if you have particularly fair skin you may wish to bring a

    high factor of your own

     Liquid clothes wash - such as ‘Punch’ travel wash, available for a couple of euro in

    your local supermarket. This makes it easy to hand wash your cycling clothes Tub of Vaseline - Need I explain? You may not require it, but if you do it is perhaps

    not something you will want to share!

     Tub of Shammy softener - When washed, the shammy in bicycle shorts can harden,

    shammy softener literally just softens the material making it more comfortable to


     Evening wear - This is entirely up to you but the trip is usually quite casual so a

    couple of pairs of jeans/trousers and a few tops will probably suffice

Try a Bike for Health: HSE Mizen to Malin Tour 2010 Why?

    Seventy leisure cyclists and support crew are planning to cycle from Mizen Head to Malin Head, a total of 680 kilometres in aid of The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. This is an

    annual event aiming to raise in excess of ?100,000 for the Guide Dogs. thThis is our 8 year and all funds raised go directly to the Charity.

    A Guide Dogs working life is about 8 years. Trained dogs begin working at 2 years of age and retire at 10 years old. It costs approximately ?35,000 to keep a Guide

    Dog from Pup to Retirement. That covers all costs from vet fees, dog food, training



Again, this is primarily aimed at ‘first-timers’ but it may be a helpful recap for everyone!

     Helmets: Helmets must be worn at all times on the bike. You will not be allowed to

    participate in the cycle without one.

     Overtaking: Overtaking should only ever be done on the right hand side, NEVER

    undertake a fellow cyclist!

     Hand-Signals: Always use hand signals to indicate right & left turns and also please

    use hand signals to warn cyclists behind you of approaching obstacles, for example, if

    there is a pothole, point at it as you pass allowing the rest of the group time to avoid it.

    If the road narrows, use a sweeping motion with your left hand, etc. Don’t worry if

    this is unfamiliar to you, it will soon become second nature as you see it in practice

    on the road.

     Group Cycling: Please ensure that when cycling in a group you stay aware of the

    other bikes in the group and that you leave at least one bike wheel’s gap between you

    and the bike in front.

     Safety: Lastly, please cycle safely and with caution at all times. Remember, cars that

    are overtaking you may have been waiting some time to overtake the group and may

    be driving aggressively as a result.

     ndThanks folks, see you all on the 22 ! ;

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