School Annual Report Template

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School Annual Report Template

Broadwater State School

    PO address 638 Texas Rd, MS 50, Stanthorpe, Qld, 4380.

    Phone 07 46836281

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Principal’s foreword


     2008 proved to be another positive year in all areas of our school life at Broadwater State

    School. The blend of success in our academic, physical and extracurricular activities has made for a great year. As well as completing our own school’s Curriculum plan with learning experiences in

    accordance with the Early Years Curriculum and QCARF Essential Learnings for Years 1-9, we had a

    quality teaching and learning programme with purposeful connected and challenging learning experiences for all students. The digital age has impacted on our assessment by using OneSchool as a better way of recording and reporting on student achievement. The first ever Music Night revealed some

    talented musicians and tuneful singers showing their parents their musical skills from the instrumental

    music programme. As an Active After School Community with Federal funding for another year, the children were able to keep active and fit taking part in aquatics, snorkeling, athletics, squash and ball skills on two afternoons a week. The six Prep children really enjoyed their first taste of formal schooling, certainly making great progress with their literacy, numeracy and social skills. Academically, the students performed well with all Year 3,5, and7 students being above the state benchmarks in reading

    and numeracy. The very positive results from the Annual School Opinion Survey again show that our parents and caregivers, staff and students all think that this is a good school with a positive school spirit present in 2008.

Future outlook

     The need in 2009 to continue our emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy is reflected in the curriculum planning documents, with special focus on the skills of reading and writing for a purpose. The teachers of the Yr4-7 class are

    looking forward to the professional development week in Literacy leadership to complete the up-skilling of our entire

    staff. The numeracy plan includes more real life maths investigations so that our speaking, reasoning and calculations

    are linked to life experiences. All staff find it essential to be continually updating their digital technology skills and hope to complete certificates of competency during the coming year.

     2008 School Annual Report

Our school at a glance

School Profile

Total student enrolments for this school: 30

    Year levels offered: Prep-Year 7

    Coeducational or single sex; Co-educational

Curriculum offerings

    Our distinctive curriculum offerings

    ; Broadwater State School offers to all children an inclusive programme driven by the eight key learning areas

    with a prime focus on literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths). Our students in years Prep 7 work with their

    class teachers on the basic knowledge as outlined in the P-12 Curriculum Framework, ensuring that the

    Essential Learnings in all Key Learning Areas each year are met. Curriculum activities are enriched by

    integrated learning tasks focused on the key learning areas of Studies of Society and the Environment,

    Science, Technology, The Arts, Health and P.E, and L.O.T.E. (Italian).

    ; We are a Health Promoting School, which entails activities involving daily dental care programme; morning

    fruit break; fitness and Occupational Therapy exercises; Asthma Friendly School accreditation; facets of the

    “You Can Do It” program; weekly Smart Choices tuckshop; and when necessary, further referral to medical

    specialists to assist the children’s individual education plans.

    ; We are one of only two Granite Belt schools who can offer a federally funded Active After School Activity

    Program two afternoons a week, supervised by qualified instructors. Activities have included lawn bowls, roller

    skating, aquatics, snorkeling, water safety; athletics, ball skills for soccer, netball, basketball and tennis;

    squash, and multi skill games.

    ; Guitar and keyboard lessons are offered to all children in the senior class by a highly qualified instrumental

    music teacher. The school owns 6 electronic keyboards, 6 acoustic guitars, a large range of percussion

    instruments and 20 set of drumsticks for use by the students.

    ; Participation in transition to high school involves all Year 7 students from the smaller schools working together

    at one central venue in planned activities including Spaghetti Bridge competition held at Stanthorpe State High

    School; camp at Tallebudgerra Camp school for all Granite Belt small schools year 6 and 7 students; Book

    Fair and Science Week activities at Stanthorpe High: Lecturette Competition in public speaking Extended

    Learning Camp for all of the year 7 district cohort and in term 4, visits to the high school to become familiar

    with timetabling and school facilities.

    ; This school is enriched by the expertise of six specialist itinerant teachers in Italian, music, P.E., technology,

    science, guitar and keyboard instruments. An Occupational Therapist, Advisory visiting teacher and Learning

    Support teacher visit frequently to support our regular staff and students by individual lessons in areas of high

    need, particularly reading and writing; small group work and extension enrichment as needed.

    ; Our staff team consists of two classroom teachers, two teacher aides, an administrative assistant (AO2),

    school cleaner and grounds person, who all bring valuable contributions to our school life. Our District Office

    personnel in Warwick also provide great support by their regular visits, telephone and on-line contact, advice

    and collegial support.


    Extra curricula activities

    ; Active After School Programme

    ; Daily dental care programme

    ; Participation of our school choir in the local Eisteddfod

    ; Intraschool and interschool sports

    ; YMCA futsal competition

     2008 School Annual Report

Our school at a glance

; Guitar and keyboard instruction

    ; Life Education lessons

    ; Participation in Uni of NSW International Competitions in Maths, Computing, English and Science.

    ; Maths Challenge

    ; CSIRO Saturday Science

    ; Stanthorpe and District Annual Eisteddfod

    ; ANZAC Day service and participation in town street march

    ; Numerous special charity days such as Red Nose Day; Jeans for Genes; Greatest Morning Tea for Cancer;

    Guide Dog Puppy Training; Operation Christmas Child.

How computers are used to assist learning.

    The school’s ICT plan encourages the children to gain essential skills for their use of the computers as often as possible to support each Key Learning Area. When the wireless network is operating, students are able to work away from their classrooms desks, going into the outdoor environment using the laptop computers. The junior class, (Prep

    Yr.3), work through the set procedures to gain their “Computer Smart Green license”, which allows them to operate

    the computers and complete their set tasks without a mentor. In Years 4 7, students begin their keyboarding skills

    on a choice of 3 typing tutor programmes as well as “Internet Buddy” research tasks, drill/skill numeracy and literacy

    games and a series of “Computer Challenges” which teach the functions of keys, shortcuts and built in programmes

    such as Front Page, Publisher, Excel and Word. At the Year 7-8 transition to High School, the students are very confident and competent computer operators.

Social climate

    Our supportive school environment is based on respect and self-management, which is actively modelled and taught by all staff. Each week at our school assembly, we discuss and develop for that week, one of the “Nine Values for

    Australian Schooling” - (Care and Compassion, Doing Your Best, Fair Go, Freedom, Honesty and Trustworthiness,

    Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion).

    As part of our proactive plan, we celebrate and honour “Students of the Week” at assembly congratulating them in the

    school newsletter and on the school notice board. Daily good efforts in school work, achievement, great manners, helpful and friendly behaviour is rewarded by issuing “Gotcha for Being Good” raffle tickets drawn weekly at

    assembly for a reward of the children’s choice.

    Much discussion took place in the reviewing process of writing our school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan. All members of the school community are aware of the rewards and consequences of positive and negative behaviours.

    Aspects of the “You Can Do It’ programme are included in our weekly Health lessons.

    The results from the 2008 School Opinion Survey in each area of “Our school’s learning climate”, “Our School and Community relations” are above the state benchmark for both parents and students. This was especially pleasing to

    know that parents and students believe that the children are safe, fairly treated and happy to go to our school.

     2008 School Annual Report

Our school at a glance

Involving parents in their child’s education.

    During 2008 there was quite a deal of parent involvement in feedback and decision making in areas concerning:-

    Beginning to review our school’s Triennial School Review in preparation for the new plan in 2009.

     Review of the Responsible Behaviour Plan, particularly mobile phone use, Internet agreement and bullying. Parent

    involvement on each occasion was a more than 60% to the questionnaire sent home with the newsletters or at a specially convened meeting.

    A.O.P. and Budget;

    Parent friendly report card format;

    P & C Meetings and fund raising plans

    Parent run Smart Choices weekly tuckshop.

    Volunteer reading group, art and craft and sport helpers.

     P & C Budget wish list for fund raising targets.

     Some of the strategies used to involve our parents in the life of the school and to make them feel welcome are to

    keep an open line of communication with the monthly calendar and school newsletter and updates; media articles;

    class presentation of” Music Night”; invitations to the “Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer; Grandparents History Day;

    Christmas Craft groups; end of unit presentations; end of semester parent/teacher conferences;; sports transport and coaching; swimming assistants; and afternoon tea helpers for the Active After school Program.

     2008 School Annual Report

Our staff profile

     Qualifications of all teachers.





    Bachelor degree2



    Expenditure on and teacher participation in professional development. Certificate3

    ; The total funds expended on teacher professional development in 2008 were $3875. After school network

    meetings of GBCoSS Principals, P-3 Network, AO2 Admins and quite a few principal’s meetings did not need

    extra funding as they were held out of school hours or on already funded days.

    ; The major professional development initiatives are as follows:

    ; Smart Classrooms Deployment Workshop-all teaching staff attended.

    ; QCAT District moderation

    ; CPR and First Aid upgrade for all staff

    ; Cleaners Workshop- Update in Chemicals

    ; Grounds Carer Workshop in Toowoomba- Training in Workplace Health and Safety ; District Curriculum Conference in Toowoomba

    ; Literacy the Key to Learning Framework for Action for teachers in Prep and Years 1 to 3. ; Warwick Administrators Road Trip to the Sunshine Coast.(WART)

    ; Teachers Aides Workshop at GB College of Wine Tourism.

    ; The involvement of the teaching staff in professional development activities during 2008 was 100 %. ;


     2008 School Annual Report

Our staff profile

Average staff attendance

    ; For permanent and temporary staff and school leaders the staff attendance rate was 97% in 2008. Proportion of staff retained from the previous school year.

    ; From the end of the 2007 school year, 100 % of staff was retained by the school for the entire 2008 school


     2008 School Annual Report

Performance of our students

Student attendance

    The average attendance rate as a percentage in 2008 was 93 %.

    Key outcomes

     National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results - our reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy results for the Years

    3, 5, 7 and 9

    Domain Measures Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 7

    Average score for the school 332 488 508

    Average score for Queensland 371.1 466.1 528.1 Reading

    For the school the percentage of students at 2008 100 % 100 % 100 %

    or above the national minimum standard.

    Average score for the school 363 438 524

    Average score for Queensland 391.8 468.9 522.7 Writing

    For the school the percentage of students at 2008 100 % 75 % 100 %

    or above the national minimum standard.

    Average score for the school 315 464 574

    Average score for Queensland 366.7 462.0 528.0 Spelling

    For the school the percentage of students at 2008 100 % 100 % 100 %

    or above the national minimum standard.

    Average score for the school 408 529 549 Grammar Average score for Queensland 370.4 476.6 518.0 and

    Punctuation For the school the percentage of students at 2008 100 % 100 % 100 %

    or above the national minimum standard.

    Average score for the school 366 517 557

    Average score for Queensland 367.9 458.2 539.0 Numeracy

    For the school the percentage of students at 2008 100 % 100 % 100 %

    or above the national minimum standard.

     Results in the Year 2 Diagnostic Net

     Percentage of students not requiring additional support Reading 100%

    Writing 100%

    Number 100%

     2008 School Annual Report

Performance of our students

Value added

    One of the highlights of the 2008 school year was our “Music Night” for parents to recognise the progress the children made in the Instrumental Music programme. This began in 2007, but after the receipt of a grant and the

    purchase of our own instruments and funding for an instrumental teacher in 2008, the children’s progress has really

    accelerated .

    The school takes a strong and proactive approach to participating in many community events and ventures where

    possible. The CWA International Day project is part of our Term 2 curriculum plan where a country, as nominated by

    the CWA Queensland Office, is studied in detail and the resulting colouring pictures, projects charts, and computer

    produced research projects are entered in the state wide competition. This year we learnt about Mongolia, achieving

    well in the local scene. Other community involvement includes ANZAC Day; Operation Christmas Child; Spinal Awareness unit; Guide Dogs and a visit from Ian Gimm and Logan, his guide dog; Junior members of Granite Belt Wildlife Carers and Junior Landcare.

    As well as our daily 30 minutes of exercises and fitness activities in class time , the value of,having our Active After School Activities have promoted the general health and fitness of our students.

Parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school

    Our enrolment in 2008 increased from 28 to 34 during the year. The 6 Prep students has increased to 7 and looked

    forward to their daily learning activities.

    The data provided by systemic testing (NAPLAN) of the Year 3,4and 7 children, QCAT activities for the year ^ cohort, the Year 2 Net as wall as the results of the Annual School Opinion Survey, all provide a means by which we can measure our success. The classes of 2008 each met the school’s targets and were above the national benchmarks in Literacy and Numeracy in all but one area which becomes a new target for 2009.

     According to the results of the Annual School Survey in 2008, 100% of students and 88% of parents and caregivers

    were satisfied that they are getting a good education at this school and 94% agreed that Broadwater State School is a good school for their children to be attending. The teaching and non-teaching staff are happy with the morale in the

    school (86%) and with the professional development opportunities offered to them.

     Overall,2008 was a good year for Broadwater State School.

     2008 School Annual Report

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