Unit4 Making the news--period3

By Shirley Jackson,2014-11-04 09:46
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Unit4 Making the news--period3 ...

    Unit 4 Making the news

    Part 1 Teaching Design

    第一部分 教学设计

    Period 3 A sample lesson plan for Using Language

    (Getting the scoop)


    Language is learned to be used in and for communication. So in this period we shall have the students, after warming up by summing up how a newspaper is made, read and translate a passage

    entitled Getting the scoop, do exercises and listen. The teaching ends by students acting a text play


    ? To help students read the passage Getting the scoop on page 30

    ? To help students use the language by listening, speaking and writing as well Procedures

    1. Warming up by summing up how a newspaper is made

    To begin with let us sum up what we have learned about news making.

    The chief editor holds a meeting?journalists interviews people and write sotries?

    photographers takes photographs?photographs are quickly developed?editors check the reports

    ?editors writes the headlines?the newspapers are printed?the news are delivered by train and


    2. Reading and translating

    Read the text Getting The Scoop and translate it into Chinese paragraph by paragraph. …

    You are to do paragraph 1, please, Xiao Li.

    3.Reading and underlining

    Next you are to read and underline all the useful expressions or collocations in the passage. Copy

    them in your notebook after class as homework.

    Collocations from Getting The Scoop

    be ahead of…, set to do, passon to…, polish the style, the chief editor, a good front page article,

    be processed into

4. Doing exercises

    Now you are going to do Ex. 1 and 2 on page 31 following the article.

5. Listening

    For listening turn to page 31 and be ready to do Ex. 1 and 2.

    6. Acting

    Next we are going to practice making appointments in pairs. 7. Closing down by acting a text play

    Turn the article My First Work Assignment into a text play. Choose your part and rehearse for the

    School Art Festival next


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