Do you want to make money or do you want action

By Zachary Hunter,2014-06-18 00:28
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Do you want to make money or do you want action ...

    Do you want to make money or do you want action?

    By Jim McGuiness

In my dealings with my clients, this is always the first question I ask them. And in the

    majority of cases, they answer “I want to make money!” but in reality they want the action more.

The two are mutually exclusive and is the main reason why there are beautiful multi-

    million dollar casinos lining the Vegas strip, paid for by your need for the action!

In order for you to be successful in sports wagering you must put away your thirst for

    action, and become a disciple of discipline. Just like investing in the stock market, you

    find the right stock, at the right time and you buy. You don‟t just buy a stock EVERY day

    because it is available.

You are probably thinking “sure I wouldn‟t, that would be foolish”, but what do most of

    you do on Sunday night and Monday night, and now even Thursday night!….

Yep, there is a game on, so I have to put some money on it. If you are up from the early

    games on Sunday, you double up on the Sunday nighter, if you are down, even worse you

    bet big to get it all back. This strategy will fail every time and this is the bookies main

    ally. He knows whether you are up or down, you by betting numerous games that don‟t

    offer an edge will line his pockets.

I have made money betting on Professional Football every year since 1998, some years of

    course were much better than others, but I always came out ahead. Why? Because I love

    money more than I love action.

I repeat, “I love money more than I love action.”..

You need to have this as your mantra, if you plan on winning. Sometimes the best bet of

    the day is no bet. I know, how boring, but remember you are doing this to make money,

    not to satisfy your gambling sweet tooth.

Believe me, you can not beat the NFL on a consistent basis without doing your

    homework. It amazes me how many guys are betting sports, and the only “handicapping”

    they do is look at how a team performed the previous week!

Nothing worth anything in life comes easy, so why not use a method that has all the hard

    work already done for you. That‟s where comes in. I have successfully used the picks from my computer system to compile a 117 60 record against the spread since 1998. I used these same picks to come in 4

    th th and 6 in the in „2000 and „2004 respectively.

The success of this computer system comes at the expense of years and years of trial and

    error and a huge portion of my free time. But now I am reaping the rewards and you can


Last year („2006) was a particularly great year for, our system gave

    out a (17 6) record to our clients, not a lot of picks but at over 70% as a win rate, my system stresses quality over quantity. And yet I had clients tell me they broke about even

    for the year!

“How can this be?” I thought, but the response I got was, “Well, I didn‟t play all your

    picks and I bet other games on my own and I lost…..”

Bingo, the exact point of this article. The system worked, but the persons lack of

    discipline and need for action ruined what should have been a very profitable season.

So if you are ready to change your approach to betting on sports and want this year to be

    more successful then past seasons, give a try, and learn how to

    profit from sports betting.

We will provide you the tools for success:

    ? A sound proven computer system

    ? A disciplined approach to betting only on key games where you have the edge

    ? A money management strategy for your bankroll (Google “Kelly Criterion” to see

    what we recommend as a money management strategy)

Best of luck everyone!

Jim McGuiness

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