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Decipher a Year of Change at the National - NSA - National ...


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    Decipher a “Year of Change” at the National

    Society of Accountants Annual Meeting & Expo

ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 23, 2009 Have you kept up with the many changes during the

    pat year affecting accountants, tax preparers and taxpayers?

    It’s not easy to track all the new developments – not to mention keeping up with the numerous issues affecting management of your own business operations.

    thBut the National Society of Accountants (NSA) 64 Annual Meeting & Expo, August 12-15, 2009, in San Diego, CA provides a one-stop meeting to get up to speed on all these issues.

    The Annual Meeting will also provide inspiration and motivation, not to mention

    opportunities to reconnect with colleagues and meet new ones.

    Three outstanding keynote speeches will set the tone for the event and deliver powerful

    messages to boost your career:

    ? Adding Passion to Your Bottom Line (Thursday, August 13 During the NSA

    Business Session) Motivational speaker JoAnn Contorno will ask, ―Does your

    attitude need an audit?!?‖ She will show how to add balance in your life and put you

    on a more positive path. Contorno has also authored a book, Pathway to Passion.

    ? Leadership and the Evolution of Change (Friday, August 14 During the NSA

    Business Session) Marc A. Silverman, Ph.D, will answer some of the compelling

    questions about leadership. What makes for a great organization? Is it the mission

    statement? The values? The people? The history and culture? Do great leaders

    create great organizations? What makes for great leadership? Are leadership skills

    genetic or can they be taught? Silverman offers more than 15 years of experience in

    Family Wealth Preservation, Family Business Consultation, Succession Planning,

    Corporate and Family Governance.

    ? The Business of Ethics: Why Smart People Can Do Such Dumb Things

    (Saturday, August 15 During the NSA Award’s Breakfast) Patrick Kuhse became an

    ethics expert the hard way by taking part in his own criminal acts and suffering the

    consequences. As a self-admitted greedy stock broker on Wall Street in the 1980s,

    he became more interested in making money and being successful than in ethical

    behavior. Kuhse will share techniques on dealing with moral and ethical dilemmas as

    well as recognizing key warning signs and the critical thinking errors that lead to all

    forms of unethical behavior and criminal activity.

    The NSA Annual Meeting also offers many professional education sessions, which offer

    opportunities to earn up to 12 hours of CPE credit:

    ? Getting the Most Out of Retirement Plans

    ? The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Leave Money to Your Children (and Others)

    ? IRS Practice & Procedures (A Psychological Warfare Approach to Dealing with the


    ? Fraud Prevention in the Small Business

    ? Addressing Fraud in Bankruptcy and Divorce

    ? What About the Retiree?!?

    ? Ethics: The All-New Circular 230

    ? Ethics: What Every Tax Preparer Needs to Engrave in Their Thoughts

    ? Client Reviews: The Single Most Important Activity a Professional Service Firm Can Perform ? Communicating Effectively with Difficult and Challenging Personalities

    ? Cash Flow Management

    ? Succession Planning for Your Accounting Firm

    ? Cases and Rulings that Affect Your Practice

    ? How to Value an Accounting Firm

    ? More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About S Corporations!

    ? Common QuickBooks Mistakes Clients Make and How to Fix Them

    ? QuickBooks Ask the Experts Panel

    ? Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

    The ―Expo‖ portion of the NSA Annual Meeting includes an exhibit hall featuring dozens of

    exhibitors displaying tax software, insurance programs, and a wide range of business tools

    that are extremely valuable to accountants and tax professionals.

Just as important as the education programs and exhibit is the opportunity for networking

    and relationship-building. The Welcome Reception will be held in the exhibit hall, and the

    evening will be transformed into an ―NSA Fun Night‖ that will serve as the perfect ice-

    breaker and a chance to renew professional connections.

    For those who arrive early, an Evening at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar station on

    August 12 offers attendees a unique opportunity to see the home of the world’s best fighter

    pilots, including an air show, flight line tour, and cocktails and dinner in the Officers Club,

    where scenes from the movie ―Top Gun‖ were filmed. Other business-related networking events include the NSA Foundation Stride for Scholars

    Walk, NSA Awards Breakfast & NSA Scholarship Foundation Live Auction, an the

    Accreditation Council for Accounting & Taxation (ACAT) Luncheon.

    The Closing Night Reception & Installation Banquet will cap off the social side of the Annual

    Meeting as the new NSA officers and directors for the coming year officially take office.

    For attendees who also want to earn their Accredited Business Accountant/Advisor (ABA)

    ?credential from Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT), an ABA Cram

    Course with 14 hours of CPE will be offered August 10-11, 2009, followed by the day-long

    ?ABA exam on August 12. The Accredited Business Accountant (ABA) is ACAT’s trademarked

    designation for Accreditation in Accountancy. The ABA is a prestigious professional accounting

    credential that demonstrates to clients, potential clients and employers that the credential holder has a

    thorough knowledge and proficiency in financial accounting, financial reporting, financial statement

    preparation, taxation, managerial accounting, business law, and ethics for small- to medium-sized


    For attendees who want to take the Enrolled Agent exam, a special NSA Live Enrolled Agent Review Course with 24 CPE hours will be offered August 10-12, 2009. This three-day,

    intensive course will cover all facets of the exam, including test-taking tips, memory devices,

    planning tips and war stories to help you better understand the material.

    The Town & Country Resort in San Diego is the headquarters hotel for the meeting. For

    more information and to register, visit or call NSA at 800-966-6679.

    # # #

NSA and its affiliates represent 30,000 members who provide accounting, auditing, tax preparation,

    financial and estate planning, and management services to approximately 19 million individuals and

    business clients. Most members are sole practitioners or partners in small- to medium-size

    accounting firms. NSA protects the public by requiring its members to adhere to a strict code of

    ethics and maintain an annual continuing education regimen. Learn more at

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