tthe 6th day

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tthe 6th day

The sixth day

    1. M: I heard youre moving to a new apartment soon.

    W: Yes. I have to do so even though the rent is too high. My present roommate plays the piano

    all night and I cant sleep.

    Q: Why does the woman want to move?

    2. W: I wonder how you got that ticket. I always thought you were a careful driver.

    M: I usually am. But I thought I could make it before the light turned.

    Q: Why did the man get a ticket?

    3. W: You are late! The film had already begun five minutes before.

    M: I’m sorry. I’d have been on time if I hadnt made a wrong turn.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    4. W: I go on a diet. I eat only fruit and drink only water which takes off weight quickly.

    M: I prefer to eat whatever I like and then exercise much to lose weight.

    Q: What causes the womans weight loss?

    5. M: To tell the truth, I really cant bear the way Alex dominates the conversation all the time. If

    he is going to the party, I just wont come.

    W: I’m sorry you feel that way. My sister insists that he come.

    Q: Why has Alex been invited to the party?

    6. M: Did you withdraw your money?

    W: I didnt make it. I would have gone to the bank earlier if I’d know it would be closed so

    early on weekends.

    Q: What can we infer about the woman from the conversation? 7. M: My computer doesnt work properly. I wonder if I can use yours for a while.

    W: You certainly could if I had one, but I gave mine to my daughter last month.

    Q: What is said about the womans computer?

    8. W: I hear you got high grades in the final. Youve achieved a lot this semester.

    M: I really want to say thanks to my English teacher. If it was not for her help, I would have

    failed the grammar test.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    9. M; Your son certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court.

    W: I only wish hed show as much for his studies.

    Q: What does the woman imply about her son?

    10. W: If you hadnt told me about the party, I might have gone home.

    M: They would be unhappy if you didnt show up.

    Q: What is the woman going to do?

    11. M: When will you be through with your work, Joanna?

    W: Who know? My boss usually finds something for me to do at the last minute.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    12. W: Did your classmates like the debate held last night?

    M; Well All of my classmates went there, but half left early.

    Q: What can we infer from the conversation?

    13. W: Dont get lost when you come to the meeting at the Trade Center.

    M: Rest assured. I’ve been there a million times.

    Q: What does the man imply?

    14. W: Im starting training tomorrow for the volleyball season.

    M: Should you be playing right away, after you just got over that leg injury?

    Q: What does the man imply?

    15. M; The doctor said if I keep smoking, I would increase my chances of having a heart attack.

    W: Did he suggest losing some weight, too.

    Q: How does the woman perceive the man?

    16. W: Do you know James? Hes in your class.

    M: Certainly. In fact, he was the first person I got to know in any class. I still remember the

    look on his face when he showed up late on the first day of school.

    Q: Why did the man remember James so well?

    17. M: Please turn down the television. I cant understand anything my friend is saying on the


    W: Hurry up and finish your call. I dont like standing so close. The light hurts my eyes.

    Q: Why is the man upset?

    18. W: Excuse me, Professor Hailey. May I ask you a few questions?

    M; Yes, of course. But I’m sorry I have a class at ten. Why dont you come during my office

    hours? Thats 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday, Thursday and Friday.

    Q: Why cannot Professor Hailey answer her questions now? 19. M: I think that short hair is fashionable these days, but you looked so much nicer with long


    W: Long hair may look nice, but during the summer its uncomfortable. Even after I bought

    an air conditioner my hair still bothered me.

    Q: What is the womans reason for cutting her hair?

    20. W: Hi, Frank. I hear you walk all the way to the office these days?

    M: Yes, I’ve found great pleasure in walking. Thats the type of exercise I enjoy very much.

    Q: Why does the men walk all the way to the office?

    21. M: Professor Kennedy has been very busy this semester. As far as I know, he works until

    midnight everyday.

    W: I wouldnt have troubled him so much if I had known he was so busy.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    22. M: Oh, I forgot to take some cash and I only have my credit card now.

    W: If you had checked your wallet, you wouldnt have forgotten your money at home.

    Q: What does the woman mean?

    23. M: If it hadnt been snowing so hard, I might have been home by 9 oclock.

    W: Its too bad you didnt make it. Jane was here and she wanted to see you.

    Q: What happened to the man?

    24. W: Mary is always complaining about her job.

    M: Its not difficult to understand. If you try typing letters every day, maybe youd see what

    its like.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    25. M: If I buy some plants for the house, will you water them for me while I’m away?

    W: Sure I will, provided you water mine while I’m on vacation.

    Q: What will the woman do for the man?

    26. W: I bought a few books at the new bookstore. Would you like to have a look at them?

    M: A few? It looks as if you bought out the bookstore!

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    27. M: Hello, Mrs. White. What can I do for you?

    W: I dont know whats wrong with me. I’m always feeling tired I’m usually worn out at the

    end of the day.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

    28. W: Are you coming with me to the history museum, George?

    M; I already have my hands full with this book report.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    29. W: Did you enjoy your 7-day outing?

    M; Yes, I usually did. Unfortunately, last week it reined six days in a row and I was badly

    harassed by the mosquitoes and flies around our tent.

    Q: What does the man mean?

    30. W: I was terribly embarrassed when some of the audience got up and left in the middle of the


    M: Well, we need to improve, but some people just cant seem to appreciate real-life drama.

    Q: What are they talking about?

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