Dear whomever it may concern

By Alma Morales,2014-06-18 00:21
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Dear whomever it may concern ...

Dear whomever it may concern. We‟ve made a new album. Woohoo. My name is Johannes Gammelby

    and I‟ve written all these songs and therefore it should probably be me who writes this track-by-track

    commentary, seeing as the big cheeses have instructed it be written to include in the promo package

    you‟ve probably received. Alright, the thing about this record, compared to the old one, is that we

    intended to fire things up a bit. The pop stuff is more poppy, and the manic stuff is more manic. Oh, and

    the band is now a „we‟ instead of the old „I‟. I am no longer doing this myself. We are a real band now,

    consisting of Jeppe Lindgren on drums, Filip Granlie on guitar, Christian Winther on bass, and myself on

    guitar and vocals. Anywhoo, on to the commentary!

Home is the one corner of hell that didn't catch fire

    Moving in with the missus wasn‟t a good idea after all… she‟s a doll, I have issues. Note the power outro

    on this one. I had to sing the song over the course of a couple of days, because my throat got screwed

    up with all the screaming, especially because of that second verse thingy. It has been granted the role of

    opener because it‟s simple and fuming, introducing the nature of the rest of the album. Weeeee!


    Pop. This is one of the first songs written for this album. But my first demo of it totally sucked, so it was

    hurled back in the drawer. All of us liked the chorus though, so we tried to come up with a new verse

    part. But that sucked even more than the old part. So we went back to the original idea and jazzed it up

    quite a bit, came up with a variation for the second verse, Filip came up with the jangly guitar line, and

    that was it! Now, I think it‟s one of the best pop songs we‟ve done! But hey, it should also be said that

    we wrote and christened this song a year before the smashing pumpkins unveiled their new album title,

    yessir, so don‟t come round saying we ripped that off, aaaaight?

let's leave the city

    This was the most difficult one to write. It took weeks. And I had quite a kerfuffle recording the vocals

    because of all the knots on the vocal line. But I‟m goddam proud of the way it turned out. The first demo

    of this, was really cool I thought, but bass player Christian thought it was horrendous, which was

    somewhat annoying now that I‟d spent so long writing it. Luckily, he suggested we made it heavier, dug

    up some nerve. Drummer Jeppe and I went to Jeppe‟s parents house for a couple of days, looking after

    the cats while his folks were abroad, and recorded a version according to Christian‟s ideas. And wham,

    that was it. Groovy. The song is about a longing to go, and being sick of wasting one‟s time.


    Truck n roll. The first demo of this one also sucked! The chorus was awful. I wrote a new one and that did

    it. Note the outro. I don‟t think we‟ve ever done such a pompous, self-grandiose part before. And we are rather amused by that ourselves, muhuhuh. Lyrically, it‟s about the implications of running away from a

    Sisyphos shite-life.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

    This is a pop song about leaving crap behind. From a life that is without consequence, where nothing is

    relative, to Alaska, where it‟s all about fishing, building fires and stuff. That‟s cool. Getting some

    consequence back into your life, some friction, to make sure you‟re alive.

The arsonist

    Hey, welcome to the S&M dungeon! I don‟t know what the hell is going on in this song. I wrote it in half

    and hour, lyrics and all. My sharona mixed with the melvins and the beatles. I do believe we are

    revisiting the theme „leaving crap behind‟, yes we are. I remember demoing this with my roommate mr q

    (of sensational pop groups tiger tunes and now beta satan) long time ago, just before going to a

    hatesphere show. We had the perfect jägermeister-fuelled buzz going. He came up with the falsetto

    vocals in the outro.

Walk, dont run

    This is an ancient song. From 2003, I think. We sort of needed a calmer song for the album, so we dug

    this one up from the archives. Jeppe is an amazing jazz drummer, and he knew these two jazz guys, and

    the three of them did a really tear-jerking demo of this, but it was almost too mellow and too “real”, jazz-

    wise. Christian suggested we record a version ourselves, a more ramshackle version, and this is the

    result. I recorded the vocals at 3.30 in the morning following a day‟s work on the rougher songs…

Cotton Fever

Future-country. This is damn strange song. Personally, I think it‟s one of the best songs on the album. I

    heard a cool song by Johnny Cash, God‟s gonna cut you down, and I thought the simple stomp-chain-gang-bum-bum rhythm was neat. I wanted to do a song like that. Hats off for Freddy‟s mix on this one.

    The demo is rather stoned, but this one is way way out there, where it belongs. Lyrically, it‟s about

    destroying a lady from within.

Baby, together we can live with ourselves

    Future-pop. This is also a damn strange song. The vocal line of the chorus becomes the riff of the outro

    which sports a new vocal line. Hey, that‟s kinda clever! I think it‟s about 2 scummy people who can only

    endure their scummy existence when together. Jeppe plays the most complex drums on the album. He

    was quite nervous about recording this song, but he cut it like a hot knife through butter. Filip and I went

    to the supermarket when they began recording the bass and drum parts and when we came back, they

    were done. By the way, we are playing baritone guitars, that‟s why it sounds as though we‟ve tuned way


Motivational Speech for suicidal people

    Thug pop. Fatalistic irony, wrapped in beatles and nirvana. I like the dynamics of this one. It‟s cool the

    way it goes from hysterical screaming to quiet pop and back again. Mm mmmm!

King grounded

    Manic pop. A feisty little fuck, about lacking spine, and not making money on your music. But it‟s a catchy little fuck. Please throw your hands in the air for producer guy Freddy‟s girl-posse, doing the dooo-wap thing!

The Good Son

    This was written a week or two before recording. I thought it‟d be cool with some clubbier stuff. Please

    note the hey jude-hey-we‟ve-reached-the-end-finale. We had one hell of an argument regarding the

    guitar sound in the verses, and I still think we disagree, but Freddy had the last word, and now it‟s damn

    groovy! I don‟t know what it is about, but it‟s not good.

Yes, that‟s it for the track-by-track for this time. Please embrace our wee baby, shower it with plenty of

    stars and platinum albums, okay? Good reviews are rewarded in cash and blowjobs, of course.

    All the best and thanks for readin‟, Johannes Gammelby, on behalf of the entire crew.

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