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Devon Sustainable Energy Network ...

    Devon Sustainable Energy Network

    Domestic Energy & Health Sub-Group Meeting

    3rd October 2006, 10.30am 12.30pm

    Senate Chamber, Northcote House, University of Exeter


    Claire Bircham Partnership Development Officer (South West), EAGA

    Martin Eibl Devon Affordable Warmth Officer, NEA

    Graham Horler Director, Westcountry Energy Action

    Janet Ventry Housing Corporation

    Melanie Sealey RE4D Project Manager, Devon County Council

    Fiona Swan DSEN Secretariat


    Gareth Walton

    Cllr John Travis

    Katy Kerley

1. Minutes of Last Meeting

    All agreed they were fine.

2. Matters Arising

    Actions carried over: GH chase JH for details of the Home Heat Helpline

    Phil Roberts to give feedback on ROC’s

    ME gave a brief update on the Devon Affordable Warmth Meeting, was quite positive and he will be speaking

    to Keith Williams about arranging a meeting with all HECA Officers to review the Devon Affordable Warmth

    Strategy (DAWS).

    The Housing Association Conference will be held in Torquay, JR suggested that DSEN could piggy-back on

    West Country HA to attend. Action: GH will contact Clive Liggate about next year’s conference.

    The South West Housing, Health and Fuel Poverty Forum was held over the summer, GOSW would like to see

    an Energy Champion representative from Devon. Jo Nicholson sent round details of this with the minutes of

    the last meeting. Hopefully next year DSEN will be able to send someone, ME is talking to GOSW about this.

    Action: ME to follow up.

Gareth Walton will circulate details when available of the next visit to the straw bale house for anyone who

    would like to attend.

3. Feedback from the DSEN Steering Group Graham Horler and Fiona Swan.

    Meeting was well attended and very positive, people very motivated and realised the need for a step change

    in terms of a sustainable energy for Devon. The Steering Group has decided to set up a sub group to look at

    the Devon Renewable Energy Strategy (DRES) and possibility of updating it to a Devon Sustainable Energy

    Strategy (DSES), and the way forward for DSEN.

    See LSP Paper attached. It was also noted that following on from the Devon Declaration on Climate Change

    and Fuel Poverty, this presents and opportunity to support coordinated action. GH also highlighted the DSEN

    funding crisis which has led to withdrawal of funding for Local Energy Support Team which supports DSEN as

    secretariat. This document has already been presented to Torbay and Plymouth Strategic Partnership’s. It will

    be going to Devon LSP at the beginning of November. There will be a workshop run by DSEN early in

    November to discuss the strategy.

ME asks how will the DSES get buy-in from other sectors, eg, fuel poverty. And where does the DAWS fit in?

    FS points out that DAWS will be a part of the DSES but still a stand alone document. Discussion ensued over

    the tensions between providing affordable warmth and sustainable energy. (Warm Front actually raises

    peoples carbon footprints.) ME asserts that this should be raised within the strategy. Political issues of where

    the responsibility lies for each strategy DAWS with the districts but DSES with the county. John Sunderland

    will be an important catalyst in drawing this all together in his various roles.

DSES also focuses on making money which will be important in attracting other sectors.

4a. Affordable Warmth Update Martin Eibl

NEA is running several awareness sessions having won the Silver Jubilee Award. Invites are going out to

    councillors, LA’s and other agencies this week for workshops in Newton Abbot on 25/10/06 and Barnstaple on

    26/10/06. ME is hoping to get some practical feedback on the DAWS at these workshops. FS notes that it will

    be worth mentioning the DSES.

4b. RE4D Update - Melanie Sealey

    There is nothing else like RE4D going on at all at the moment. Householders will be given advice through

    Holly Tiffen (Renewable Energy Advisor) at the Devon EEAC. She will be advising them on grants processes,

    possible planning issues and local installers (who will have been vetted by RE4D). Part of the Business Liaison

    Officers role will be to liaise with large scale developers as well as the smaller installers. There are hopes to

    roll out RE4D after its 12 month evaluation in April 2007.

    Also noted was that B&Q are now selling solar thermal panels and Windsave turbines, both eligible for LCBP

    grant funding when using an accredited installer. The Windsave turbine is sold as an installed package using

    Mark Insulations as the installer. This is a good development because it brings renewables into the

    mainstream and will hopefully reduce the prices.

5. Sub Group Action Plan

    The steering group was happy with the action plan; DEHSG is further ahead than the other sub groups due to

    the funded organisations that are part of it. It was decided not to look at this in too much depth because

    none of the HECA officers were present. GH noted the EEAC and WcEA’s achievements in generating referrals

    for insulation schemes: 1200 people in Exeter, Warm Up Exeter also targets the 14-18k income bracket who

    often miss out through other schemes. 1150 in West Devon, 500 in North Devon. There will also be Warm Up

    schemes launching in Mid Devon and South Hams soon. People are targeted using direct mailouts, radio, and

    anything else that works! GH is looking into carbon saving calculations.

    The Warm Up schemes use Miller Pattison as the installer because they have been found reliable and cost


    Action: FS will send out the action plan with the minutes again.

6. AOB

    ?300 heating improvements voucher for over 60’s who are not eligible for Warm Front. Only 273 people have

    actually taken up this offer so far. Customers must phone WF to apply.

    WcEA is running a Housing Standards for Sustainability training course on the 10

    th October, it is aimed at

    housing managers. After the EST LEST funding ends there will be a need for more funding particularly for

    workshops like this.

    Date of Next Meeting

    thTuesday 5 December 2006

    10am 12.30pm

    Northcote House, University of Exeter

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