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    Newsletter about and for volunteers in SAVI Autumn 2008 edition forty four

    Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

    John Lennon born 1940 died 1988 Musician and Writer

In this edition:

; New Volunteers / farewells

; News

; New Staff Profile

; Brain teasers

; More News & Requests

    Editor Dennis Saunders Volunteer Co-ordinator. SAVI, Rentwood, School Lane, Fetcham, Surrey, KT22 9JX Tel no 01372 377701. E-mail Web site Registered Charity No: 1121949 Company No: 06309405


New Volunteers

    This edition I am pleased to welcome the following volunteers to the fold.

Ron Gorton-Braille Teacher-Redhill

    Matthew Foxwell-Recreational Volunteer -Whyteleafe

    Thank you to you all for offering your time and I very much hope that you enjoy your volunteering with SAVI.


    There are a few farewells this edition too. So we say goodbye and good luck along with our thanks for all your hard work and time over the years to:

Dawn Hodgetts

    Gail Doulton

    Joyce Merritt


Onwards and Upwards

    As you are no doubt aware there have been many recent changes at SAVI, especially with regard to our department and the volunteering.

    Dennis is now our Volunteer Co-ordinator and has taken over all day to day responsibilities from me including the

    newsletter editing. Dennis has done a great job of taking the baton and accepting the challenge of involving himself

    more as my role has changed. These changes now also see me with a brand new role that leaves me no time to manage the volunteer operation.


    My role is now that of, Head of Community Services. That means that I co-ordinate all of the projects within the department including Volunteering, Computer training, Childrens recreation, Website development, information, Benefits, Resource Centre, Communication classes, Outreach and the day-to-day management that comes with such a busy team. So, as you can see, I have little time to do the volunteers justice.

I’m sure that Dennis will continue to expand the

    department and keep volunteers involved and informed at all stages. I’d like to wish him well and to say thank you to all the volunteers who offer their time to SAVI. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I will still be around and hope to catch up with you from time to time but, I now have even less time to sit still.

    Thanks again and I will leave you in Dennis’ capable hands.


Volunteer Expenses

    This is just a reminder for volunteers claiming expenses.

    A volunteer may claim 40p a mile for using their own transport or cost of public transport as follows: From the volunteers home to place of volunteering ie home of visually impaired person, Rentwood, eye clinic etc and back home. From the visually impaired persons home to Rentwood and back. To and from training courses.

    Please retain used tickets, parking tickets and receipts (as proof of payment) when claiming expenses.

    A volunteer working over the lunch break may claim subsistence up to ?3, a receipt must be submitted. Whilst SAVI volunteers should claim expenses due to them and not be out of pocket, some volunteers may


    choose not to. However please claim and gift the amount back to SAVI, if you so wish.

    As you are all aware with the increase in fuel charges, this could create a barrier to volunteering.

    If organisations give more than the approved 40p a mile up to 10000 miles and 25p thereafter as published by H M Revenue and Customs, volunteers will have to keep tax records and declare the extra as a benefit.

    Volunteering England has been in touch with HMRC to see if this rate can be increased.

    However, HMRC have indicated that there are no plans to review the rate and referred volunteer drivers to a guidance page on their website: /volunteer-drivers htm. Volunteer England have indicated to HMRC that this could be more user friendly and have invited their imput to update the guidance.

    An information sheet is available online sheet.

Volunteering England would like HMRC to :

    Implement a more thorough review following increased fuel costs .

    Consult fully on the implications for volunteer drivers. To update its guidance, about insurance/tax employment and other legal issues could effect drivers when drivers receive a higher amount and whether they can claim reimbursement.

    Volunteering England can be reached at

    We will watch this space.

Volunteers beware


As received by a volunteer:

    I was escorting E to the bank to deposit a large amount of money collected from her pension.

    She went into a shop and apparently asked the assistant to take the money from her wallet telling her she could not see. I believe two other customers in the shop heard and saw her put the wallet back in her bag without closing the zip.

    I saw her having to push her way or being pushed to get out of the shop.

    It was not until we got to the bank she realised the wallet and money was missing. The bank stopped the card, as did the Post Office for her pension, the police were informed and are taking it quite seriously.

    The morals and lessons to be learned are:

    Advise all visually impaired persons to close zips etc on their bags.

    Do not let them openly advertise the fact that they cannot see, in a shop especially.

New Staff

    Elaine joined SAVI in May 2008 as PA to Lance Clarke, Chief Executive. For the last ten years she has been working for the Surrey Safeguarding Children Board organising child protection conferences and training courses.

    Elaine is delighted to have joined Team SAVI and looks forward to meeting volunteers at social events as well as in the office.

    Elaine is a very enthusiastic gardener and has built a waterfall and a stream in her garden. She also enjoys walking and is a keen member of the National Trust and enjoys nothing more than exploring new gardens for


    inspiration. She is married to Bruce, an Avionics Engineer and they have two grown-up sons.

Brain Teasers

    See if you can find the answers to the word puzzles:

1/ Who killed one-fourth of mankind?

    2/ You must keep this thing, its loss will affect your brothers. For once yours is lost, it will soon be lost by others. What is it?

Anagrams (Autumn)

1/ Rework sif 2/ Self given lala

    3/ Drayhorse st 4/ drownings st

Club Class News

Horley Communication Class.

    This group are looking for a driver to help transport new members to and from the class. The group is very successful and growing in size. They meet each week during term time for ten weeks a term, have a weekly raffle and plenty of tea, coffee, cake and biscuits. Please call me at the office for more information.

Camberley Communication class

The above class desperately needs drivers to enable the

    group to continue. They meet each Friday between 10am and 12 noon. Please call if you know anyone who might be able to help.


Guildford GAMBIT

    This group meet regularly at Jeffries Hall, St. Pius Church, Horseshoe Lane East, Merrow. The group meet each week

    on Monday, 9.30 - 11.30 a.m. They are desperately seeking drivers to help transport group members to and from the class. If you have any questions or to find out more please do call us at the office.

Godalming Gambit

    This group meets in the United Reform church hall in Godalming each Friday from 9.30 to 11.30 am. They are looking for a class organiser and driver to help to take over the running of the group. Please call the office for more information.

Banstead Craft Class

    Joan Bishop organises the class and is keen to find more service users to attend and people to help run it .It happens on alternate Wednesday from 2.00-4.00pm in Tadworth. They will provide transport for the Banstead area. They do knitting, sewing, cane work etc. Traditionally, they have also had a table at our AGM-Oct

    th14 and sold some of the products, is there a volunteer who could staff the stall if Joan could get the items to us? Phone no 01737-554654

Drop in Day

    We are holding a series of drop in days around the county this year. These days have historically been very well attended and a great success. Katy Kirton is organising the days which will be attended by Andy and Maralyn from


    the resource centre, members of the Rehab team and

    rdsome specialist 3 parties advising on and selling

    equipment. We are looking for volunteers to act as sighted guides for the days below, between 10am and 3pm. There may also be a need for someone to help Katy with leaflets and information provision and also help make teas and coffees.

The dates are:

    rdWednesday 3 September Oxted

    thWednesday 15 October - Guildford

    More will be announced as and when they are booked. Please contact Katy at the office for more information or to offer help on the day.


    1/ Cain (who killed Abel, leaving only himself, Adam and


2/ Your temper

Anagram Answers

1/ Fireworks

    2/ Falling leaves

    3/ Shorter days

    4/ Strong winds

    rdParty Time- 23 July


    The party introduced Dennis Saunders as Volunteer Co-ordinator taking over from Jason Spinney.

    Approximately 50 volunteers and helpers attended. It was a very informal affair, a delicious lunch was provided and the general opinion was that everyone enjoyed


    Special thanks to Lance Clarke, Sandra Gregory, Jason and members of the rehab team that helped the party run smoothly. Also to Lance’s PA, Elaine Stewart-Morton.

    Karen Hodgson our receptionist and Terri O'Shaughnessy, one of our volunteers, for their tireless work supplying tea and coffee and even washing up afterwards.

    We are organising another volunteer lunch / get together but at the time of press were still waiting for confirmation of a date. We hope this will be in early January but will obviously let you know asap.

I hope to see even more new faces there.


    Tony volunteered for SAVI for 11 years. He drove visually impaired people to Camberley Communication Class on a weekly basis and on class outings and drove individuals to our centre at Rentwood in Fetcham.

    But Tony didn’t just drive, he did this in such a way that he brightened and enriched many people’s lives.

    The following are thoughts from members of Camberley Communication Class:

    I first met Tony when we did the SAVI First Aid course together. He was a great help because he used to be an ambulance man.


    Such a perfect person. So good for a laugh and a joke. We shall miss him extremely. He still pushed himself on even when he wasn’t feeling well. One day he was looking very yellow and almost staggering but he still went to fetch one lady for the class because he didn’t want to let her down. That takes an incredible amount of courage when you know your life is limited. He was very conscientious about his job.

    He was a very good man and did lots of things for lots of people. He helped and you could always talk to him and he was always there for you. Last time I saw him was at the class outing to Denbies in June and we had a few words and a cuddle.

    He was a lovely man, always friendly and nice. Did so much for us at class, bowls and outings.

    Very kind gentleman and how good he was to us and we always had a little joke together.

    Very friendly pleasant person. Gave a lot of help and joy to the people he ferried to the class. They appreciated his sense of humour.

From staff at SAVI:

    Tony was always happy to help if he was free. Always cheerful and a pleasure to know.

    He was always available, always helped wherever he could, often above and beyond the call of duty and became good friends with both staff and clients. His calm nature and willingness to help made him stand out as someone we could always turn to and as someone we came to rely on.


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