Dear Parent,

By Albert Ross,2014-06-18 00:20
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Dear Parent, ...

Dear Parent, March 2008

    Many inquiring parents come to us each year wondering what the Catholic schools have to offer that is different or superior to the local public school. After all, much federal and state funding is poured into public schools which allows for electives, special education programs, and state-of-the-art materials and facilities.

    Again, our student learning expectations form the framework of our school’s work. The third of the five expectations is that graduates of our school will become life long learners. They will demonstrate mastery of the content outlined in the diocesan and school curricular guides. This content follows the same state and national standards as the public schools, so where’s the difference? Well, we add

    standards of Catholicity and social justice.

    We encourage our students to strive for academic excellence; to find, interpret, and then utilize information; and to communicate effectively. We expect our students to think critically and problem solve. Literacy in the field of technology and facility with different media are also indicators of this expectation. Again, in the very best public schools in the best of classes with the most motivated students, these same behaviors and learning would also be expected.

    But it is what we expect our children to do with that learning that separates us from the rest of the educational systems in the country. It is not good enough for our stakeholders that our children are learned and educated. They are encouraged and expected to take that education and make the world a better place, a more moral place. Graduates across the nation work to secure the best paying careers to make money. Hopefully, graduates of our schools work to secure careers to help change the world for the better. Making money is great, but what will they do with that money, with that power to lead? After all, we know from Scripture that it is not our abilities that tell what kind of people we are, but our choices of what we do with those abilities.

    To those who question, I sum up my answer, as to what brought me to my life’s work as a vocation. I believe that, with my gifts and abilities, the educational field in the Catholic schools is my calling to serve. It is a vocation, not merely an avocation. Have I passed up monetary advantages? Surely, but I have been allowed to share my faith and love of God in every part of my day’s work. A priceless


    And it is to this quote from a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp that I go when I need to be reminded of the reason why our children are in a Catholic school:

     “I am a survivor of a concentration camp.

     My eyes saw what no person should witness.

     Gas chambers built by learned engineers.

     Children poisoned by educated physicians.

    Infants killed by trained nurses.

     Women and children shot and killed by college graduates.

     So I’m suspicious of education.

     My request is: help your students to be human.

     Your efforts must never produce learned monsters,

     Skilled psychopaths, or educated Eichmanns.

     Reading and writing and spelling and history

     and arithmetic are only important if they serve to make

    our students human.





     A graduate of Our Lady of Grace School is:

    - an active Catholic Christian witness

     - a responsible citizen

     - a life long learner - an integrated individual - a globally aware citizen


    The following students have been chosen for the fulfillment of service this past month and for the

    consistency and timeliness of that service. Congratulations and thanks to all!


    Katherine Allmann John Dixon Trevor Manns

    Alexis Athis Patrick Dixon Andrew Maybo

    Isidoro Balistreri Evan Durr Adam McDonald

    Maria Balistreri Gary Dutra Sabrina Mendoza-Winteer

    Heather Bardin Jessica Faust Cara Parrella

    Deanna Barrett Patrick Fennell Brooke Shawcroft

    Thomas Blick Cara Filley Kelsie Smith

    Garrett Blodgett Connor Filley Nicole Stewart

    Zachary Blodgett Jeff Fox Matthew Tolliver

    Anne Calvet Kara Johnson Connor Whalen

    Christopher Carlin Melanie Kane John Wilson

    Danamarie Carter Aubrey LaBonte-Clark Michael Wilson

    Thomas Channing Mark Lovejoy Noah Ylagan

    Kaelyn Church Emily Magee Joseph Ziber

    Kathleen Croke Lindsay Magee Joseph Zuccaro

    Danielle Dillard Mackenzie Manns

    Catherine Dixon


    Tommy Channing Jordan Kunz** Taylor Ahearn

    Gary Dutra Jennifer Penix Elliott Allmann

    Jessica Faust Danielle Rieger Anne Calvet

    Danielle Gudino Julia Sherwood** Kara Johnson

    Kara Johnson Haley Trenfel Andrew Maybo

     Lily Van Horn Noah Ylagan

     ** denotes Captain