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By Vanessa Rodriguez,2014-10-11 22:15
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    Global warmingwhat can we do about it



    Good morningeveryone! I’m delighted to be with you today. My name is Lucy and I has been a expert of JSC/WCRP ;Joint Scientific Committee for the World

    Climate Research Programmefor over seven years. Today I’ll give you a presentation

    My about global warming. My topic is Global warmingwhat can we do about it

    purpose is to make all of you believe the planet is warming and we should take appropriate actions to save it. So what I intend to do is breaking down my presentation into four parts: facts, effects, causes and solutions. I hope my presentation will impress you and change your attitudes towards global warming in some way. Well, my talk will last about 10 minutes and I will be using the overhead projector. If you have any questions, just interrupt as I go alongbut I should also say

    there will be a chance to discuss issues in more depth after my talk. Ok, let’s start!

    Maybe, you will ask what is global warming. I have to say it is different from climate change. Climate change is a broader term that refers to long-term changes in

    climate, including average temperature and precipitation. However, global warming is the increase of the Earths average surface temperature due to a build-up of

    greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There is little doubt that the planet is warming. People around the world can feel that the climate has been getting steadily warmer and warmer in recent years. Places which used to be abundant in snowfall have frequently experienced snow-free winters. Drought lasts longer in some dry areas. People find that without air conditioners they could hardly work or fall asleep in hotter summer days. Over the last century the average temperature has climbed about 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.6 of a degree Celsius) around the world. The spring ice thaw in the Northern Hemisphere occurs 9 days earlier than it did 150 years ago, and the fall freeze now typically starts 10 days later.

    Now, let’s move on effects of global warming. It’s impacting our ecosystem,

    water resources and energy supply in many ways. Animals and plants are being forced to adapt to rising temperature, and as a result are dying off. According to research published in Nature, by 2050, rising temperature could lead to the extinction of more than a million species. Besides, global warming will have a significant impact on the sustainability of water supply in the coming decades. The study found that more than 1,100 counties will face water shortages by mid-century as the result of global warming. The side effects of global warming are also alarming. A warmer global climate can melt the ice caps, raise sea levels, disturb weather patterns, and cause droughts and severe storms. People suffer a lot from disasters relevant to global warming.

     Well, what causes global warming? One thing is electrical pollution and Carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and gasoline for transportation. Another is deforestation, especially tropical forests for wood, pulp, and farmland. What’s more, increase in usage of chemical fertilizers on croplands also leads to global warming.


    So now we know what some of the causes are for global warming, how can we as individuals do our part to help save the planet? The answer is simpler than you may think. If you try to follow the few simple steps that I shall now give you, you will have started to help us all. Firstly, plant a tree. Trees, when fully grown, will help keep the planet cooler. Secondly, walk short distances instead of asking for a ride in the car and drive with someone to a place that you are both going to. Thirdly, dress lightly when it’s hot instead of turning up the air conditioners and dress warmly when it’s cold instead of turning up the heat. Recycling also helps. If you recycle, less trash gets burned. As a result, there are fewer greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Another thing you can do is turning off unused sources of power such as televisions and heaters, witch will help the environment, as well as save your money. If possible, take shorter showers and use solar energy, after all it is free, and all you need to buy is the equipment. Finally, keep rooms cool by closing the curtains and use compact

    fluorescent bulbs. So, if everybody stuck to these rules, we would be doing a great thing by protecting the earth.

    Some of you may think the global warming is exaggerated and it is none of your business. But, please look at these pictures-----this is the proof that global warming is taking place. And, the United States Global Change Research Program concludes that global warming also poses unique challenges to human health----- the increase in the risk of illness and death related to extreme heat.

    So please take into consideration what I have said, and try to do your part and make immediate and continual efforts. Global warming catches and holds our concern, for it affects us and will affect our next generations. We hope the situation will soon change. We cannot wait any longer. Do it. Do it right now.

    That’s all. Thank you all for listening!


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