FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Jewish Free Loan Association is thrilled

By Connie Harper,2014-03-20 14:25
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Jewish Free Loan Association is thrilled


    May 1, 2007

Media Contact:

    Elana Vorspan

    Jewish Free Loan Association

    (323) 761-8830, Ext. 104



    LOS ANGELES - The Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA) is thrilled to announce the creation of an exciting new program the Brandman Foundation Loan Fund for Nursing Students. Thanks to a

    generous $250,000 gift from the Saul Brandman Foundation, JFLA can now address the growing nursing shortage in Los Angeles County by providing annual interest-free loans of up to $10,000 on a non-sectarian basis to help finance nursing student education.

    thAccording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: “California ranks 49 nationally

    in the number of registered nurses per capita…If the current workforce crisis is not addressed…the shortage is projected to grow by 29% by 2020.” This will mean Los Angeles will soon face its worst nursing

    shortage to date, resulting in a severe deterioration of proper medical care.

    The Brandman Foundation Loan Fund for Nursing Students will directly address this impending

    crisis. This new loan fund, established in collaboration with the Jewish Home for the Aging’s new

    Annenberg School of Nursing, will enable JFLA to be an active participant in the recruitment and funding of the next generation of nursing professionals. Once the program is further expanded, JFLA will collaborate with nursing programs throughout Los Angeles county that will serve as referral sources for students seeking financial aid.

    Saul Brandman, a prominent Los Angeles real estate developer, established the Saul Brandman Foundation in 1987 to support a variety of charitable organizations on an annual basis. They include Hebrew University, the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, Ben Gurion University, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Jewish Free Loan Association and the Venice Family Clinic. The Foundation has sponsored several key medical facilities, including the Brandman Research Institute at the Jewish Home for the Aging

    and the Saul & Joyce Brandman Breast Center at Cedars Sinai Hospital. Mr. Brandman served on the national boards of the Aspen Music Association and the International Hearing Dog Foundation, and as guest lecturer for twelve years at the UCLA Business School Extension Program. He is a recipient of the Save-A-Life “Man of the Year” award and the “Torch of Freedom” award from the State of Israel.

    The Jewish Free Loan Association is a nonprofit agency offering assistance to people of all faiths

    facing financial challenges. For over 100 years, JFLA has provided a helping hand instead of a handout to hundreds of thousands of people through interest-free loans for emergencies, education, developing small businesses, healthcare and life cycle events. JFLA is a source of economic justice in the community,

    providing cash in hand to fight poverty and help make dreams come true. For more information on

    donor-directed loan programs or procedures, visit the JFLA web site at or call (323)761-



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