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By Sarah Russell,2014-10-11 22:34
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     Self Introduction

     Hello, dear potato sister ! My name is KongBingjie (孔冰洁?

    and I have various nicknames. My friend usually call me mushroom, BIUBIU or meatmeat?肉肉? , and you can call me

    Jamie as well.

     Im a girl from Anhui province, optimistic and have a craving for learning language. Love delicious food, love reading, love trying for different things though it was just trying instead of insisting on them , and most of all , love freedom. Im pursuing

    to be an independent person , but sometimes Im not so brave

    and dont own enough perseverance.

     Many friends of mine thought I will major in English for my deep love to it during high school ,but finally I chose the material science and engineering and I have already forgot the reason .(it proves again Im a forgetful girl……?Maybe just

    want to learn more not only English , broadening my horizons, or looking forward to the many boys in KMUST and hope to meet my Mr.Right as soon as possible.

     When speaking to my strength, I think Im good at reading

    and listening relatively. I am accustomed to listening to special VOA everyday. Honestly speaking, this habit helps to promote my quality of sleeping in a way . My speaking is just so-so , not

    bad not good ,and my voice is low , so it sounds like diffident , somewhat adding to my displeasure to practise my oral English. Writing is always a big headache to me. I dont know how to

    write well , how to express my view in a right way , how to change the structure of sentences properly to make it look diverse instead of single. I have to say words puzzled me a lot, a lot and a lot. Im a little lazy girl,not fond of remembering the vocabulary book.Just rely on the words of my accumulation on reading, I cant apply it well on writing. You know, its very

    frustrating when you want to say or write something, however you find it that you cant remember the key words.

     My favorite motto is Nothing is impossible to a willing

    heart . If you really want to do something , then do it ! Dont

    hesitate, dont care too much about the environment, the

    peoples opinions around you. All you need to do is keep your faith, and move on!

     As for study, I have to say , I am very happy to be in your class. Your enthusiasm impressed me deeply , I like you, I want to change , I want to improve, I want to be a powerful girl , I need your help, potato sister~~!

     In my sophomore, passing the CET-4 and CET-6 is

    undoubtedly the most urgent thing for me. Plus, I also want to

    challenge myself , getting the BEC higher certificate. Read three books and record my thinkings and reflections. Listen more, and learn to speak,like a native . I know its hard to stick, but I will

    go for it .

     Last, about the learning website, I recommend the hujiang website (沪江网?,you can discover many useful resources on it and also meet good teachers,like-minded partners to go with you in the long road of learning language,not just English. Especially the CC-TALK of hujiang website , there are free live lessons everyday. It cant be better ! (Ps: National Geographic is a nice place to read , but its hard for me to develop the habit to

    read it regularly, because it has toooooo many new words…?

     天哪竟然写了这么多,Im sorry....but thats my authentic

    self .土豆姐,Looking forward to the following wonderful time with you in our class

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