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abridged catalogue - word 60 formatWord,60

    Shake Your Feet; The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else; The Kinky Kids Parade; PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS I Miss My Swiss, My Swiss Miss Misses Me; I‟m in Love with You, That‟s Why; The ORCHESTRA 1923 - 1938 Birth of the Blues; Sugar; That‟s My Weakness Now; Because My Baby Don‟t Mean featuring Bing Crosby and The Rhythm Maybe Now; Louise; When My Dreams Come True; At Twilight; Reaching for Someone Boys, Bix Beiderbecke. and Not Finding Anyone There; Waiting at the End of the Road; When You‟re Counting ?Crystal Stream Audio 1997 the Stars Alone; A Bundle of Old Love Letters; Song of the Dawn; I Like to Do Things for You; Pardon My Southern Accent; Here Come the British; My Little Grass Shack in IDCD01 Total playing time:72.07 Kealakekua Hawaii; Darktown Strutters Ball; Oh‟ Lady be Good; Liza (All the Clouds will Roll Away).

     Debroy Somers - All by Yourself in the Moonlight; Happy Days and Lonely Nights; New BRITISH DANCE BANDS Mayfair Dance Orch - I‟ll be Getting Along; See Me Dance the Polka; Billy Cotton - 1928 - 1945 Nobody‟s Sweetheart; Savoy Hotel Orpheans - Snuggled on Your Shoulder; Jack ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 Payne - I‟ll Do My Best to Make You Happy; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Harry Roy - Bugle Call Rag; Chinatown, My Chinatown/Limehouse Blues; Somebody Stole My Gal; IDCD02 Total playing time: 72.30 Ray Noble - Tiger Rag; It‟s Time to Say Goodnight; Billy Cotton - I‟m on a See-Saw; Bye Bye Blues; Henry Hall - Pop! Goes Your Heart; Blue Moon; Jack Hylton - Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart; Ya Got Something There; Louis Levy - You‟re Sweeter Than I Thought You Were; Roy Fox - I Heard a Song in a Taxi; Joe Loss - When the Poppies Bloom Again; Ambrose - Nursie, Nursie; Geraldo - I‟m Confessin‟

     This‟ll Make You Whistle - Selection; Swing Time - RKO film selection; Music from the LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Movies March; Jingle of the Jungle; The Eyes of the World are on You; Pennies from ORCHESTRAS Heaven - Selection; On the Avenue - Film selection; Alexander‟s Ragtime Band - Film ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 selection; The Mikado - Selection; The Great Victor Herbert - Film selection; Honolulu - MGM film selection; Sweethearts - Selection; The Wizard of Oz - Film selection; IDCD04 Total playing time: 72.26 Pinocchio - Film selection. featuring vocals by Janet Lind, Edward Molloy, Robert Ashley, Gerry Fitzgerald, Sam Browne, Eve Becke and others.

     The Merrymakers (The Revellers) - Baby Face; Donald Novis - The Rosary; John MEMORIES McCormack - Sonny Boy; Carl Brisson - Thanks; Russ Columbo - Auf Wiedersehen, a collection of 25 recordings from 1926 to My Dear; The Mills Bros. - Chinatown My Chinatown; George Formby - Do De O Do; 1941 Dorsey Bros Orch. - Coquette; Pola Negri - Dark Eyes; Flanagan & Allen - Free; The ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 High Hatters - Cheerful Little Earful; Bobby Breen - It‟s a Sin to Tell a Lie; Paul IDCD05 Total playing time: 72.39 Robeson - Just Keepin‟ on; The Happiness Boys - Poor Lizzie; Ruth Etting - My Man; Moreton & Kaye - St.Louis Blues / Some of These Days; Venuti & Lang‟s Blue Five - Raggin‟ the Scale; James Melton - I Remember You from Somewhere; Eddy Duchin - Someone to Watch Over Me; Nick Lucas - Tip-Toe Thru‟ the Tulips; Rudy Vallee - The Drunkards Song; Larry Adler - The Continental; Kate Smith - It‟s Never Too Late; Gus Arnheim (Voc: Crosby) - One More Time; Al Jolson - Swanee.

     In Holiday Mood - Suite; The Whistler and his Dog; Sunbeams and Butterflies; The LONDON PALLADIUM Lilac Domino - Selection; The Warbler‟s Serenade; These Foolish Things - Selection; ORCHESTRA Bells Across the Meadow; Turkish Patrol; Palladium Memories; The Phantom Melody; Childhood Memories; Gaiety Memories. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 conducted by Clifford Greenwood, Richard Green and Jack Frere. IDCD07 Total playing time: 70.33 Oh! Mabel; Alabamy Bound; Hi, Ho, the Merrio; So Does Your Old Mandarin; Valencia; BEN SELVIN AND HIS ORCH. She Knows Her Onions; Any Ice Today, Lady?; Sam, the Old Accordion Man; Here or 1924 - 1933 There; Oh, Doris! Where do You Live?; There Must be a Silver Lining; Indian Cradle ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 Song; In My Bouquet of Memories; Ramona; You‟re a Real Sweetheart; My Sin; Honey; You Were Meant for Me; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; Broadway Melody; IDCD08 Total playing time: 69.52 Charming; Crazy People; Is I in Love? I is; Dinner at Eight; Emperor Jones.

     Ronald Colman - A Christmas Carol; Bing Crosby - The Small One; Charles Laughton - A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS Mr. Pickwick‟s Christmas; Loretta Young - The Littlest Angel. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1997 IDCD09 Total playing time: 70.54 Al Hammett & His Ambassadors‟ Orch. - How Could Red Riding Hood; 2FC Studio AUSTRALIAN MEMORIES Dance Orch. - Home to Ballaarat; Jack Lumsdaine - Mary Lou; Where the River Murray ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Flows; Sidney Burchall - For the Term of his Natural Life; The Adorable Outcast; IDCD10 Total playing time: 74.05 Queenie & David Kaili - Little Brown Baby; Jack O‟Hagan - Ramona; George Sorlie - I‟m a Dreamer - Aren‟t We All?; Pat Hanna - The Gospel According to Cricket; Charlie Vaud & Renn Millar - Smile Away; Art Leonard (Len Maurice) - A Lone Girl Flyer; John Warren - Song of the Dawn; Roy „Mo‟ Rene - Mr. Macachie; Peter Dawson - Along the Road to Gundagai; Advance Australia Fair; Beryl Newell - Ten Cents a Dance; Jim Davidson‟s Dandies - On the Road to Gundagai; Where the Dog Sits on the Tucker Box; Jim Gussey & ABC Dance Band - Pick it Up; Bob Dyer & His Mountain Men - The Young „uns of the Martins and the Coys; Abe Romain & His Orch. - When You Come Home Again; Johnny McMahon - Everybody Ev‟ry Pay-Day; Jack Davey - Our Air-Raid Shelter; Joy Nichols - He Wants to be a Pilot; Johnny Wade - The Land of the Sundown. Aunt Sally - Selection; Everybody Dance; My! What a Different Night; Everything is LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Rhythm - Selection; From One Minute to Another; It‟s Love Again - Selection; There‟s ORCHESTRAS - Volume Two That Look in Your Eyes Again; Head Over Heels - Selection; Looking Around Corners „ENCORES‟ for You; She Shall Have Music; What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Don‟t Cry When We Say Goodbye; Chu Chin Chow - Selection; Limelight - Selection; Gangway - Selection. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD11 Total playing time: 72.03 featuring vocals by Janet Lind, Edward Molloy, Robert Ashley & Gerry Fitzgerald.

     Isham Jones - Who‟s Sorry Now; Carl Fenton - Last Night on the Back Porch; The DANCE BANDS USA Columbians - Honey, I‟m in Love with You; Ted Lewis - Drifting and Dreaming; Mary featuring vocals by Bing Crosby, Billy Jones Ann; Harry Archer. - Who?; Paul Specht - Show That Fellow the Door; Leo Reisman - & Ernest Hare, Johnny Marvin, Franklyn Bye-Bye, Blackbird; Howard Lanin - Black Bottom; Vincent Lopez - I‟m on My Way Baur, Frank Munn and others. Home; The Knickerbockers (Selvin) - The Kinkajou; Cass Hagan - Hallelujah!; Harry ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Reser - Shaking the Blues Away; Don Voorhees - Can‟t Help Lovin‟ Dat Man; Paul IDCD12 Total playing time: 72.57 Whiteman - Ol‟ Man River; Nat Shilkret - That‟s My Weakness Now; Ipana Troubadours - A Precious Little Thing Called Love; Earl Burnett - The Wedding of the Painted Doll; Jean Goldkette - Tip-Toe Thru‟ the Tulips; Wayne King - Song of the Islands; Hotel Pennsylvania Orch. - The Woman in the Shoe; Hal Kemp - I Found a Million Dollar Baby; Ed Lloyd - Two Little, Blue Little Eyes; Ben Selvin - You‟re Getting to be a Habit with Me. Splinters in the Air - Selection; The Great Ziegfeld - Selection; Shall We Dance - LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Selection; That Girl from Paris - Selection; Firefly - Selection; Deanna Durbin ORCHESTRAS - Vol. Three Memories; Walt Disney Medley; Double or Nothing - Selection; Melody for Two - „BACK ON THE PODIUM‟ Selection; Swing High, Swing Low; Rosalie - Selection; Will You Remember; The Great Waltz - Selection. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 featuring vocals by Janet Lind, Edward Molloy, Gerry Fitzgerald, Eve Becke, Sam IDCD13 Total playing time:73.07 Browne, Hazel Jeans & Brian Lawrance. Take My Tip - Selection; Broadway Melody of 1938 - Selection; Radio City Revels - LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Selection; Joy of Living - Selection; Goldwyn Follies - Selection; Gone with the Wind - ORCHESTRAS - Volume Four Selection; Babes in Arms - Selection; Says My Heart; Music from the Movies 1938 - „MORE ENCORES‟ Selection; The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle - Selection; Gulliver‟s Travels - Selection; Meet the Sun Halfway; I Haven‟t Time to be a Millionaire. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 featuring vocals by Gerry Fitzgerald, Eve Becke, George Melachrino, Evelyn Dove, IDCD14 Total playing time:72.58 Same Browne and Hazel Jeans. Where There‟s You There‟s Me; Turning the Town Upside Down; Sailing Along - LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Selection; You‟re Sweeter Than I Thought You Were; Music from the Movies; Paprika - ORCHESTRAS - Volume Five Selection; Tunes of the Times; Music from the Movies 1937 - Selection; Bandwagon - „RETURN ENGAGEMENT‟ Selection; Up to the Minute - Medley; Piccadilly Incident; Boogie Woogie Sunshine; Romance; Moto Perpetuo. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 featuring vocals by Judy Shirley, Janet Lind, Eve Becke, Gerry Fitzgerald, Robert IDCD15 Total playing time: 71.22 Ashley, Edward Molloy, Brian Lawrance, Evelyn Dove, George Melachrino and Sam Browne. nd42 Street; Shuffle of to Buffalo; I‟ll do My Best to Make You Happy; Let Me Give My JIM DAVIDSON AND HIS Happiness to You; It‟s Written in the Stars; Log Cabin Lullaby; Blue Bird of Happiness; ORCHESTRAS Twilight on the Trail; Would You?; A Fine Romance; The Way You Look Tonight; On ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 the Road to Gundagai; Where the Dog Sits on the Tucker Box; Says My Heart; Sweet Genevieve; Behind Those Swinging Doors; Lambeth Walk; Music, Maestro, Please; IDCD16 Total playing time: 73.44 The Chestnut Tree; Penny Serenade; Blue Danube; Back to Tipperary Days; Boomps-a-daisy; There‟ll Always be an England; Careless; Yodellin‟ Jive. featuring vocals by John Warren, Barbara James, Alice Smith, Dick Cranbourne, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Jack Carpenter, etc and Larry Adler on the Mouth Organ. You‟re a Sweetheart; I Cried for You; It‟s Never too Late; The Woodpecker Song; When KATE SMITH with You Wish Upon a Star; Can‟t Get Indiana off My Mind; Two Dreams Met; Silent Night, JACK MILLER‟S ORCHESTRA Holy Night; My Buddy; Along the Santa Fe Trail; The Last Time I Saw Paris; I Do, Do featuring recordings from 1937 to 1946. You?; Your Eyes Have Told Me So; They Started Something; I Don‟t Want to Walk ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Without You; The Marines Hymn; This is Worth Fighting for; Wonder When My Baby‟s Coming Home; All of My Life; Question and Answer; Can‟t You Read Between the IDCD18 Total playing time: 74.02 Lines; And There You Are; Just a Little Fond Affection; When Irish Eyes are Smiling; A Little Bit of Heaven. March Review Medley; Echoes from the Puszta; A La Minuet; Second Serenade; LONDON PALLADIUM Charm of the Valse; March Symphonique; Moontime; The Thistle; Kiss Me Again; The ORCHESTRA Volume Two Forge in the Forest; A La Gavotte; Chorister‟s Waltz; Master Melodies; Japanese featuring recordings from 1930 to 1939 Carnival; Les Sylphides; March of the Bowmen; Sousa on Parade. ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD19 Total playing time: 73.42 Pagan Love Song; A Year from Today; There‟s Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie; I SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN Remember You From Somewhere; Deep in Your Eyes; Where am I?; A Little House James Melton That Love Built; Summer Night; Your Eyes Have Told Me So; September in the Rain; featuring recordings from 1929 to 1946 Melody for Two; Rose of the World; You Haunt My Heart; Love is Like a Breeze in May; ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Play Gypsies, Dance Gypsies; Love‟s Old Sweet Song; Strange Music; Oklahoma; The Surrey with the Fringe on Top; All Through the Day; The Way You Look Tonight; It‟s a IDCD20 Total playing time: 72.15 Grand Night for Singing. Carefree - Selection; Gold Diggers of 1937 - Selection; Hollywood Hotel - Selection; St. LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Louis Blues - Selection; Blue Skies - Selection; Looking for a Little Bit of Blue; There‟s ORCHESTRAS - Vol. Six No Green Grass Around the Old North Pole; Things are Looking Up; Who‟s Been „AT YOUR REQUEST‟ Polishing the Sun?; Sons of the Sand; Now I Understand; (You Bring Out) The Savage in Me; If Your Father Only Knew; San Felipe; The Londonola; One Way Street; Did You ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Ever Have a Feeling You‟re Flying; Empire Builders - March. IDCD21 Total playing time: 73.49 featuring vocals by Brian Lawrance, Eve Becke, Janet Lind Gerry Fitzgerald, Sam Browne, Bertha Wilmott, Harry Bentley, The Three Ginx and Jimmy Campbell. George Gershwin Suite; Cole Porter Suite; Richard Rodgers Suite; Legend for Piano LOUIS LEVY AND HIS and Orchestra; Portrait of Clare; The Beggar‟s Theme; Smilin‟ Through; Smoke Gets in ORCHESTRAS - Vol. Seven Your Eyes; Strike Up the Band. „SUITE and LEVY‟

    ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 IDCD22 Total playing time: 73.02

     The White Cliffs of Dover - Lynn Fontanne; The Snow Goose -Herbert Marshall and WARTIME MEMORIES Joan Loring; The British Film Festival 1946 - Stanley Holloway, Rosamund John, ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Michael Redgrave, John Mills, George Formby, Margaret Lockwood, Eric Portman, IDCD23 Total playing time: 71.10 Robert Donat and others; Spitfire Prelude - The Halle Orchestra conducted by William Walton. Paul Whiteman - Just Like a Doll; Bennie Krueger - Wonder If She‟s Lonely Too; The DANCE BANDS USA Radiolites - Hello Aloha! (How are You?), Nevertheless I‟m in Love with You; Cass Hagan Volume Two - Sometimes I‟m Happy; Abe Lyman - Just Another Day Wasted Away; Harry Reser - featuring vocals by Irving Kaufman, Smith Ooh! Maybe it‟s You; Edwin J. McEnelly - What are We Waiting for?; Nat Shilkret - Ballew, Lewis James, Franklyn Baur, You‟re Wonderful; Ted Lewis - She‟s Funny That Way; Jean Goldkette - Painting the Frank Munn, Harold Arlen and others. Clouds with Sunshine; Ipana Troubadours - My Sweeter Than Sweet, Many Happy ? Crystal Stream Audio 1998 Returns of the Day; Hotel Pennsylvania Music - Should I?, Confessin‟ (That I Love You), My Baby Just Cares for Me; The High Hatters - Ten Cents a Dance; Victor Arden & Phil IDCD24 Total playing time: 74.06 Ohman - What a Fool I‟ve Been; Fred Rich - Pardon Me Pretty Baby; Wayne King - I Don‟t Know Why (I Just Do); Leo Reisman - Stormy Weather; Isham Jones - Blue Prelude; Don Bestor - Moonstruck; Eddy Duchin - Dames. Don‟t You Cry When We Say Goodbye; Looking for a Little Bit of Blue; Things are STRIKE UP THE BAND Looking Up; What a Little Moonlight can do; Who‟s Been Polishing the Sun?; There‟s No Louis Levy Green Grass around the Old North Pole; One Way Street; Sons of the Sand; The featuring the recordings of The Gaumont Londonola; (You Bring Out) the Savage in Me; Did You Ever have the Feeling You‟re British Dance Orchestra led by Louis Levy Flying; Now I Understand; If Your Father Only Knew; San Felipe; Where There‟s You and other recordings by Louis Levy and There‟s Me; She Shall have Music; From One Min ute to Another; My! What a Different His Gaumont British Symphony Night; Everybody Dance; Turning the Town Upside Down; Looking Around Corners for ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 You; There‟s That Look in Your Eyes Again; Swing High, Swing Low; Strike Up the Band. IDCD25 Total playing time: 71.33

     Joe Green & His Novelty Orchestra - Did You Mean it?; So Tired; Ernie Golden & His EDISON DIAMOND DISC Hotel McAlpin Orch. - An Old Guitar and an Old Refrain; (Hooray, Hooray) It‟s Ray Ray Electrical Recordings Raining; Jack Kaufman & the 7 Blue Babies - There Ought to be a Law Against That; 1927 to 1929 Since She Learned to Ride a Horse; Mama‟s Grown Young Papa‟s Grown Old; Piccadilly Players - Old Man Sunshine; If You Don‟t Love Me; Lady of the Morning; Oreste & His ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Queensland Orch. - Ten Little Miles from Town; Anything You Say; B.A. Rolfe & His IDCD26 Total playing time:73.36 Palias D‟Or Orch. - Roses of Yesterday; It Must be Love; Jack Dalton & The 7 Blue Babies - Heaven Help a Sailor on a Night Like This; Outside; Arthur Fields & His Assassinators - I Faw Down an‟ Go Boom; Golden Gate Orch. - The One That I Love Loves Me; B.A. Rolfe & His Lucky Strike Orch. - Hello Sweetie; Dance of the Paper Dolls; The Edisonians - When Day is Done.

     Paul Whiteman & His Orch. - Manhattan; Victor Light Opera Company - Gems from MANHATTAN „Dearest Enemy‟; Mario Chamlee - Here in My Arms; Savoy Orpheans - The Girl Friend; Popular recordings from 1925 to 1942 The Revellers - The Blue Room; Broadway Broadcasters - Mountain Greenery; Bob Music by Richard Rodgers Haring (Colonial Club) Orch. - Why Do You Suppose?; My Man is on the Make; The High Words by Lorenz Hart Hatters - Ten Cents a Dance; Debroy Somers Band - Ever Green Selection; Gladys ? Crystal Stream Audio Moncrieff - Love Me Tonight; Isn‟t it Romantic; Al Jolson - You are Too Beautiful; The Casa Loma Orch. - That‟s Love; The BBC Dance Orch. - Blue Moon; Bing Crosby - Soon; 1999 Down By the River; It‟s Easy to Remember; The Bombardier Song; Geraldo & His Orch. - IDCD27 Total playing time: 73.39 Where or When; Frances Langford - Falling in Love with Love; Allan Jones - Who Are You?.

     Al Starita & His Piccadilly Band - A Room with a View; Ray Starita & His Ambassadors - BRITISH DANCE BANDS He‟s So Unusual; New Mayfair Dance Orch. - There‟s Room in My Heart; Jack Payne & Volume Two His BBC Dance Orch. - An Old Italian Love Song; Arcadians Dance Orch. - „Leven Thirty various recordings from 1928 to 1935 Saturday Night; Bidgood‟s Broadcasters - I Bring a Love Song; Billy Cotton & His Band - ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Hello Beautiful; Let‟s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing; Somebody Stole My Gal; Jack Leon‟s Band - Come and Have a Cuddle on the Common; Debroy Somers Band - Just a Blue-IDCD28 Total playing time: 74.03 Eyed Blonde; Got a Date with an Angel; Sydney Kyte & His Piccadilly Hotel Band - Just Once for All Time; Jack Hylton & His Orch. - Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear; Van Phillips & His Band - The Dance of the Cuckoos; The BBC Dance Orch (Henry Hall) - Gold Diggers of 1933 - Selection; Jay Wilbur & His Band - It‟s the Talk of the Town; Harry Roy & His Orch. - Better Think Twice; J.Predergast & The Rialtonians - Riding in the Rain; Ray Noble & His Orch. - Freckle Face, You‟re Beautiful; Jack Payne & His Band - Shadows on the Pavement; Heat Wave; Ambrose & His Orch. - Top Hat, White Tie and Tails. My Mammy - Medley (Intro Beautiful Faces; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; The PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS Rhythm Rag; I‟m Tired of Everything but You; Sweet and Low Down; That Certain ORCHESTRA - Volume Two Feeling; Sweet Child, I‟m Wild About You; No Foolin‟; Precious; I‟m in Love Again; When „The 1920s‟ Day is Done; Make Believe; My Pet; Felix, the Cat; Just Like a Melody Out of the Sky; recordings from 1921 to 1929 Lonesome in the Moonlight; Driftwood; Just a Sweetheart; Liebestraum; I‟m Bringing a Red Red Rose; Song of India; If I Had a Talking Picture of You; I‟m a Dreamer-Aren‟t We ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 All; Should I? IDCD29 Total playing time: 73.10 featuring Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, etc. Harry Reser‟s Syncopators - Say it Again?; The Radiolites - I‟m Walking Around in MEMORIES Circles; Six Jumping Jacks - Lo-Do-De-O; Ben Selvin & His Orch. - Barcelona; Roger Volume Two Wolfe Kahn & His Orch. - Sometimes I‟m Happy; Vincent Lopez & His Casa Lopez Orch. - recordings from 1926 to 1936 Sunshine; Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - Deep Night; Leslie Hutchinson - I‟m ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 a Gigolo; Meyer Davis Hotel Astoria Orch. - Blue is the Night; Warings Pennsylvanians - With You; John Boles - The Song of the Dawn; Victor Arden, Phil Ohman & Their Orch. - IDCD30 Total playing time: 73.58 Dancing the Devil Away; Ruth Etting - If I Could be with You; Malcolm McEachern - The Changing of the Guard; Debroy Somers Band - Let‟s Get Friendly; Russ Columbo - Time on My Hands; Let‟s Pretend there‟s a Moon; Jack Payne & His Band - Lullaby of the Leaves; Bing Crosby - Let‟s Put Out the Lights; Malcolm McEachern & John Alexandra - Lucy Long; Connie Boswell - Isn‟t it a Shame; Henry King & His Orch. - The Night is Young; Mae Questal - On the Good Ship Lollipop; Peter Dawson - We Saw the Sea Time on My Hands; Makin‟ Wickey-Wackey Down in Waikiki; Lady of Spain; Blaze Away; „BANDS ACROSS THE SEA‟ Love is the Sweetest Thing; I‟ll Do My Best to Make You Happy; What More Can I Ask;

Ray Noble‟s UK & USA Dance Bands Brighter Than the Sun; See Me Dance the Polka; Japanese Sandman; Tiger Rag; It‟s recordings from 1931 to 1947 Time to Say Goodnight; Spin a Little Web of Dreams; Blue Moon; In a Blue and Pensive Including vocals by Al Bowlly. Mood; Dinah; Bugle Call Rag; Little Old Lady; Cherokee; By the Waters of Minnetonka; Captain Custard; Sweet Potato Piper; I Wonder Who‟s Kissing Her Now; Those Things ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Money Can‟t Buy. IDCD31 Total playing time: 74.05 Canadian Capers; Bugle Call Rag; Somebody Stole My Gal; Chinatown, My Chinatown / HARRY ROY Limehouse Blues; Twelfth Street Rag; The Cage in the Window; Lily of Laguna; St. Louis and His Orchestra and Band Blues, Some of These Days; Alexander‟s Ragtime Band; Better Think Twice; No Words - recordings from 1933 to 1942 Nor Anything; Temptation Rag; Goody-Goody; Diddle-Dum-Dee; You Can‟t Pull the Wool ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Over My Eyes; Ev‟ry Time I Look at You; Sky High Honeymoon; From Monday On; She‟s IDCD32 Total playing time: 73.59 Funny That Way; Boo-Hoo; Yours and Mine; Goosey Goosey; Beer Barrel Polka; Until You Fall in Love; That‟s the Moon, My Son. Mister Gallagher and Mister Sheen; Barney Google; No One Loves You Any Better Than THE HAPPINESS BOYS Your M-A Double M-Y; On My Ukulele; How do You do?; Sweetest Little Rose in Billy Jones & Ernest Hare Tennessee; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; I Miss My Swiss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me); As ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 a Porcupine Pines for its Pork; Pardon Me; Happy Go Lucky Days; What! No Women?; IDCD33 Total playing time: 73.58 “Wimmin‟ AAAH!”; Where Do You Work-A, John?; Bridget O‟Flynn (Where‟ve Ya Been?); I Love to Catch Brass Rings on a Merry-Go-Round; Poor Lizzie; Poor Lizzie (alternate version); I Scream - You Scream - We All Scream for Ice Cream; She‟ll Never Find Another Fellow Like Me; She‟s the Sweetheart of Six Other Guys; A Gay Caballero; All by Yourself in the Moonlight; The Poisoned Kiss of That Spaniard. O Terra Addio - Ponselle & Martinelli; Un di All‟Azzurro Spazio - Martinelli; Una Voce OPERA RARITIES Poco Fa - Galli Curci; Meco All‟Alter di Venere - Lauri Volpi; La Cenerentola - Supervia; rare performances from the early years of Del Tempio al Limitar - Gigli & De Luca; Inflammatus - Austral; Tre Sbirri una Carrozza - electrical recording Tibbett; E il Sol Dell‟ Anima - Galli-Curci; Una Furtiva Lagrima - Gigli; Sei Tu? And No, ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Ma Carmen Non Cedera! - Gay & Zenatello; O Del Mio Amato Ben - Schipa; Ah! Fors‟ E IDCD34 Total playing time: 73.12 Lui - Del Monte; Donde Lieta Usci - Muzio; Ch‟ella Mi Creda Libero and The Judgement of Paris - Bjorling; Crudel! Perche Finora - Del Monte & Beuf St. Louis Blues; Some of These Days; Dinah; After You‟ve Gone; Nobody‟s Sweetheart; IVOR MORETON & DAVE KAYE Kitten on the Keys; Nola - Polly; Fox Trot Medley (Slow Tempo); Fox Trot Medley (Fast „Favourites in Rhythm‟ Tempo); Waltz Medley; Fox Trot Medley; Moreton & Kaye Medley, No. 1; Peter Pan; ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Moreton & Kaye Medley, No. 3 (Quick Step); Favourites in Rhythm, No. 2; Tin Pan Alley IDCD35 Total playing time: 72.47 Medleys, Nos. 8, 13 & 15; Dizzy Fingers; Manhattan Holiday. Thy Beaming Eyes; Si Puo - Un Nido di Memorie (Prologue I Pagliacci); Drink to Me Only LAWRENCE TIBBETT with Thine Eyes; Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms; Old Black Joe; Uncle „Recital‟ Ned; When I‟m Looking at You; The White Dove; Largo Al Factotum; Without a Song; ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Life is a Dream; Wanting You; Lover, Come Back to Me; The Song is You; Myself When IDCD36 Total playing time: 74.01 Young; None but the Lonely Heart; On the Road to Mandalay; I Got Plenty o‟ Nuttin‟; It Ain‟t Necessarily So; Goin‟ Home. Spin a Little Web of Dreams; Take Another Chance; Let‟s Fall in Love; Just for Tonight; HARRY LEADER and His Band The Very Thought of You; It Never Occurred to You; Little Man You‟ve had a Busy Day; With vocal by Sam Browne, Dan On a Blue Lagoon; Cocktails for Two; Together; I Never had a Chance; Still the Same; I Donovan, Chick Henderson, Alan Kane & Bought Myself a Bottle of Ink; All in a Day; Needing You; Carolina; Music; Wish Me Luck - others. Kiss Me Goodbye; We Shall Meet Again; Pop Goes Your Heart; Day in Day Out; Dancing ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 with My Shadow; I‟m Going to Lose My Heart to Someone; The Little Golden Locket; I‟m IDCD37 Total playing time: 71.15 Hand in Glove with the One I Love; Does She Love Me? (Yes or No?); I‟m Sending My Blessing. Leslie Sarony and Girl Friend - No, No, a Thousand Times No; Jack and Claude Hulbert - BRITISH MUSIC HALL Lovin‟ You; Leslie Sarony - Years and Years and Years; And the Great Big Saw Came recordings from 1927 to 1941 Nearer and Nearer; Tommy Handley and Company - The Dis-Orderly Room; Roy ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Barbour - The Lion and Albert; Norman Long - We Montmorencies; Nothin‟ Else to Do All IDCD38 Total playing time: 71.52 Day; Max Bacon - Buy My Little Ten-a-Penny Pills; I Can Get it For You Wholesale; Tommy Trinder - Oh Nicholas! Don‟t be So Ridiculous; Or Anything Else I‟ve Got; Arthur Askey - All to Specification; Max Miller - Everything Happens to Me; At the Bathing Parade; Cyril Fletcher - The Invisible Man, Cuthbert Bostril; The Two Leslie (Sarony and Holmes) - Down at the Hole in the Wall; Sweet Fanny Adams; Vic Oliver - Vic Oliver‟s „Twists‟. La Rosita - Tango; Tristesse (So Deep is the Night); Au Revoir (I Will Wait); Kiss Me HAWAIIAN GEMS Again; Hawaii Goes to Town (Quick Step Medley); Rumba Rhythm - Medley; Japanese Felix Mendelssohn & His Hawaiian Sandman; Tiger Rag; Lady Be Good; Goodbye Blues; Chant of the Jungle; Hawaiian Serenaders Gems; The Sheik of Araby (Rumba); Love Everlasting; Whispering; Tonight; In the Still of ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 the Night; Blue Bahamas; Serenade to a Pagan Moon; My Little Grass Shack in IDCD39 Total playing time: 72.08 Kealakekua; Pretty Red Hibiscus; My Old Hawaiian Home; Rose of Santa Luzia; Hilo March. Aloha Beloved; Spare a Little Thought; Little Man, You‟ve Had a Busy Day; Humming DONALD PEERS Your Glum Times Away; All I Do is Dream of You; I‟ll String Along with You - Bertini; I‟ll and his „Peers‟ String Along With You - Peers; If I Couldn‟t Have You; When I‟m With You; Too Many Boy ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Friends - Too Many Kisses; Amapola; The Show is Over; Dancing with You; I Bring a IDCD40 Total playing time: 71.39 Love Song; Night and Day; Dancing on the Ceiling; Happy; „Cos My Baby‟s Named the Happy Day; Don‟t Let it End This Way; Dance Your Blues Away; Little White House on the Hillside; You Filled My Heart with Sunshine; Swingin‟ Along. Featuring 12 recordings by Donald Peers and others by Dan Donovan, Cavan O‟Connor, Brian Lawrance, Bertini and The Tower Blackpool Dance Band and more. Sweetheart of All My Dreams; I‟m in the Market for You; Should I; When You were My SAM BROWNE Sweetheart (and I was the Kid Next Door); The Waltz You Saved for Me; Leave the Rest RECORDINGS FROM 1929 TO 1948 to Nature; Day by Day; Looking on the Bright Side; After To-night We Say Goodbye; ? Crystal Stream Audio 1999 Brighter Than the Sun; Night After Night; My Darling; The Gold Diggers Song; Night and

IDCD41 Total playing time: 72.26 Day; I Saw Stars; Who‟s Been Polishing the Sun; Watermelon Fete; Down South; Never Break a Promise; The Umbrella Man; When the Night is Through; What Do We Care?; Life is Nothing Without Music; Forever Mine. Recordings by Ambrose & His Orch; Jack Hylton & His Orch; Billy Cotton & His Band; Van Phillips & His Band; Sid Lipton & His Grosvenor House Band; and more. Old Playmate; A Faded Summer Love; Cuban Love Song; Hot Cha! (Medley); Here‟s PAUL WHITEMAN & His Orch. Hoping; I‟ll Never be the Same (no vocal version - not released on 78); We Just Couldn‟t Volume Three - “Victor recordings from Say Good-bye; Three on a Match; Let‟s Put Out the Lights (and Go to Sleep); I‟ll Follow the 1930s You; In Egern on the Tegern See; Night and Day; Medley of Cole Porter Hits; Something ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 had to Happen; Fare-Thee-Well to Harlem; When I Grow too Old to Dream; The Night is IDCD42 Total playing time: 73.15 Young; Farewell Blues; Top Hat - RKO Theme Song Medley; Look for the Silver Lining. Featuring vocals by Mildred Bailey, Johnny Mercer, Jack Teagarden, John Hauser, Jack Fulton; and more. Manhattan; There‟s a Boatman on the Volga; Everything‟s Made for Love; Who Do You PAUL WHITEMAN & His Orch. Love; Song of the Wanderer; So Blue; I‟ll Always Remember You; Collette; Broken Volume Four - “Victor recordings from the Hearted; Just Once Again; Five Step; It Won‟t Be Long Now; Ooh! Maybe It‟s You; late 1920s Shakin‟ the Blues Away; Missouri Waltz; Dancing Tambourine; Among My Souvenirs; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Ramona; Chloe; From Monday On; Coquette; In My Bouquet of Memories; I‟m Afraid of IDCD43 Total playing time: 73.46 You; Dixie Dawn. Featuring Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke, Matt Malneck, Jimmy Dorsey; and more. Dancing with My Darling; The Magic of You; Pardon My Love; It‟s You I Adore; Midnight in BUDDY and the BANDS Paris; I‟m Shooting High; Moon Over Miami; I‟ve Got My Fingers Crossed; My First Thrill; Buddy Clark She Shall Have Music; Take My Heart; But Definitely; Summer Holiday; I‟m Grateful to recordings from 1934 to 1941 You; Dear Old Southland; Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; Me and the Moon; It Ain‟t ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Right; Midnight Blue; The Camera Doesn‟t Lie; Heaven Help This Heart of Mine; I Should IDCD44 Total playing time: 72.17 Have Known You Year Ago; „Til Reveille. With bands of Lud Gluskin, Nat Brandywynne, Joe Reichman, Dick McDonough, etc. Let‟s Walk; Love of My Life; A Ghost of a Chance; How Deep is the Ocean; The Glider; The MUSICRAFT Recordings The Hornet; They Can‟t Convince Me; I Got the Sun in the Morning; Along with Me; You Artie Shaw and His Orch. (with strings) Do Something to Me; In the Still of the Night; Begin the Beguine; My Heart Belongs to ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Daddy; Night and Day; What is This Thing Called Love; I‟ve Got You Under My Skin; Get IDCD45/6 Total playing time: 107.23 Out of Town; For You, For Me, For Evermore; Changing My Tune; Love for Sale; They Double CD - see order for price details Can‟t Convince Me; Guilty; Anniversary Song; And so to Bed; Connecticut; Don‟t You Believe it Dear; It‟s the Same Old Dream; I Believe; When You‟re Around; The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Featuring Mel Torm; and His Mel-Tones, Kitty Kallen, Teddy Walters and more. Sundown in a Little Green Hollow; Don‟t Blame Me; The Man on the Flying Trapeze; Little I TOLD THEM ALL ABOUT Valley in the Mountains; Shadows on the Pavement; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Cheek to YOU Donald Peers Cheek; I‟m Singing in My Sleep; The Love Nest; Twelfth Street Rag; For You; On the recordings from 1933 to 1949 5.45; Clancy Lowered the Boom; Dad‟s Birthday Waltz; I Told Them All About You; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Medley: Blue Skies, There‟s a Rainbow Round My Shoulder, If You Were the Only Girl in the World; Twenty-four Hours of Sunshine; Lovers Lane has Everything; My Golden Baby; IDCD47 Total playing time: 72.34 Everywhere You Go; A Rose in a Garden of Weeds; Rolling „Round the World; Sleepy Town Express. Don‟t Let it End This Way; Sweetheart Darlin‟; Hiawatha‟s Lullaby; You Filled My Heart BERTINI and the Tower with Sunshine; Who Told You?; Drifting Down the Shalimar; There‟s a Cabin in the Pines; Blackpool Dance Band Dance Your Blues Away; Smile; Night and Day; Little White House on the Hillside; Listen „Eclipse‟ recordings from 1930 to 1934 to the Rhythm; Happy; The Show is Over; Dancing with You; All I Do is Dream of You; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Down an Old Irish Lane; Little Valley in the Mountains; Sing Hallelujah; I‟ll String Along with You; Shadows on the Pavement; Lonely for You; Ole Faithful; The Curfew‟s Love IDCD48 Total playing time: 72.09 Call; I Saw Stars; „Cos My Baby‟s Named the Happy Day; Who‟s Been Polishing the Sun. Vocals by Cavan O‟Connor, Donald Peers, Sam Browne, Jack Knowles and more. Note that about half these tracks are on IDCD40 „Donald Peers and His Peers‟ Mammy I‟ll Sing About You; California Here I Come; The Cantor; Medley: Whispering‟ My GUEST - STARRING Al Jolson Melancholy Baby, Poor Butterfly; Toot Toot Tootsie; Is it True What They Say About Guest appearances from radio broadcasts Dixie?; A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody; Medley: „Then and Now‟; Margie; Dinah; My of the 1930s Mammy; Ma Blushin‟ Rosie; Give My Regards to Broadway; Swanee; I Got Plenty of ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Nuthin‟; Swanee; I Live the Life I Love; I See Your Face Before Me; Let Me Sing a Berlin IDCDSPEC12 Total playing time: 51.14 Tune; This is the Life; Mandy; International Rag; Brother Can You Spare a Dime; De Camptown Races; Oh! Susanna; Old Folks at Home. First CD - Dames; The Call of the South; Oh Susannah, Dust Off That Old Piana; March COAST TO COAST Al Jolson Wind and April Showers; Oh! Susannah; The Lady in Red; Medley: Green Pastures, From his radio broadcasts of the 1930s Swing Low Sweet Chariot; Moonlight and Magnolias; One in a Million; A Little Bundle from ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Heaven; Page Miss Glory; Coney Island; My Gal Sal; On the Banks of the Warbash; The IDCDSPEC13 Total playing time: 61.26 Rose in Her Hair; You Little Mischief Maker; His Majesty the Baby; She‟s a Latin from IDCDSPEC14 Total playing time: 55.42 Manhattan; Mighty Lak‟ a Rose; You‟re All I Need; Avalon; Covered Wagon Days; Hello Double CD - see order for price details „Tucky; When I Leave the World Behind. Second CD - I Feel a Song Coming on; Isn‟t This a Lovely Day?; Plain Old Me; Cheek to Cheek; I‟d Love to Take Orders from You; I‟d Rather Listen to Her Eyes; Medley: Whispering, My Melancholy Baby, Poor Butterfly; Yes, We Have No Bananas (parody); Medley: At Sundown, My Blue Heaven, Night and Day; Medley: The World is Waiting for the Sunrise, I‟ll See You in My Dreams; Sonny Boy; Wah-Hoo!; I Can‟t Give You Anything But Love; Boots and Saddles; Cielto Lindo; Back in Your Own Backyard; Avalon; Confidentially; Sweet Georgia Brown; When Day is Done; So Help Me. Jack Hylton & His Orch. - Cutie; With All My Love and Kisses; Billy Cotton‟s London BRITISH DANCE BANDS Savannah Band - Sunny Skies; Jack Payne & His BBC Dance Orch. - Sweet Sue; Volume Three Overnight; You‟ll Be Mine in Apple Blossom Time; Harry Bidgood & His Broadcasters - various recordings from 1926 to 1934 Sonny Boy; Alfredo & His Band - Turn On the Heat; Let Me Have My Dreams; Am I Blue; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Harry Hudson‟s Melody Men - The King‟s Horses; The Chum Song; Ambrose & His Orch. - Stardust; Percival Mackay‟s Band - I Lost My Gal Again; Debroy Somer‟s Band - Darling, IDCD49 Total playing time: 73.50 I‟m Longing to Greet You; Who Do You Love; Look What You‟ve Done; The Rhythmic Troubadours - Whistling in the Dark; Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Orch. - Bedtime Story; Harry Roy & His Mayfair Hotel Orch. - Happy as the Day is Long; Billy Cotton & His Band

- Margie; J. Predergast & The Rialtonians - I Can‟t Give You Anything But Love; Jack Payne & His Band - Isle of Capri; Jack Jackson & His Orch. - What a Little Moonlight Can Do; Jay Wilbur & His Band - Love Finds a Way. South America, Take it Away; Chiquita Banana; Isn‟t This Better Than Walkin‟ in the „THE HIT YEARS‟ Rain; Love is a Random Thing; Linda; It Might Have Been a Different Story; I Kiss Your Buddy Clark Hand Madam; Made for Each Other; I‟ll Dance at Your Wedding; Those Things Money recordings from 1946 to 1949 Can‟t Buy; Two Loves Have I; (The Treasure of) Sierra Madre; I Wish I Knew the Name ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 (of the Girls in My Dreams); Serenade; Talking to Myself About You; Matinee; It‟s a Big, Wide, Wonderful World; I Still Get a Thrill; Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes; Everytime IDCD50 Total playing time: 73.50 I Meet You; Whispering Waters; A Chapter in My Life Called Mary; You‟re Breaking My Heart; Song of Surrender. Includes all the recordings he made with Ray Noble and His Orchestra and recordings with Xavier Cugat, Mitchell Ayres and others. Hold Me; Let's Call it a Day; Stay Out of My Dreams; Shadow Waltz; Love Songs of the FREDDY MARTIN Nile; Sweetheart Darlin'; Trouble in Paradise; Don't Blame Me; Carioca; Don't Say Good-and His Orchestra night; Goin' to Heaven on a Mule; Spin a Little Web of Dreams; Try to See it My Way; I rare recordings from the early 1930s Only Have Eyes for You; I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'; Two Cigarettes in the ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Dark; When the New Moon Shines; What a Difference a Day Made; Stay as Sweet as You are; Let's Give Three Cheers for Love; Throwin' Stones at the Sun; My Heart's in the IDCD51 Total playing time: 72.19 Right Place; Ev'rythings Been Done Before; The Broken Record With vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Smith Ballew, Chick Bullock, Terry Shand and more La Calasera Adelina Patti; Caro Nome Che il Mio Cor Festi Primo Palpitar Dame OPERA RARITIES Vol. Two Nellie Melba; Concert à la Cour Alice Verlet; Habanera Mme. Calve; Simon the A selection of rare and unusual Cellarer Sir Charles Santley; Cielomo Mar - Leo Slezak; Tacea La Notte Placida recordings from 1906 to 1948 Luisa Tetrazzini; E Lucevan le Stelle Giovanni Martinelli; Angels Guard Thee John ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 McCormack; C‟est L‟Histoire Amoureuse (L‟eclat de Rire) Amelita Galli Curci; Toreador IDCD52 Total playing time: 73.45 Song Riccardo Stracciari; Ah! Fors‟ e Lui Evelyn Scotney; Ocean Thou Mighty Monster Florence Austral; EnFermant Les Yeux Richard Crooks; Ho-Yo-To-Ho Kirsten Flagstad; Addio Alla Madre Enrico Caruso; Di Quella Pira Beniamino Gigli; Ebbene? …Andrò Sola e Lontana Hina Spani; In Questa Reggia / Mai Nessun M‟avrà! Joan Hammond I Ain‟t Got Nobody to Love Margaret Young; You Flew Away From the Nest Al Jolson; THE REJECTION („Cause I Feel) Low Down Sophie Tucker; Am I Blue; Can‟t We be Friends Libby COLLECTION Holman; Dancing with Tears in My Eyes Johnny Marvin; Little White Lies Annette Songs of „lost‟ love from the 1920s and Hanshaw; Something to Remember You By Helen Morgan; You‟ll Never Know 1930s Sweetheart; If I Have to Go on Without You Kate Smith; Love Letters in the Sand ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Gene Austin; Too Late; Strangers Mildred Bailey; All of Me Ruth Etting; Was That the Human Thing to Do The Pickens Sisters; I Can‟t Believe it‟s True; Having a Good Time, IDCD53 Total playing time: 73.53 Wish You Were Here Frances Langford; Say it isn‟t So Morton Downey, Annette Hanshaw, „Singin‟ Sam; - You‟ve Got Me Crying Again; I Guess it Had to Be That Way Bing Crosby; Lonely Lane Dick Powell; The Boulevard of Broken Dreams Gladys Moncrief; - Dinner for One, Please James Leslie Hutchinson. (You were Only) Passing Time with Me; You‟re Simply Delish; There‟s Something Missing SMITH BALLEW in Your Eyes; (FiveSixSevenEight) Nine Little Miles from Ten-Ten-Tennessee; and His Orchestra Overnight; To Whom it May Concern; We Can Live on Love; I Hate Myself (for Falling in The Columbia Sessions 1930 - 1931 Love with You); Say a Little Prayer for Me; Out of Nowhere; Ev‟rything That‟s Nice ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Belongs to You; Dream a Little Dream of Me; When I Take My Sugar to Tea; Please Don‟t Talk About Me When I‟m Gone; Makin‟ Faces at the Man in the Moon; Under Your IDCD54 Total playing time: 71.41 Window Tonight; I Love Louisa; What is it?; Time on My Hands (You in My Arms); You Call it Madness (but I Call it Love); I‟m with You; Goodnight Sweetheart. Motoring Harry Tate and Company; She Jumped on Her Push Bike (and Pedalled „THE BEST OF BRITISH‟ Away) Betty Bolton; A Protest Ronald Frankau; America Calling Eddie Pola and classic British comedy from the 1930s Company (The Carlisle Cousins, Al Bowlly, Les Allen, Orch: George Scott-woods); The and 1940s Battle of Hastings Marriott Edgar; The Fruity Melodrama Bobby Comber, Robert ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Tredinnick, Fabia Blake, Fred Douglas & Alex McGill; On Behalf of the Working Classes IDCD55 Total playing time: 73.19 Billy Russell; The Tale of Hector Cramp Cyril Fletcher; The Proposal Arthur Askey and Richard Murdock; Tommy Trinder‟s Stage Show. Wait „til You See “Ma Cherie”; Louise; Nobody‟s Using it Now; My Love Parade; Paris MAURICE CHEVALIER Stay the Same; All I Want is Just One (Girl); Sweepin‟ the Clouds Away; You Brought a „The Hollywood Years‟ 1929 - 1936 New Kind of Love to Me; Livin‟ in the Sunlight, Lovin‟ in the Moonlight; My Ideal; It‟s a ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 Great Life; (There Ought to be a) Moonlight Saving Time; Tight Now; What Would You IDCD56 Total playing time: 71.19 Do?; Oh! That Mitzi!; Mimi; The Poor Apache; Rhythm of the Rain; You Look So Sweet, Madame; Tzinga Doodle Day; French Versions: Mon Cocktail D‟amour; Personne ne S‟en Sert Maintenant; Quand on Tient le Coup; Mon Idéal; Qu‟auriez Vous Fait?; Oh! Cette Mitzi!; Mimi. Snap Your Fingers, Clap Your Hands; A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet; Happy BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND Times; Somebody Stole My Gal; Bugle Call Rag; Falling For You (Film theme songs „Somebody Stole My Gal‟ selection); Waltz Time (Film theme songs selection); Whistling Under the Moon; Roll Up recordings from 1932 to 1936 the Carpet (Push Back the Chairs); The Show is over; Little Man, You‟ve Had a Busy Day; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2000 The Third Tiger (Tiger Rag No.3); St. Louis Blues; When the New Moon Shines; Who IDCD57 Total playing time: 73.26 Made Little Boy Blue?; I‟ll Never Say „Never Again‟ Again; Ev‟ry Single Little Tingle of My Heart; On Treasure Island; The Sunset Trail; The Music Goes „Round and Around; After You‟ve Gone; The Glory of Love; Twelfth Street Rag; A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody; You. How‟m I Doin‟; Crazy People; I Heard; London Bridge is Falling Down; It Pays to HARRY ROY and His Bands Advertise; You Did Ev‟ry Thing for Me; Chewing Gum; No Thrill at All; I Raised My Hat; Volume Two Happy as the Day is Long; Ding Dong Ding; Black Panther; Eadie was a Lady; Build a recordings from 1932 to 1937 Little Home; Keep Young and Beautiful; Oh! Baby, Baby; I‟m Hummin‟ I‟m Whistlin‟

I‟m Singin‟; Not for All the Rice in China; Heat Wave; I Can Wiggle My Ears; Piano ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Madness; Porcupine Rag; Swing; Eeny Meeny Miney Mo; You Can‟t Stop Me from IDCD58 Total playing time: 72.14 Dreaming Includes recordings of Harry Roy and His R.K. Olians and His Bands from the Café Anglais and the Mayfair Hotel. For You Alone; Red Red Rose; The Star of Bethlehem; Open the Gates of the Temple; RICHARD CROOKS Ah Moon of My Delight; Preisled (Prize Song); In Fernem Land (In Distant Lands); Oratorio and Opera Arias Springtime Reminds Me of You; In My Garden; Until; Garden of Happiness; Mother O‟ (and other rarities) Mine; Il Mio Tesoro (to My Beloved); Ah! Fuyez, Douce Image! (Depart Fair Vision); ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Sound an Alarm; Total Eclipse; Be Thou Faithful Until Death; If with All Your Hearts; Then Shall the Righteous Shine Forth; Comfort Ye, My People IDCD59 Total playing time: 73.32 Little White Lies; Here Comes the Sun; Tears; You‟re the One I Care for; Blue Again; SMITH BALLEW & His Orch. (you‟re Always Sure of) My Love for You; Running Between Raindrops; Tie a Little String Volume Two Around Your Finger; By Special Permission of the Copyright Owners; The Same as We Crown recordings 1930 - 1932 Used to Do; Say a Little Prayer for Me; Whistling in the Dark; (There Ought to be a) Moonlight Saving Time; Can‟t You Read Between the Lines?; Nevertheless; I Found a ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Million Dollar Baby; On the Beach with You; You Call it Madness (But I Call it Love); You IDCD60 Total playing time: 77.50 Try Somebody Else; When I Wore My Daddy‟s Brown Derby; I‟m for You a Hundred Percent; Cuban Love Song; Somebody Loves You; Let‟s Have Another Cup of Coffee; Soft Lights and Sweet Music. LIBBY HOLMAN Moanin‟ Low; I May be Wrong (But I Think You‟re Wonderful); My Man TORCH SONG TRIO is on the Make; I‟m One of God‟s Children (Who hasn‟t Got Wings); Love for Sale; You Libby Holman, Helen Morgan and the Night and the Music; When You Love Only One. HELEN MORGAN Can‟t Help & Ruth Etting Lovin‟ Dat Man; Bill; Who Cares What You have Been; What I Wouldn‟t Do for That Man; More Than You Know; Body and Soul. RUTH ETTING My Man; I Still Keep Dreaming ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 of You; Sonny Boy; I‟m Bringing a Red Red Rose; Love Me or Leave Me; Mean to Me; IDCD61 Total playing time: 73.44 Deep Night; Ten Cents a Dance; I‟m Good for Nothing but Love; Home. GIL DECH So Blue; The Prisoner‟s Bride; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; The Wedding of AUSTRALIAN Piano the Painted Doll; Black and White Rag; Birthday Serenade. BERYL NEWELL Ten Recordings, 1927 to 1949. Cents a Dance; The Sweetest Story Ever Told; The Little Alabama Coon. LESLIE Gil Dech, Beryl Newell, Leslie Harvey, HARVEY Look for the Silver Lining; Lily of Laguna; Madamoiselle from Armentiers. Sefton Daly and Billy Mayerl. SEFTON DALY - Serenade to a Snake; Colour Scheme; Waltz for a Marionette; Brief ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Candles; Sad Tango; (A) Brown Study, (B) Story by a Stream;. BILLY MAYERL Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Ace of Spades; Star Dust; Song of the Fir Tree; Body and IDCD62 Total playing time: 71.23 Soul; Love in Bloom; Ace of Hearts; Harp in the Wind. We‟re Living at the Cloisters; So Tired; Hot Pot; Coople o‟ Dooks; Stop and Shop at the GRACIE FIELDS Co-op Shop; Sally; He‟s Dead, But He Won‟t Lie Down; Looking on the Bright Side of „Looking on the Bright Side‟ Life; „New Safety-First Record‟; Clogs and Shawls; Did I Remember?; Ring Down the Recordings, 1928 to 1938. Curtain (I Can‟t Sing Tonight); Gracie‟s and Sandy‟s Party; Smile When You Say Goodbye; I Never Cried So Much in All My Life; Gracie‟s Selection (Parts 1 & 2); Little Old ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Lady; The First Time I Saw You; Old Father Thames; Lambeth Walk; An Old Violin; The IDCD63 Total playing time: 78.11 Biggest Aspidestra in the World; Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers. (You Can‟t Take Away) The Things That were Made for Love; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; SMITH BALLEW & His Orch. Lady Divine; Blue Hawaii; S‟Posin‟; Hittin‟ the Ceiling; Sing a Little Love Song; Just You, Volume Three Just Me; Blondy; Miss You; Painting the Clouds with Sunshine; TipToe Through the Okeh recordings 1929 & 1930 Tulips with Me; Can‟t We be Friends; Dream Lover; Lady Luck; My Love Parade; The Shepherd‟s Serenade; Charming; The Language of Love; Funny Dear, What Love can ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Do; Sing You Sinners; We‟ll Build a Little World of Our Own; Alone with My Dreams; IDCD64 Total playing time: 77.52 Where the Golden Daffodils Grow. Should I?; Singin‟ in the Bathtub; The Woman in the Shoe; Lucky Me Lovable You; JACK ALBIN‟S Hotel Song of the Dawn; It Happened in Monterey; Let Me Sing and I‟m Happy; You Brought a Pennsylvania Music New Kind of Love to Me; Singing a Song to the Stars; He‟s My Kind of Man; I‟m Needin‟ recordings from 1929 to 1931 You; My Future Just Passed; Little White Lies; Confessin‟ (That I Love You); I Don‟t Mind Walkin‟ in the Rain; I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You); To-morrow is Another Day; Go ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Home and Tell Your Mother; Always in All Ways; My Baby Just Cares for Me; Beyond the IDCD65 Total playing time: 71.05 Blue Horizon; I Miss a Little Miss (Who Misses Me in Sunny Tennessee); When I Take My Sugar to Tea. (Phantasy on) Side by Side Norman Long; The Fourth Form at St Michael‟s Will Hay „THE BEST OF BRITISH‟ and His Scholars; The Channel Swimmer Horace Kenney; Cinderella Crazy Pantomime Volume Two Flanagan and Allen, Stanley Holloway, Harry Tate, etc; Double Damask Cicely More classic British comedy from Courtneidge and Company; The Scoutmaster - John Tilley; The Magna Charter 1215 - 1928 to 1940 Marriot Edgar; Running an Office Harry Tate and Company; Jubilee Sovereign ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Stanley Holloway; The Crazy Gang at Sea The Crazy Gang; Big and Stinker Minding the Baby - Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch; The Oldest Chorus Boy in London Cyril IDCD66 Total playing time: 72.06 Ritchard. Down Paradise Way; Cuddle Up; Barbara; Choo Choo; The Match Parade; Jolly Good “JACK‟S BACK” Company; When the Circus Comes to Town; Mona Lisa; Anything Goes; You‟re the Top; Jack Hylton & His Orchestra South American Joe; She Shall Have Music; Swing; This‟ll Make You Whistle; Free; The Recordings from 1926 to 1939 Fleet‟s in Port Again; Knock, Knock, Who‟s There?; Did I Remember?; Just Say “Aloha”; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 On Your Toes; Gangway; Moon or No Moon; All Ashore; Love Makes the World Go Round; Nice People; Boomps-A-Daisy. IDCD67 Total playing time: 78.51 Taking a Stroll around the Park; Everybody Sing Selection; A Bouquet of Flowers LOUIS LEVY AND HIS Medley; In the Sudan; Babylonian Nights; Wish Me Luck (as You Wave Me Goodbye); ORCHESTRAS - Vol. Eight „These Bands Make Music BBC radio; I Want the World to Know; My First Love, My „A FOND FAREWELL‟ Last Love Always; Kiss Me Kate Selection. ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001

IDCD68 Total playing time: 72.00 It All Depends on You; Blue Skies; Possibly; The Birth of the Blues; My Blue Heaven; The JACK SMITH Song is Ended; Miss Annabelle Lee; When Day is Done; Sunshine; Whispering; I Never „The Whispering Baritone‟ Dreamt (You‟d Fall in Love With Me); I‟m Afraid of You; „S Wonderful; My One and Only; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Crazy Rhythm; Funny Face; If I Had You; That‟s My Weakness Now; The Song I Love; All By Yourself in the Moonlight; I‟m Crazy Over You; Peace of Mind; I Faw Down and Go IDCD69 Total playing time: 79.34 Boom; Sally of My Dreams; Encore; I‟ll Be Getting Along; Lilly of Laguna. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life; The Song of Songs; Because; Serenade; Love Everlasting; RICHARD CROOKS You are My Hearts Delight; Just Two Hearts and a Waltz Refrain; Vienna, City of My (Volume Two) Dreams; I‟ll Always be True; All Through the Night; Beautiful Isle of Somewhere; Popular Songs and Ballads Nazareth; The Rosary; Tell Me Tonight; Only My Song; Macushla; Waltz Song; Too Late ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Tomorrow; My Song Goes Round the World; Smilin‟ Through; Kathleen Mavourneen; I Love You So; Mother Machree; Love‟s Old Sweet Song. IDCD70Total playing time: 79.42 How About Me?; That‟s How I Feel About You; I‟ll Get By (as Long as I Have You); SMITH BALLEW Carolina Moon; If I Had You; My Sin; Honey; I‟m Just a Vagabond Lover; I‟ll Always be in Volume Four Love with You; How am I to Know?; Marianne; My Fate is in Your Hands; I‟ll Close My Vocal Recordings 1928 to 1931 Eyes to the Rest of the World (and Dream Sweet Dreams of You); Into My Heart; I Love ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 You So Much; You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me; I‟ll be Blue (Just Thinking of You); I‟ll be Blue Just Thinking of You (second version); My Baby Just Cares for Me; Just a IDCD71 Total playing time: 73.47 Gigolo; Yours and Mine; I Surrender Dear; Wabash Moon. Deep River; Heav‟n, Heav‟n! (I Got a Robe); Love Come to My Aid; O Don Fatale; Softly MARIAN ANDERSON Awakes My Heart; Plaisir D‟Amour; Go Down Moses (Let My People Go); My Soul‟s Been “Yours is a Voice…” Anchored in the Lord; Der Tod und das Madchen Op.7, No.3 (Death and the Maiden); Die Recordings from 1928 to 1945 Forelle Op.32 (The Trout); I Can‟t Stay Away; Were You There; O Rest in the Lord; But ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 the Lord is Mindful of His Own; He Shall Feed His Flock; Carry Me Back to Old Virginny; My Old Kentucky Home; He was Despised and Rejected; My Mother Bids Me Bind My IDCD72 Total playing time: 70.37 Hair; She Never Told Me Her Love. Home; By the Fireside; Paradise; Good Evening; We Just Couldn‟t Say Goodbye; Love SAM BROWNE Volume Two Me Tonight; Here Lies Love; Someday We‟ll Meet Again; Always in My Heart; I‟m Sure of Vocal Recordings Everything but You; Gee, Oh Gosh, I‟m Grateful!; What‟s Good for the Goose, is Good for Recordings from 1932 to 1948 the Gander; My Shadow‟s Where My Sweetheart Used to Be; Gypsy Violin; Rhythm in My ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Nursery Rhymes; Let‟s Face the Music and Dance; I‟m Shooting High; Alone; Please Believe Me; A Melody from the Sky; Did Your Mother Come From Ireland; The Girl in the IDCD73 Total playing time: 78.19 Alice Blue Gown; Please Remember; There‟ll Never be Another You; The Promise in Your Eyes. Includes duets with Anona Winn, Elsie Carlisle, Billie Lockwood and George Scott-Wood. The Little White House; Clementine (from New Orleans); I Don‟t Mind Walkin‟ in the Rain; „When the Moon Comes Over You‟ll Never Know, Sweetheart; When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain; If I Have to the Mountain‟ Go on Without You; When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain (second recording); In the Kate Smith Volume Two Baggage Coach Ahead; Pickaninnies‟ Heaven; Twenty Million People; My Queen of Recordings from 1926 to 1941 Lullaby Land; The Continental; College Rhythm; When My Ship Comes In; Stay as Sweet as You Are; When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain (third recording); God Bless ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 America; The Star Spangled Banner; If I Didn‟t Care; The Sunshine of Your Smile; Kiss IDCD74 Total playing time: 73.27 Me Again; You and I; Until Tomorrow; The Shrine of Saint Cecilia. The Christmas Gift John Nesbitt; The Oldest Christmas Story; The Story of the Three CHRISTMAS MEMORIES Wise Men Charles Laughton; “King Wenceslas” A Christmas Play Ann Stephens, Stories and music Florence Desmond, Arthur Askey, Richard Goolden, Anthea Askey, etc; Adeste Fideles recordings from 1926 to 1950 John McCormack; Savoy Christmas Medley New Mayfair Orchestra; The Star of ? Crystal Stream Audio 2001 Bethlehem Richard Crooks; Christmas Bells at Eventide Gracie Fields; The Star of IDCD75 Total playing time: 73.04 the East; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Judy Garland; Jingle Bells Glenn Miller and His Orchestra; Santa Claus is Coming to Town Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters; All I Want for Christmas (is My Two Front Teeth) Spike Jones and His City Slickers; Silent Night, Holy Night Beniamino Gigli; Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Ken Griffin. Crazy Jo‟; If I Can‟t Get the Sweetie I Want (I Pity the Sweetie I Get); Ukulele Lady; An Harry Reser Island Made for Tow; (I Don‟t Believe it but) Say it Again; Ya Gotta Know How to Love; “Banjoist Supreme” You Know I Know Ev‟rything‟s Made for Love; Where do You Work A, John?; Collette; Recordings from the 1920s A Tree in the Park; Where‟s That Rainbow; I‟ve Never Seen a Straight Banana; At ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Sundown; My Sunday Girl; Down South; Afraid of You; Oh! You Have No Idea; What a IDCD76 Total playing time: 73.52 Girl! What a Night!; Kansas City Kitty; I‟m Wild About Horns on Automobiles that Go „TaTaTaTa‟; Singin‟ in the Rain; The Whoopee Hat Brigade; One Sweet Kiss; Marianne. The Girl Friend The Californian Ramblers; The Blue Room; You are Too Beautiful; MANHATTAN Volume Two Fred Rich and His Orchestra; A Tree in the Park; Where‟s That Rainbow Harry Reser‟s „Centenary Edition‟ Syncopators; “Peggy Ann” Light Opera Company; With a Song in My Heart; Yours Popular recordings from 1926 to 1938 Sincerely Leo Reisman and His Orchestra; My Man is on the Make - Ben Selvin and His Music by Richard Rodgers Orchestra; Dear! Dear! Jack Payne and His BBC Dance Orchestra; Dancing on the Words by Lorenz Hart Ceiling Van Phillips and His Band; Isn‟t it Romantic?; Love Me To-Night Harold Stern ? Crystal Stream Audio and His Orchestra; Mimi Carroll Gibbons and The Savoy Orpheans; Lover George Scott-Wood and His Band; Blue Moon Al Bowlly with Ray Noble Orchestra; Mississippi 2002 Medley Reginald Dixon; Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Paul Whiteman and His Concert IDCD77 Total playing time: 79.30 Orchestra; There‟s a Small Hotel Original Teddies; On Your Toes Jack Hylton and His Orchestra; Spring is Here; I Married an Angel; How to Win Friends and Influence People; I‟ll Tell the Man in the Street Ruby Newman and His Orchestra. China Boy; The Japanese Sandman; Baby Won‟t You Please Come Home; It‟s D‟Lovely; “Music While You Work” Someday Sweetheart; 10 A.M. Blues; Smoke Gets in Your Eyes; Stardust; Yes Sir, That‟s and other favourites from My Baby; Blue Skies; Bye-Bye Blues; Running Wild; My Blue Heaven; If I Had You; the 1930s and 1940s Shine; Don‟t Be Angry; Pardon Me Pretty Baby; I Cover the Waterfront; Ain‟t She Sweet; FREDDY GARDNER

Louise; Shine on Harvest Moon; Love Me or Leave Me; I Cried for You; Rose Room; I ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Love You; At Sundown; Can‟t We Talk it Over; Sweet Lorraine; There‟s No Two Ways IDCD78 Total playing time: 72.40 About Love; My Honey‟s Lovin‟ Arms; Steamboat Bill; Beyond the Blue Horizon; I Bring a Love Song; Home; Me and My Shadow; Sweet Little You; You‟re the Top; Everything is Peaches Down in Georgia; Tell Me Tonight; Am I Wasting My Time on You?; Tea Leaves. Schottische; Polka; Waltz Hesitation; Military Two Step; The Last Waltz; Naval Three HARRY DAVIDSON Step; The Pride of Erin Waltz; The Eva Three Step; Doris Waltz; The Highland and His Orchestra Schottische; One Step; Polka Mazurka; Marine Four Step; The Imperial Waltz; The Glen “Take Your Partners…” Mona Waltz; The Honeymoon Parade; Tangino; The Rosetta Two Step; Gay Nineties Recordings from 1944 to 1949 Veletta. ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002

IDCD79 Total playing time: 79.41 Footloose; Lay My Head Beneath a Rose; Hush-A-Bye; My Pal Jerry; It‟s Too Late to be BOB HARING and His Orchestra Sorry Now; Tell Me To-Night; Underneath the Stars with You; Chloe (Song of the (Colonial Club Orchestra, etc) Swamp); Somebody Lied About Me; Where the Shy Little Violets Grow; Lonesome in the Recordings from the late 1920s Moonlight; Sonny Boy; Blue Night; To Know You is to Love You; You‟re the Cream in My ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Coffee; Wedding Bells (are Breaking up that Old Gang of Mine); Deep Night; Some IDCD80 Total playing time: 78.04 Sweet Day; Weary River; Louise; Huggable Kissable You; My Song of the Nile; If You Believed in Me; My Man is on the Make; Why Do You Suppose? You‟re Driving Me Crazy; I Miss a Little Miss; You Didn‟t Have to Tell Me; When You were NICK LUCAS the Blossom of Buttercup Lane; Walkin‟ My Baby Back Home; Running Between Rain-„The Crooning Troubadour‟ drops; When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain; An Evening in Caroline; All of Me; Rare recordings from the 1930s Good Night Ladies; Picking the Guitar; Teasing the Frets; I‟m Sure of Everything but You; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 More Beautiful Than Ever; Love Thy Neighbour; A Thousand Good-nights; Moon Glow; IDCD81 Total playing time: 73.29 For All We Know; An Apple for the Teacher; A Man and His Dream; Go Fly a Kite; Good Morning; Over the Rainbow; The Man with the Mandolin. In the Land of Beginning Again; Blue Skies Film Selection; Night and Day Film PETER YORKE Selection; Till the Clouds Roll By Film Selection; The Time, The Place, and the Girl and His Concert Orchestra Film Selection; Carnival in Costa Rica Film Selection; Somewhere a Voice is Calling; Recordings from the late 1940s Love Here is My Heart; I‟m in the Mood for Love; I Only Have Eyes for You; Souvenir de with Steve Conway, Freddie Gardner, etc. Paris; No Orchids for My Lady; Somewhere Beyond the Stars; Roses of Picardy; These ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Foolish Things; Look for the Silver Lining Film Selection; Valse Vanite; Body and Soul. IDCD82 Total playing time: 76.59 I Shall Keep on Loving You; Nobody Cares if I‟m Blue; Snuggled on Your Shoulder; When SAM BROWNE Vol. Three Work is Through; Moon; Holding My Honey‟s Hand; Just a Little Home for the Old Folks; I More vocal recordings Get a Kick Out of You; The Star and the Rose; Lost; When Old Friends Meet Again; Hill Recordings from 1930 to 1948 Billy Hits; Waltz Song Favourites; Don‟t Forget the Old Folks at Home; Memory Valley; Is ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 That the Way to Treat a Sweetheart?; There‟ll Always be an England; Hands Across the Sea; I‟m Praying Tonight for the Old Folks at Home; I Never Loved Anyone; I‟m So All IDCD83 Total playing time: 78.22 Alone; No Orchids for My Lady; One has My Name (the Other has My Heart); Sunflower; I‟ll Keep the Lovelight Burning (in My Heart) Paddlin‟ Madelin‟ Home; Spanish Shawl; Sweet Child (I‟m Wild About You); I Want SAM LANIN Somebody to Cheer Me Up; Hello, Aloha! How Are You?; Who Could be More Wonderful AND His Orchestras Than You?; Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina; Hello Bluebird!; My Baby Knows How; I Recordings from 1925 to 1930 Know That You Know; Since I‟ve Found You; I‟m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover; ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Honolulu Moon; Barbara; Where is My Meyer? (Where‟s Himalaya?); Chloe (Song of the Swamp); I‟m Always Smiling; Sunshine; Why Can‟t You; I‟m in Seventh Heaven; Blondy; IDCD84 Total playing time: 73.42 Singin‟ in the Bathtub; When the Little Red Roses (Get the Blues for You); Sing a Little Theme Song; Crying Myself to Sleep. First CD I‟m Going South; Never Again; California Here I Come; The One I Love BRUNSWICK RECORDINGS Belongs to Somebody Else; Steppin‟ Out; Feeling the Way I Do; My Papa Doesn‟t Two-Al Jolson Time No Time; Lazy; Mr. Radio Man; Home in Pasadena; Mandalay; Who Wants a Bad All his Brunswick recordings in Little Boy?; Follow the Swallow; I Wonder What‟s Become of Sally; All Alone; I‟m Gonna chronological order from 1924 to 1932 Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!; Keep Smiling at Trouble; Hello „Tucky; I‟m Sitting on Top of the ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 World; (You Forgot to) Remember; You Flew Away from the Nest; Miami; I Wish I Had My Old Girl Back Again; If I Knew I‟d Find You; At Peace with the World; Tonight‟s My Night IDCD85 Total playing time: 78.14 with Baby; When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin‟ Along. IDCD86 Total playing time: 78.34 Second CD Here I Am; Mother of Mine, I Still Have You; Blue River; Four Walls; Golden Double CD - see order for price details Gate; Ol‟ Man River; Back in Your Own Backyard; Dirty Hands! Dirty Face!; My Mammy; There‟s a Rainbow „Round My Shoulder; Sonny Boy; I‟m in Seventh Heaven; Little Pal; Used to You; Why Can‟t You; One Sweet Kiss; Liza; Let Me Sing and I‟m Happy; To My Mammy; Looking at You; When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues for You; The Cantor; Hallelujah, I‟m a Bum; You are Too Beautiful; April Showers; Rock-A-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody. Banana Oil - Vaughn De Leath; No News (or “What Killed the Dog”) Frank Crumit; Oh, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH You Have No Idea Sophie Tucker; Is Everybody in Your Family as Dumb as You is? USA Comedy „Amos and Andy‟; Twisting the Dials The Happiness Boys; The Prune Song The from the 1920s to the 1940s Duncan Sisters; Dangerous Nan McGrew Helen Kane; Since They are All Playing ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Miniature Golf Billy Murray and Walter Scanlan; Dizzy Burns and Allen; Hal Roach MGM Presents Laurel and Hardy; Practising the Piano Mae Questal; Hello Momma IDCD87 Total playing time: 73.57 George Jessel; Laugh, Laugh, Laugh Abbot and Costello; Put it There, Pal Bing Crosby and Bob Hope; The Temperance Lecture W. C. Fields. First CD Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me; Is it Gonna Be Long; Oh, You Have No PAUL WHITEMAN & His Orch. Idea!; Mother Goose Parade; Blue Night; „T‟aint So, Honey T‟aint So; Japanese Mammy; Columbia Recordings I‟d Rather Cry Over You; In the Evening; Georgie Porgie; Out of Town Gal; American 1928 to 1930 Tune; Pickin‟ Cotton; What D‟Ya Say?; If You Don‟t Love Me; Roses of Yesterday; Where ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 is the Song of Songs for Me?; Let‟s Do it; Love Come Back to Me; Marianne; Button Up Your Overcoat; My Lucky Star; Blue Hawaii; China Boy; Oh Miss Hannah; S‟Posin‟. IDCD88 Total playing time: 78.32

IDCD89 Total playing time: 78.07 Second CD Laughing Marionette; Nobody‟s Sweetheart; Great Day; Without a Song; Double CD - see order for price details After You‟ve Gone; Happy Feet; It Happened in Monterey; Ragamuffin Romeo; Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight; A Bench in the Park; You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me; The Wedding of the Birds; The New Tiger Rag; Body and Soul; Something to Remember You By; In My Heart, It‟s You; My Hero; The Merry Widow; My Melancholy Baby; The Man I Love; Sweet Sue (Just You); I Can‟t Give You Anything But Love. Swanee; April Showers; Ma Blushin‟ Rosie; My Mammy; You Made Me Love You; Rock-„ALTERNATIVE AL‟ a-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody; California Here I Come; Sonny Boy; Avalon; Al Jolson Anniversary Song; The Spaniard That Blighted My Life; Keep Smiling at Trouble; Back in Alternative takes of most of his Your Own Backyard; I‟m Sitting on Top of the World; Toot Toot Tootsie; Carolina in the Decca recordings from 1946 to Morning; Liza (All the Clouds‟ll Roll Away); For Me and My Gal; Alabamy Bound; „Way 1949 Down Yonder in New Orleans; Waiting for the Robert E. Lee; Golden Gate; There‟s a Rainbow „Round My Shoulder; If I Only Had a Match; Let Me Sing and I‟m Happy; I Want ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 a Girl (Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad); I Wish I Had a Girl; Is it True What IDCD90 Total playing time: 79.25 They Say About Dixie?; I‟m Crying Just for You; I Only Have Eyes for You; In Our House. Ben Selvin - Tonight‟s My Night with Baby; All Through the Night; Irving Aaronson - DANCE BANDS USA Waffles; Cole McElroy - Whose Arms are You in Tonight?; B.F.Goodrich - Silver Song Volume Three Bird; Irwin Abrams - Me and My Shadow; I‟m Walkin‟ on Air; Jan Garber - What Do I featuring vocals by Irving Kaufman, Tom Care What Somebody Said; Nat Shilkret Just a Night for Meditation; Waring‟s Waring Rudy Vallee, Frank Crumit, Elmer Pennsylvanians Paradise; Sam Lanin Sweetheart‟s on Parade; Willie Creager Feldkamp, Ramona Davies and others. Broadway Melody; Carl Fenton Without You Emaline; Lou Gold Hooray for Baby and ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Me; Rudy Vallee You‟re Driving Me Crazy; Ben Bernie Smile, Darn Ya Smile; George Olsen Please; Isham Jones Why Can‟t This Night Go on Forever; Joe Green When IDCD91 Total playing time: 78.43 the Sun Bids the Moon Goodnight; Victor Young I‟ve Got to Sing a Torch Song; What‟s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander; Gene Kardos The Gold-Diggers Song; Freddy Martin Shadow Waltz; Bernie Cummins I Guess it Had to Be That Way; Paul Whiteman I Get a Kick Out of You. Sweet So and So; Chirp, Chirp (Elsie Randolph); Stand Up and Sing; Night Time; You JACK BUCHANAN Forgot Your Gloves; Alone with My Dreams; Living in Clover; Goodnight Vienna; Yes, Mr. with Elsie Randolph Brown; Leave a Little For Me; Now That I‟ve Found You (with Elsie Randolph); Fancy Our Recordings from 1928 to 1934 Meeting (with Elsie Randolph); Jack Buchanan Medley; So Green; OO! La! La!; Oceans ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 of Time (with Elsie Randolph); Who Do You Think You are? (with Elsie Randolph); Weep No More, My Baby; Mr. Whittington Medley (with Elsie Randolph); The Sun is Round the IDCD92 Total playing time: 77.08 Corner (Elsie Randolph); I Think I Can; One Good Turn Deserves Another. Lonesome and Sorry; But I Do-You Know I Do; Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the RUTH ETTING Moon; Happy Days and Lonely Nights; Beloved; I Still Keep Dreaming of You; What „Let Me Sing and I‟m Happy‟ Wouldn‟t I Do for That Man?; You‟re the Cream in My Coffee; To Know You is to Love Recordings from 1926 to 1934 You; I‟ll Get By as Long as I Have You; More Than You Know; A Place to Call Home; Let ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Me Sing and I‟m Happy; A Cottage for Sale; Dancing with Tears in My Eyes; Don‟t Tell Her What‟s Happened to Me; The Kiss Waltz; Just a Little Closer; I‟ll Be Blue Just IDCD93 Total playing time: 76.25 Thinking of You; If I Could Be With You; I‟m Falling in Love; Guilty; Goodnight Sweetheart; With My Eyes Wide Open I‟m Dreaming; Were Your Ears Burning, Baby? I Know that You Know; Ain‟t She Sweet; Forgive Me; Hallelujah; (There‟s Something Nice NAT SHILKRET About Everyone) But There‟s Everything Nice About You; Wherever You Go Whatever Hot „n‟ Happy You Do (I Want You to Know that I Love You); Me and My Shadow; Just Like a Butterfly Recordings from 1927 & 1928 (That‟s Caught in the Rain); Ain‟t That a Grand and Glorious Feeling; It‟s a Million to One ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 You‟re in Love; Baby‟s Blue; Nothin‟; Did You Meant it; Why do I Love You; Without You, Sweetheart; Get Out and Get Under the Moon; I Still Love You; That‟s My Weakness IDCD94 Total playing time: 79.27 Now; You‟re Wonderful; Nagasaki; My Varsity Girl I‟ll Cling to You; Blossoms that Bloom in the Moonlight; Cross Roads; I Still Keep Dreaming of You; My Man; I‟d Rather Be Blue. Over the Garden Wall Clarkson Rose; Going Down Norman Long; Laughing Gas „THE BEST OF BRITISH‟ Cicely Courtneidge and Company; A Hollywood Party Florence Desmond; Madame Du Volume Three Barry Eddie Pola; Adapted From the French Jack Buchanan and Company; The Anti-More classic British comedy from Arson Squad John Tilley; Fishing Harry Tate and Company; Pets Murgatroyd 1930 to 1949 (Frankau) and Winterbottom (Handley); A Surrealist Alphabet Clapham and Dwyer; The ? Crystal Stream Audio 2002 Voice of Inexperience - Oliver Wakefield; The Riddle Scene Leslie Henson and Fred Emney; Knock, Knock, Who‟s There? Vic Oliver and Sarah Churchill; Bert‟s Dart Club IDCD95 Total playing time: 73.39 Dinner Elsie and Doris Waters; Eels Jack Warner; Let‟s Have a Jolly Good Laugh - Charles Penrose. How Could Red Riding Hood; Take Your Finger Out of Your Mouth; If I Didn‟t Know Your HARRY ROY and His Bands Husband; Crazy Words, Crazy Tune; Who Do You Love?; I‟ve Got it But it Don‟t Do Me Volume Three No Good; Without Love; You Can‟t Stop Me From Loving You; Little Girl; Song of recordings from 1927 to 1933 Happiness; The Queen was in the Parlour; Brighter Than the Sun; What More Can I (including recordings with Syd Roy) Ask?; I Wish I Knew a Bigger Word than Love; The Wise Old Owl Said “Hoo!”; The World ? Crystal Stream Audio 2003 is So Small; Becky Play Your Violin; Ma (She‟s Making Eyes at Me); It‟s No Use, I‟m in IDCD96 Total playing time: 77.38 Love; City Pity Me; You‟ve Got Me Crying Again; Stormy Weather; Jog Along; Hurricane Harry; There‟s a New Day Comin‟; Down in the Valley. Melodious Memories; Bitter Sweet Selection; Good Old Dances; More Old Songs; CONCERT TIME Prelude in G Minor, Op.23, No.6; Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op.3, No.2; Tommies War Jack Hylton & His Orchestra Time Memories; Songs of the Officers‟ Mess; Just a Gigolo; Yours is My Heart Alone; By Recordings from 1928 TO 1936 the Fireside; Jack Hylton‟s Jubilee Cavalcade; Sweet Sue; Grinzing. ? Crystal Stream Audio 2003 With vocals by Sam Browne; Pat O‟Malley; Marcel Wittrisch; Flanagan and Allen; Jack Hylton; Stanley Holloway, etc. IDCD97 Total playing time: 79.22 Wimmin Aaah!; Poor Papa (He‟s Got Nothin‟ at All); Ya Gotta Know How to Love; What IRVING AARONSON Good is “Good Morning”?; The Pump Song; Hi Ho the Merrio; I‟m Just Wild About and His Commanders Animal Crackers; Waffles; What! No Spinach?; Hard to Get Gertie; Give Me a Ukulele Recordings from 1926 TO 1934 and a Ukulele Baby and Leave the Rest to Me; Ev‟rything‟s Peaches (for Peaches and ? Crystal Stream Audio 2003 Me); I Never See Maggie Alone; Crazy Words Crazy Tune; Let‟s Misbehave; An‟ Furthermore; The Land of Going to Be; My Scandinavian Girl; All By Yourself in the IDCD98 Total playing time: 76.21

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