When entering into a mentoring partnership, both parties commit to

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When entering into a mentoring partnership, both parties commit to

Faculty Mentoring Initiative: Mentoring Agreement*

    *Agreement adapted from Mentoring-in-a-Box: Women Faculty in Computing, National Center for Women & In formation Technology (

    When entering into a mentoring relationship, both parties commit to a shared effort. It is useful to define the relationship, clarify expectations, and document the decisions youthe Mentee and Mentormake

    together about the work ahead. It is very helpful to consider the following questions before your first

    meeting and discuss them together at the meeting.

1. Purpose and Specific Goals

    Mentoring is an intentional engagement with a shared purpose.

    ; For both Mentee & Mentor: What are your goals for your work together?

    ; For the Mentee: What do you wish to accomplish? What topics would you like to discuss? You will continue setting specific goals as you meet in the weeks ahead.

2. Roles

    Mentors typically listen, advocate, coach and support, and when appropriate, share expertise and advise. In general terms, the role of the Mentee is to ask questions, seek feedback, be open to advice, and take steps toward professional growth.

    ; What kinds of interactions do you both envision?

3. Constructive Feedback

    In a productive partnership, both parties are able to give and take constructive feedback. A Mentor may give critical input to help a Mentee learn new skills, change methods, or build awareness. In turn, a Mentee may counter a recommendation or ask for a different kind of support.

    ; What should you know about each others’ communication styles, preferences, strengths, and


4. Frequency

    The best predictor of success in mentoring is regular meetings. Agree to at least one meeting a month, and commit to keep to your meeting schedule.

    ; When, where, and how frequently will you meet?

    ; What will you do if one of you needs to reschedule a meeting?

    Dorothe Bach,, (434) 982-2800 Maggie Harden,, (434) 924-0778

5. Informal Interactions

    Mentoring works best when the participants can interact in an “open door” environment, but have also

    set some ground rules.

    ; Are impromptu drop-in meetings acceptable?

    ; What kind of turn-around can each of you expect when the other leaves a message by phone or


    ; Are weekends off-limits or are they the best time to meet?

6. Establishing a Meeting Agenda

    ; What will your meetings look like? Will you start with a progress update? At the end of each meeting, discuss next steps and set goals for work to be done between meetings.

7. Agreements: Modify if needed.

    A. Scheduling: If we cannot attend a scheduled meeting, we agree to notify our partner and


    B. Confidentiality: Sensitive issues that we discuss will be held in confidence. Note: Criminal

    behavior, sexual abuse, fraud against the University, gross misconduct, or threats to personal

    health and safety cannot be held in confidence and must be brought to the attention of


    C. Continuity: We agree that our mentoring relationship will continue as long as we both feel

    comfortable or until we meet our primary goals (see #1).

    D. Graceful Exit Clause: If one of us needs to terminate the relationship for any reason, we agree

    to abide by the decision of our partner.

    F. Disclaimer: The advice given by a mentor represents his or her personal view of an issue which

    does not necessarily represent the University’s position. The University Mentoring Initiative

    does not accept liability for any outcome arising from the use or misuse of the information and

    advice offered by the mentor.

We acknowledge and share these expectations for working together.

Mentee’s Name:__________________________ Mentor’s Name:________________________

    Phone Number(s):_______________________ Phone Number(s):______________________

Email:__________________________ Email:________________________________

Make copies of this document for future reference.

    Dorothe Bach,, (434) 982-2800 Maggie Harden,, (434) 924-0778

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