St Peters House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

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St Peters House, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Access SUMMIT Joint Universities Disability Resource Centre

    St Peter’s House, Precinct Centre,

     Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

    Tel: 0161 275 0990 / Fax: 0161 275 0991 / SMS: 07786 854107

    Email: / Web:

Dear Sir / Madam

    Before arranging a date for an Assessment, we need the following:

    1. A completed Data Protection Form

    2. A completed Assessment Referral Form

    3. Copies of any correspondence you have from your Funding Body relating to

    the DSA particularly any correspondence giving their approval to fund the

    Assessment of Need.

    4. Medical evidence of your disability (or an educational psychologist’s

    report if you have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia).

For more information about The Disabled Students Allowances and the Assessment process see .

    When we have received this information we will contact you to make an appointment.

Yours sincerely

Marlene Parnell

    Access SUMMIT

1. Data Protection

Student Name:

Date of Birth:

    Notification under the Data Protection Act - Consent to information regarding disability being held on manual and electronic files and disclosures of this information to relevant personnel.

    Your consent is requested for the following details and documentation to be held manually

    and electronically, as appropriate, by Access SUMMIT.

Your psychological report / medical Signed:

    evidence provided to us to establish the

    nature of your disability:

Your Assessment Report produced Signed:

    following your Study Aids and Strategies

    Assessment of Needs:

    Your consent is also requested for relevant details being disclosed, to persons having a

    need to see them in the course of their work relating to the meeting of your needs, including

Access SUMMIT staff - Signed:

University departmental staff Signed:

Your University’s Disability Office Signed:

Your Funding Body - Signed:

    Date completed: …………………………………………..

2. Assessment Referral Form

Your Contact Details


     First Names

    Home address

    Term time address (if different)

    Telephone no(s)

    Email Date of Birth

Name of your LEA / Funding Body


    A Contact Name :

    Telephone no(s) Fax:


    Have you made an application for The Disabled Students Allowances?

Your course

    College / University Name: Faculty / School / Department: Course of Study:

    Year start:

     Year finish:

     Course length:

    College or University Disability Support

     Service Details Address/Phone No/Email:

Information Technology - Please tell us as much as you know about the IT resources

    used on your course

    Hardware - PC / Mac?

    Word-processing ?



    Programming language(s)?

    DTP / Graphics?

    Other ?

Course delivery - Please tell us as much as you know about the way in which your

    course is / will be delivered

How do you expect to be taught? Yes / No Any further details - number of

    sessions etc




     Labs / Practicals

     Field trips, visits


     Other please specify:

Course assessment

How do you expect to be Yes / No Any further details numbers /

    assessed? length etc


     Written Assignments



     Oral / presentations

     Practical Assignments

     Lab / practical reports


     Other please specify

Your Needs - please tell us about what additional needs you have or will have as a

    consequence of your disability on your course

    Please tell us about any support you have received previously to support your needs Assistive Technology / IT including

    hardware and software and your access

    methods (i.e. keyboard / mouse/ rollerball

    /on-screen keyboard/ switch):

Human / personal support:


    Is there anyone who we may contact (e.g. member of staff at your previous establishment or someone who has supported you in the past) who will be able to tell us more about your particular difficulties in relation to studying? If so please give names and contact details (tel no / e-mail) here…

    Please tell us about the kind of equipment and support you feel that you may need on your intended / current course in Higher Education and the ways in which these resources will be helpful to you

Support type Yes/No Please give reasons

    I will need additional support in the

    library (extended loan period,

    electronic access to information etc.)

    please give details…

I will need copies of material in

    alternative formats please give


I will need assistive technology

    resources (eg computer equipment

    including specialist software /

    ergonomic aids / magnifiers) please

    give details…

    I will need alternative arrangements for examinations and assessments please give details…

    I will need / will require personal assistant/s (eg British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, note-taker, dyslexia support etc) please give details…


    Access SUMMIT assessments are usually conducted on a one-to-one

    basis, but arrangements can be made

    to accommodate someone accompanying you. If you would like to

    bring someone to your assessment

    appointment, please give some details:

    Do you use any mobility or posture aids? (e.g. electric or manual wheelchair, stick, guide dog, cane, ergonomic equipment). Please give details.

    Will we need to make any special parking arrangements for you?

Thank-you…also please remember to send us:

3. Copies of any correspondence you have from your Funding Body relating to the

    DSA particularly any correspondence regarding the funding body’s agreement to

    fund the Assessment of Need.


4. A copy of medical evidence describing your disability (or an educational

    psychologist’s report if you have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia)

Please send all information together to:

Marlene Parnell

    Access SUMMIT

    Assessment Referrals

    St Peter’s House, Precinct Centre,

    Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GH

Or Fax to: 0161 275 0991

Or email to

    If you have any queries, please contact The Centre on 0161 275 0999.

    Things that you need to know about an

    Assessment of Needs Appointment at Access SUMMIT

1. The appointment is likely to take between 1 and 2.5 hours

    2. While this appointment is called an assessment, it is not a test and will not

    require you to pass anything. Instead, it is a discussion with someone who is

    experienced in identifying appropriate provision, resources and strategies for you

    to use in relation to the particular difficulties you experience on your course.

    3. Many students feel that computer technology would be useful to them. However,

    there are particular restrictions applying to these and both Access SUMMIT and

    your funding body have to follow strict guidelines from the government

    (Department for Education and Skills) which sets out the circumstances in which

    they may be recommended. All recommendations made must be directly

    associated with a difficulty you have as a consequence of your disability. In a

    number of cases this means that we are unable to recommend all the resources

    you feel would be useful.

    4. However, if this is the case, many funding bodies will allow you to add your own

    funds to that money they are able to make available to allow you to purchase

    additional or alternative equipment. For example: it may not have been possible

    to recommend a laptop PC and so a desktop was recommended and your

    funding body has approved this, but you would still prefer a laptop. Your LEA

    may allow you to pay the difference to the supplier to allow you to get a laptop


    5. It will be helpful if, before the Assessment appointment, you think carefully about

    the particular difficulties you are experiencing and the possible ways in which

    these could be addressed. You might find it helpful to think about what has and

    has not worked for you in the past. The assessor’s job will be to consider how

    these difficulties can be addressed through the use of The DSA given those

    limitations which do apply.

    6. We may have sent a Further Details Request Form to fill in and send back to us.

    If we have, it is simply to help us decide which Assessor will be best for you to

    see and to give us some idea about the kinds of things you might need.

    7. During the Assessment appointment you may be given the opportunity to try out

    various resources. The assessor will need to write some notes to help with

    writing the report. Some assessors may type these notes directly into a PC.

    8. When you first arrive for your appointment we may need to check out some

    details with you. We may have other Assessment appointments organised so

    will need to ask you to wait while we get everyone sorted out.

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