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Christian Songs and Choruses ...

    Christian Songs and Choruses “Airs of the Kingdom” Song Book of 36 Songs *

    ISBN 0 646 27738

    Chorus “Jesus is crowned with glory and power” 1. See His Majesty Hebrews 2:9-10

    Chorus “All your creatures will praise you Lord” 2. Praise His Majesty Psalm 145:10-13

    Chorus “Glorify him evermore” 3. Worship Him

    Chorus “Come unto the Lord in prayer” 4. Sorrows, Needs & Joys

    Chorale “Give praise and thanks to him” 5. Bless Us O Lord

    Bright song - 3 v. and ch. “If we preach with inspired words, without 6. We Have Love 1 Cor. 13 love it is as nothing”

    Contemporary hymn “God‟s people are seen in all the world, 7. God‟s People, God‟s (Winner of national competition) his church reaches out to all the nations” Ps.8, Jn.1:1-5, Pt.2:9, Col.1:15-18World

    Bright song - 3 v. and ch “We are, we are the people of the Book” 8. People of the Book Ps.119:105, Mt.24:34-35, Jn.1:1-4

    Communion song “Jesus spoke in parables . . . . . . . but the 9. The Silent Speech greatest speaking he did was on the cross” Communion song “The flesh of life is given to you, eat and 10. Christ the Life & the be glad, for Christ is the life and the light” Light

    Song “All creation reveals your name O Lord” 11. All Creation

    Song, 2 v. and ch. “Jesus said „As much as you have helped 12. Comfort My People Mat.25:35-40 someone in need, so you will have done

    it unto me‟ “ Contemporary hymn, 3 v. “Hold on to God in life‟s darkest hours, 13. Hold on to God his saving power is found in his word”

    Song, 2v. and ch. “I will pour my spirit on the world, 14. Peter‟s Message Acts 2 miracles will be performed”

    Song, 3 v. “Give thanks to the Lord, his love is 15. His Love is Eternal Psalm 136 eternal” Contemporary Australian hymn “The mighty ramparts of the Bight 16. This Land proclaim his majesty”

    Song of Human Rights “Equality before the throne of God, the 17. Freedom right to listen to his word”

    Invitational song “King of my life, I love only him; King of 18. King of My Life my life, he suffered for me”


    * Word books and masters for overheads, cassettes and CD also available

Christian Songs and Choruses

    “Airs of the Kingdom” Song Book (continued)

    Invitational song “Knock and the door will be opened, 19. Knock! Mat.7:7-8, Luk.11:9-10 Jesus is waiting for you”

    Young people‟s song “To seek the Lord we look for him in 20. Seek, Serve and Based on Girl‟s Brigade motto everything we do” Follow

    Song, 3 v. “Give us power, faith, love, joy” 21. Bow to the Lord

    Baptismal or invitational song I acknowledge Jesus power” 22. I Acknowledge Jesus

    Communion song “This the bread, the wounded flesh” 23. This is Love

    Song, 2 v. and ch. “Forgiveness comes when we confess” 24. Forgiveness 1 John 1:9, Rom.8:31-39

    Christmas hymn, 1 v. and ch. “Wonderful, Counsellor, mighty God and 25. Wonderful! Isa.9:6-7, Luke 2:7 Prince of Peace”

    Young person‟s Christmas piece “Christmas is a big machine making 26. Christmas Machine money from beginning to end”

    Christmas benediction “Each day walk a little closer towards the 27. Closer to Bethlehem town of Bethlehem”

    Australian Christmas carol “Sunset and golden sands are aglow 28. Tea Tree Carol today, giving praise at Christmas time”

    Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is risen now” 29. He is Risen

    Easter benediction “Each day walk a little closer towards the 30. Closer to the Cross foot of the cross “

    Song of the letters to the 7 “If you have ears to hear then listen to the 31. Listen to the Spirit churches Spirit” Revelation 2 and 3

    Young person‟s benediction “Jesus be with us as we go, keep us 32. Jesus be with Us within your care”

    Benediction “May your grace be upon us, Lord” 33. Bless Us Now

    Benediction “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ . . . .” 34. The Grace of the Lord 2 Cor.13:13

    Benediction “May God the Father give you peace” 35. God‟s Peace Eph.6:23

    Benediction “Precious Lord, holy Lord . . . . . .” 36. Precious Lord

    Word books and masters for overheads, cassettes and CD also available

    The Music of Carole-Anne Fooks and Geoffrey Higges

    Churches of Christ, 995 North East Road, Modbury, South Australia 5095

    Christian Songs and Choruses

    Additional Songs

    Available as Sheet Music

    Prayerful verses with rousing Verse: “Holy Lord, heavenly king . . . .” 37. Holy Lord chorus Chorus: “Glory to God in the highest . .”

    Hymn “Holy Spirit dwell in me” 38. Holy Spirit

    Contemporary song “Lord you put the music in my soul” 39. Lord You Know (Different composers)

    Post-modernist song “So let us be active in our faith” 40. Our God Performs (Different composers) Miracles Every Day

    Praise for creation “The trees in the woods will shout loud 41. Sing to the Lord Psalm 96 with joy” Bright song about the woman at “Sinner at the well at noon, preacher in 42. The Living Water the well the afternoon” John 4:5-41

    Song about the stewardship of “Help us to nurture your blessings” 43. This Sacred Earth creation Psalm 104

    Song of commitment “What shall I bring to the Lord when I 44. What Shall I Bring to Micah 6:6a,8 come to worship him?” the Lord?

    Lively contemporary song “He asks us to accept him as our Lord” 45. Who is He?

    Children‟s Songs

    Available as Sheet Music

    Bright song for possible dancing “Dance for the Lord and give praise to 1. Dance for the Lord (5 8 year olds) him!” Bright song celebrating creation; “Celebrate the earth and sea and sky, 2. Creation Celebration rd3 verse is Australian fish and animals and birds that fly” (5 10 year olds)

    Bright action song “Clap, clap, clap for Jesus, Jesus is my 3. Clap for Jesus (4 7 year olds) friend” A bright round “Let‟s pray for parents who will love us 4. Let‟s Pray for Parents (5 10 year olds) every day” & Teachers & Friends

    A bright round “Thank you for love, thank you for joy” 5. Thank You for Love (5 10 year olds)

    Dedication song “This is our aim in life . . . to serve and 6. Seek, Serve and follow Christ” (8 12 year olds) Follow

    Benediction “Jesus be with us as we go, keep us 7. Jesus be with Us (8 12 year olds) within your care”

Christmas piece “Christmas is a big machine making 8. Christmas Machine (8 12 year olds) money from beginning to end”

    The Music of Carole-Anne Fooks and Geoffrey Higges

    Churches of Christ, 995 North East Road, Modbury, South Australia 5095

    Christian Songs and Choruses


    The Australian Christian Vol.99 No.21, 30 November 1996

    reviewing Airs of the Kingdom ISBN 0 646 27738 The Church of Christ at Modbury in The songs are generally easy to

    South Australia has recently sing with accompaniment provided published a song book for in standard piano format including

    congregations called Airs of the simple chord markings. Kingdom. The book is a collection of The songs are likely to suit a more 36 original Christian songs written traditional style of worship service by two of its members as their using piano and organ. They could contribution to Christian outreach easily be adapted to solos or choral over the past 10 years. arrangements for small or large

    choir groups. The songs in the collection cover a

    wide range of themes with the lyrics Further information about the music largely based on passages from book, overhead masters and Scripture. demonstration tape is available from Themes include Communion, Christmas, the church at Modbury on (08) 8396 Invitational Hymns, Easter, Praise, and the 4141. A. and G. Smith Australian landscape.

    Sarah Webster in the forward of Airs of the Kingdom The promise that as sons and Inspired by the words and lives of

    daughters of the Kingdom we are fellow Christians, the lyrics are

    cared for by God by those around us ecumenical in spirit and have a awakens in us a strong sense of strong grounding in Scripture. The

    community. When a community joins songs “This Land” and “Tea Tree

    together in song an even greater Carol” celebrate our country of

    bond is formed. With music we Australia.

    share our joys and sorrows, our The straightforward sincerity of “Airs struggles and dreams, and so of the Kingdom” stands testimony to deepen our understanding of God‟s the key to successful community love and our own need of singing. The songs and the community. accompaniments are clear and “Airs of the Kingdom” is a new uncomplicated while maintaining

    collection of original contemporary regard to the impact of the lyrics and

    songs and choruses which makes the character of the song. this a reality for local congregations, It is expected that you and your uniting all people and all ages in family and worshipping community, song. as other “heirs of the Kingdom”, will “Airs of the Kingdom” has been created by enjoy this marvellous collection of wife and husband team Carole-Anne Fooks songs. and Geoffrey Higges. Both Carole-Anne Sarah Webster, Willow Connection and Geoffrey are committed Christians .

    The Music of Carole-Anne Fooks and Geoffrey Higges

    Churches of Christ, 995 North East Road, Modbury, South Australia 5095

     “Airs of the Kingdom”

    ORDER FORM Songs and Choruses

    Music Australian Dollars No. Total

    A $ Cost

     Song Book 36 Songs $18

    “Airs of the Kingdom”

     Additional Songs $1 each

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     Children‟s Songs $1 each

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     Word Books $2 each for 5

    (for Song Book) $1 each thereafter

     Overhead Masters $10

    (for Song Book)

     $10 Cassette 1

    (for Song Book) - all songs sung

     $10 Cassette 2

    (for Song Book) - all accompaniments

     CD (selected songs) $15

     Australia/NZ $10 ADD MAIL & HANDLING

    Overseas $30

    GRAND TOTAL (bank drafts or money orders in Australian dollars)*

    E-mail: Phone and Fax + 61 8 8365 4240

    * Airmail this Order Form with your payment in Australian Dollars to Geoffrey Higges:

    c/o Churches of Christ, 995 North East Road, Modbury, South Australia 5095

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