wordsworth---the song of nature

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wordsworth---the song of nature ...

    Wordsworth-----the son of nature

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    I wandered lonely as a cloud is the most important representative of romantic poems written by William.wordsworth. In this poem, the poet shows us a kind of tranquility. There is nothing except for a host of golden daffodils, blue sky, streams, trees, and lake. How beautiful the picture is! From the last stanza, we can see, the poet gets a king of satisfactory from the beauty and appreciates bless of solitude. This poem gives me a familiar feeling that the poet builds an intimate relationship between his feelings and the natural beauty just like many Chinese poets Taoyuanming, Li bay and so on. They have something in common. They all experienced depression in the pursuit of dream. They all disappointed with the reality and at last, they all dropped their political ambitions and they threw themselves to nature. Their heart and soul were all totally immersed in the beauty of nature. As we all know, William Wordsworth is one of the lake poets. He holds that poems should be the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling. Why Wordsworth turned his attention to nature? Why Wordsworth fall in love with nature deeply? It seems to me that there are three reasons.

    Firstly, its his experience. As we all know, Wordsworth once went to French twice with great passion for revolution but came back with deep disappointment and lose enthusiasm for revolution. He was very impressed because the revolution that he had loyal faith in was just a castle in the sky. The revolution gave him a vivid picture of the dark of Hunan being’s nature. People were all full of evil desire for money,

    power, and even blood. The pure, innocent of the human nature was gone with the wind of the revolution. Wordsworth hated such an evil society but he could do nothing to stop it. It seems that the most important solution is to awake the peoples sleeping

    heart. So Wordsworth chose nature as the medium to touch the peoples heart and soul.

    However, there are many things he can choose from, why his choice is nature? I think its because of his childhood and philosophy.

     In his childhood, Wordsworth lived in Cockermouth which is a country with fantastic natural beauty. This period of life cultivated his temperament and the love for nature. In this sense, we can say, nature plays a fundamental role in his whole life. He is the son of nature. So when Wordsworth was at lost, he naturally turned nature for help to cure his heartbreaking. We can also see that, in the poem the natural beauty is more charming and attracting. Depend on this, Wordsworth became vigor and optimistic again. In the great beacon light of nature, Wordsworth caught the hope of life again.

    Secondly, its his philosophy. Wordsworth worshiped nature. In his eyes, nature is the human being’s spiritual home with its human nature, rational and divine. In his understanding, nature is the mother of everything, the teacher and friend of human being, the comfort of spirit. Nature is full of rational because it always shows a power of harmony and stability. For Wordsworth, the most important aspect of nature is his divine. Nature is the bridge between human and the God. We can get to the paradise by the bridge.

    . Wordsworth was right, from his poems and his natural beauty; we really know the inner pain of our life. Nature is simple, natural and pure, but it tells us the most meaningful things. Nature contains infinite truth and power. Nature is the source of life.

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