Module6 Animals in danger

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Module6 Animals in dangerin,In

Module6 Animals in danger

    Unit1 It allows people to get closer to them

    Listen and read

    (Lingling and Betty are leaving the zoo.)

    Lingling : Did you like the zoo?

    Betty : Yes ! I saw the pandas at last !But I am more interested to see the pandas in the Wolong Pandas Reserve, because it allows people to get closer to them.

    Lingling :Its sad to think of the pandas and other animals in danger. Betty : We need to protect them better.

    Lingling : Yes. Many wild animals don't have a safe place to live, because villages and farms are growing bigger and are taking away their land and forests.

    Betty: Also, often there isn't enough clean water, because weve made

    it dirty. I think we all need to help animals live in peace. Look, there's a notice.

    Lingling : It says, " Help! We want to save animals in danger, and we need your help. "

    Betty: But what can we do?

    Lingling: It says, "Your money pays to look after the animals." That means we can give money to help protect the animals.

    Betty: Maybe we can raise some money at school. Let’s find out what

    else we can do to save as many animals as possible.

Module6 Animals in danger

    Unit2 The WWF is working hard to save them all.

    Read the passage and match the heading with the paragraphs.

     a) Nature parks for pandas b)WWF and animals m danger

     c)The panda's home d)An animal in danger

    l Pandas are in danger. There are only about l,600 pandas living in the wild today. Zoos and research centres are looking after about 340 pandas. Pandas do not have many babies and baby pandas often die. The situation is getting very difficult. Scientists are doing a lot of research to help pandas produce more babies and help baby pandas live.

    2 Pandas live in the forests and mountains of Southwest China.

    Each panda needs to eat a lot of bamboo every day.The bamboo forests are getting smaller, so pandas are losing their home. And there are not many pandas left.

    3 In order to protect pandas in the wild ,the government is setting up nature parks and developing other plans. The nature parks will be big and there will be more bamboo to feed the pandas . Pandas born in zoos may go back to live in the nature parks.

    4 The World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF) wants to protect all animals. And it chose the panda to be its symbol. We do not want to lose tigers, elephants or any other animals, so the WWF is working hard to save then all.

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