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By Judith Watkins,2014-10-11 08:31
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Introduction of myselfof,OF

    Introduction of myself

    Good afternoon, every respectable professor:

    It is my pleasure to be here to introduce myself. My name is xxx, graduated from xx department of xx university and majors in accounting.

    During the past three years study in the university as an under

    -graduate student, I have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge including financial accounting, management accounting, financial management and so on. These courses are so meaningful and interesting that I have experienced a process of no sense to thinking deeply of some ideas. But the undergraduate study is limited, actually, we started to study our professional courses just tow years ago when the division of professional. Facing various courses and many exams, we may lose our focus sometimes. But compare with some students who study before the exam and just recite some concepts, I tend to study in the daily time and think some problems brought up by myself. Although, for the result of exams, we cannot see some difference, for myself, I really feel my thinking is improved and gain extra knowledge out of class through the communication with teachers.

    No pains, no gains, I always think all my efforts will pay off, so I insist on my hardworking and persistent. The good grades and various rewards I have received can also prove my ability and strength. But I am not satisfied with my achievement, I know I have more things to study

    and more challenging areas waiting me to research. So I select to continue my study in the future years. I think the more one knows, the more he wants to know and the world will also difference because of his discoveries. If I go to work as an accountant ,I just select a way to make money, but when I continue to study the artistry of accounting , I can have a life like a scientist which can improve the theoretical system of this area and combine it with practice more perfectly, as we all know the two parts promote each other. It is really a meaningful thing I am always cheerful of.

    Additionally, I like something active and challenging, in the daily study, I always spend much time on my interested points and look for help from teachers, classmates, books, internet and other approaches I can remember. every time I figure it out , I will have a sense of achievement, sometimes it is better than good results of exams. So I think do research is suitable for me and I can make it. If I can be a graduate student, I believe I will make contributes to the subject.

    Moreover, the way of under graduate study restricted me. Because of the lack of Perfect theory of knowledge and application tools, I can only accept some contents mechanically . I even have no much more time to study it deeply. This makes me really dismay. So I don’t want to just

    follow others wisdom without thinking, I want to be the rule maker and express my own ideas. And the graduate study give me the right chance to

    learn wider knowledge and use technology tools and mathematical models to solve problems by myself. I can also get some pleasures from it.

    Of course, study is not the only thing in college, I also like to participate in some campus activities to develop my ability of organization and cooperation in my spare time. It not only color my life but also improve my capacity to copy with the relationship with others.

    Life is movement, so I insist on some exercise every day such as dancing, playing badminton, playing golf and so on. Thanks to the perfect facilities provided by our school, we can have great conditions to relax ourselves. I also like drawing pictures, which leads to the patience and quiet of my personality. So I can always do things from the beginning to the ending.

    Accounting is a subject cannot live without practice, to understand it more efficiently, I apply for a company internship. Through one month working, I know the basic operating of account in the company and become familiar with the contents in the books. And I also find something difficult to understand become more concretely. Maybe our daily teaching should combine with the practice more closely. So we can discover new ideas.

    Before I study account , I thought it does some computation. When I study it, I find it an art. General people always see the surface of items, so

    they only see the various data provided by accounting and think it just record some information. In fact, its just the basic work, taking

    advantage of these historical data to serve the future also belongs to accounting. From personal finance to a countrys economic, they all

    depends on accounting. Just like math is the basic tool of other scientific subjects, accounting is also the basic of economic area. Its improvement not only contributes to other subjects, also promote the social economic and company development.

    We have to admit that our theory of account is not perfect and even weaker than developing countries, so our companies sometimes stuck on troubles and our market is not efficient. But we never give up the research, many great scholars go on this road for all life and have many achievements. We also need some new ideas and I want to take over the career and bring new hope.

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