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    An autogyro is a type of rotorcraft invented by Juan de la Cierva in 1919, making its first successful flight on January 9, 1923 at Cuatro Vientos

    [1]Airfield in Madrid. Similar to helicopters, autogyros use a rotor to develop lift. While a helicopter's rotor is rotated by an engine during normal

    flight, the rotor of an autogyro is driven by aerodynamic forces

    in autorotation. An engine-powered propeller, similar to that of a fixed-wing aircraft, provides thrust for the autogyro.


    Autogyros are also known as gyroplanes, gyrocopters, or rotaplanes. The term Autogiro was a trademark of the Cierva Autogiro Company and the term Gyrocopter was originally a trademark of Bensen Aircraft.



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    Montgomerie Merlin single-seat autogyro