Live a Low-carbon Life

By Alfred Hunter,2014-10-11 08:37
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    Live a Low-carbon Life

    Have you already noticed these phenomenons? The glacier is melting , sea levels is rising, weather patterns is changing. One of reasons of these phenomenon genertated is because human are releasing into the atomosphere huge quantities of carbon dioxide and other gases, which are putting a tremendous stress upon the earth’s existing natural systems--the

    systems that sustain us all . If we intend to prevent these phenomenons become awful and dangerous, we should do something. low-carbon life is a good choice. low-carbon life means low energy consumption and low pollution.

    To protect environment, the government must take more

    concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, like those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. Finally, government can encourage and organize people plant

    more trees, which can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

    As a independent individual, we should develop a good habit of low-carbon life in our daily life. For example, substituting a bicycle or a public bus for a car, using recyclable bags for shopping, turning off the lights and computer the moment we leave, eating more vegetable than

    meats and so on. In addition, we can try to call for the people around us to attend low carbon way of life, low carbon life can not only reduce emission, change our living environment, and beautify our city, but protect our health .

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