West Anhui area of human resources management system for small and medium businesses the incentive mechanism _9513

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West Anhui area of human resources management system for small and medium businesses the incentive mechanism _9513

    West Anhui area of human resources management system for small and medium businesses the incentive mechanism

     Papers Key words human resource management system incentives DNA Theory

     Abstract Wanxi regional economic development as a major force in

    small and medium enterprises as a result of objective and subjective reasons, faced with a variety of problems, and therefore construction of West Anhui area of human resources management system for small and medium businesses an incentive mechanism, must be based on the actual

    construction of the local economy, small and medium enterprise management recognize the status quo and future development trends, research should be its own laws and characteristics of, and on this basis, put forward a new

    theory of DNA.

     "How to become human capital, so that the company's vision be realized?" - This is how many business managers fail to understand why a question. Because the human into the process of capital, companies will

    have great development potential and amazing ability to innovate. "Water does not shock does not jump, do not shock no-fen." In order to

    effectively transformed into human capital, stimulate people's inner potential incentives is the best approach to management.

     Wanxi regional history, economic development is not too late, but into modern times, fighting frequently, natural disasters, more, once developed slowly. As being located in old revolutionary areas, the low level of economic development, people's income level is not high, and the

    developed areas of the "development gap" is relatively large; binary compatible social and economic structure, social development of the low level of developed commodity economy; to the provincial government, developed regions in the human, financial and material resources as well as dependence on the commodity division of labor, commodity exchange, etc., etc. obviously do not exist; so the rapid rise of small and medium enterprises to become a major force in the regional economy Wanxi.

     Small and medium enterprises and large state-owned enterprises

    compared to a smaller scale, financing difficulties, the overall low quality, technology management lags behind, equipment levels are not high, so strong mobility, which has a core competence of the staff can not focus on the protection of the enterprise object. Human resource management in small and medium enterprises within the system, inappropriate use of incentives is also a matter of concern.

     Try this article from the western Anhui region of small and medium enterprises are facing a variety of problems, we should, in the previous studies, based on the DNA with a new theory. Specifically, I believe that: To effectively resolve Wanxi area of human resources management system for

    small and medium enterprises incentives to build, it must be based on the actual construction of the local economy, small and medium enterprise management recognize the status quo and future development trends, examine its own the laws and characteristics should be around D, N, A, that is developing, na ve, apple 3:00 start.

     1, developing

     Employees should pay attention to their own development, enterprise and employees of the "win-win." Currently, many enterprise managers are

    more inclined to operation of the market is even more invested in advertising even "spend as much as 10000 gold", eager to get instant results, but the cost of training can save, then the province, ignored the markedly longer term "training" investment . There are even some good

    benefits for small and medium enterprises believe that when businesses do not need training, but in reality not the case. Once the economic benefits of some enterprises face is not very good, it will reduce training due to

    lack of funds, or simply are not training. In fact, this practice is very dangerous, because: "No training - poor management - even less training -

    operations worse", which is a vicious cycle chain. If the business can put emphasis on employee's career design, fully aware of staff's personal needs and career development will provide up to suit their requirements so that our staff's personal development and sustainable development of

enterprises get the best combination of staff have Power for the

    enterprise do their utmost to contribute to their strength, and organizations form a long-term cooperation, and woe partnership.

     Loyalty is a two-way, no doubt loyal employees who are loyal to their own companies, while the lifetime employment is the company to employees

    that their loyalty to one of the ways, it shows that the company's fate with the fate of the workers are inextricably integrated inTogether. In the new "employability" (employability) based on contract, employees need to try to keep themselves and their affiliated companies or sectors of the core competitiveness; In return, the company must ensure the continuous effort to provide training and education, expand their knowledge and skills in order to have any time to other enterprises to find the ideal

    job accomplishments.

     2, na ve

     Should pay attention to the internal needs of employees as much as possible to meet the reasonable needs of employees in order to stimulate their potential. As Maslow said, people need to have layers of points, the needs of employees are diverse, we must first fully understand and master the thoughts of the employees to experience the perspective of employees, considering their needs, understand their Department of Environment and the true feelings of good shoes. Successful companies and both are

    successful in the employment and distribution of a typical, that is, to put people in the best position to play its expertise and to give higher salaries and benefits, let their talent do have income to make the best use of them.

     Some companies introduced a variety of relevant policies, both value diplomas, pay more attention to the level proposed sentiments, cause to people, the treatment to keep people, and policies to keep people and so on, Hande is nothing less than loud, but very little done , or even not

    do. Be able to unite the people, is visible and tangible things, but not a big reason, virtual commitments. If not meet their needs treatment, distribution and employment mechanism is not flexible enough and can not turn the wheel, it is easy to create a psychological imbalance in talent and business disappointments.

     Of course, companies can not indefinitely meet the needs and desires of all employees (including the practical and not realistic), but should be effective, or appropriate to satisfy. The needs of employees can also

    expect a modest lead companies, and enterprises have the capacity to meet it, so that the result was naturally a win-win.

     3, apple

     In order to achieve sustainable development of small and medium

    enterprises, we must try to retain talent, in addition to other material incentives, more importantly, is the spirit of the incentive. Because of the nature of people like the feeling of being taken seriously, get attention, recognition and concern is to generate the main source of self-

    confidence. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Material incentives is through the means of material incentives, and encouraging employees to work. It is mainly manifested in the form of

    positive incentives, such as the payment of wages, bonuses, allowances, benefits, etc.; negative incentives, such as fines. Material needs of humanity's first need is that people engage in all social activities, the basic driving forces. Therefore, the material incentives is to stimulate the main mode, but in practice, many units in the use of material incentives in the process of consuming a lot, but did not reach the intended purpose, the workers are not enthusiastic about the high hand,

    adversely affected by the organizational development of the opportunity. In fact human beings are not only material needs, and spiritual needs, as the American management scientist Peter (Tom Peters) pointed out that "rich reward will bring side-effects, because of high bonus we will block

    messages with each other and affect the work of the normal conduct of the whole society will not is a trend. "Therefore, enterprises material incentives alone may not be able to play an active role, we must make the

    material combination of incentives and moral motivation can really mobilize the enthusiasm of the general staff. And the spirit of the effectiveness of incentives are often more talented people can really identify with the company's development goals, willing to "persons as

    confidante to die."

     As a result, human capital management must establish a "people-

    oriented" and "people above all else" values. Such values that the employees are their most important asset, they should be trusted and should be respected, and able to participate in the decision-making, there

    is hope to realize their own potential. SMEs can participate in the proper use of work incentives and incentives, the formation of employee-to-

    business sense of belonging, identity, just as Japan's leading

    entrepreneur Inayama width of answering the question "What is the reward of their work," stated that "the work itself is the reward of their work .

    " People from the need to generate motivation, motivation created by the acts, from the behavior effects, and therefore evaluation is the key to incentive mechanisms. Some leaders prefer private praise, public criticism, in fact on the contrary, only in private criticism, praise can be able to motivate staff, because the positive feedback to encourage

    their employees to better performance.

     Performance = ability × motivation. A person's job performance in their individual ability and motivation levels of two factors synthesis.

    In certain cases the ability to inspire high and low levels of performance will determine the size of its work. This article from the Small and Medium Enterprise Management">Human Resource Management System Status and Problems of incentives to start with, put forward the theory of realistic DNA to small and medium enterprises to retain talent in this region provide a useful reference, and believes that this research can be extended to the whole country less developed regions, for other less

    developed regions for reference, how to strengthen their own qualified personnel, the local economy to achieve rapid, healthy and sustainable development.


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