Can You Turn Your Hobby Into a Profitable eBay Business Once the

By Jimmy Ramirez,2014-06-17 23:54
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Can You Turn Your Hobby Into a Profitable eBay Business Once the ...

    Can You Turn Your Hobby Into a

    Profitable eBay Business?

    Once the eBay bug has bitten you, you may find that you want to turn your favorite

    hobby into a business.

    However, before you branch out into the small business arena there are a few questions

    you need to ask yourself:

    1. Are you a self-starter Can you get organized and start something on

    your own or do you need to be told to do something?

    If you go into business for yourself, you’ve got to understand that the buck will

    stop with you … and it will start with you also.

    You will be the only one who can make the decisions and follow through on your

    specified course of action.

2. Do you get along with different personality types?

    A key to the success of your business, as well as your ultimate happiness, will be

    your ability to get along with others.

    Your business will suffer if you become irritable with people whose personalities

    are different than yours. You also must be able to deal with people who may be

    cranky, unreliable, snooty or demanding without letting their mood affect you.

    Can you keep your cool when dealing with problems that others have caused? If

    not, your stress level will rise greatly with your new business.

    3. Are you good at organizing?

    Good organization is another key to the future success for your business.

    You will need to make sure that all of the following areas of your business are

    organized financing, inventory and production. You will also need to keep your

    own schedule organized, particularly if you work from home where you will have

    to do with family commitments and meal times.

4. Are you strong physically and emotionally?

    Running a small business on your own can be wearing and stressful but if you

    don’t put in those long hours needed, you could be less than successful. You will

    need to be both strong physically and emotionally to stand up to the initial long

    hours you may be required to work.

    5. Will you have the support of spouse and family?

    It’s very difficult to start a new business with no support. With a supportive

    spouse to take some of the burden off you or to just talk things over with … you’ll

    find life to be much easier.

    6. Are you good at delegating?

    Some people feel like they need to do everything themselves or it won’t get done

    properly. But as your business grows you’ll find that you can get everything done

    yourself, that’s why delegation is an essential part of having a successful


    You must learn to train, delegate, then leave them to get on with it their way.

If you answered yes to the above six questions and you have a deep desire to start your

    own business, then the reward for branching out on your own could be immense.

You’ll get to be your own boss. The profits you make will be for yourself rather than

    someone else. And you will face many exciting opportunities to learn new skills and

    overcome challenges.

To learn more about how you can succeed with your very own eBay business, please

    visit where you’ll find a literal treasure trove of eBay tips and tools that will allow you to begin generating massive profits on eBay in no time.

Article #2

    eBay Power Sellers Reveal

    the Secrets to Their Success

Interested in making money on eBay? Two eBay power sellers recently spoke with

    YOURAFFILIATELINK.COM and revealed the following secrets to their success.

    eBay Power Seller #1 Nick_Citi_Sellers (resells DVD sets, HD DVDs, and Video Games)

The eBay business that I manage (username: Nick_Citi_Sellers) was started in

    November of 2005. I wanted to buy my brother, Alex, a birthday present so I was

    comparing prices from a local retail store to eBay.

I was surprised to find out that the cost of some items was actually higher on eBay.

    Seeing an opportunity, I went to the store and bought two games; one for Alex and one

    to sell on eBay.

Although I did not make very much money reselling the game, I realized that reselling

    on eBay had great potential. Today, three years later, I have made great strides.

    Originally though, my business started off slowly. I believe it’s always good to start small so you don’t risk losing too much money.

If you are starting off, I would recommend selling inexpensive items around the house.

    This is how you start to gain experience on eBay.

The most important thing I learned to making your eBay business successful is to use

    eBay software. Using software like makes your business considerably

    more efficient, giving you the opportunity to expand your business.

The mistake I think most newbies make is having one sentence descriptions. This labels

    the seller unprofessional, which makes the buyer think that he will be treated in the

    same perfunctory manner.

    eBay Power Seller #2 jigmasta (iPod parts and iPod repair) I got started on eBay initially just for buying purposes but I then saw potential for selling

    because of my interests with computers & electronics.

    However, my business which is selling replacement parts so that do-it-your-selfer’s

    can fix their broken iPod’s and iPhone’s, did not succeed initially.

    I had some failures and setbacks. I had to find my niche market. eBay is a fierce and competitive market and if you want to sell on eBay you will need to find a product that separates you from your competitors or you will be swallowed alive.

    There are several great resources out there to help you find products to sell. I would recommend selling a product that you believe in, are knowledgeable with & will enjoy selling.

    One important thing that I learned in order to make my business successful is that your customer service has to be accurate and concise.

    Don’t leave customers waiting for answers or they will just buy elsewhere. Customer query emails should be returned almost immediately if you want to make the sale. The mistake most newbies make on eBay is that they destroy their feedback in the opening phases of their business.

    On eBay positive feedback is key and if you take too many negative feedbacks in the initial stages of your eBay business then buyers will be weary of buying from you. You need to treat each and every customer as if their positive feedback about your products is the lifeline of your business.

    To access more exclusive interviews with eBay Power Sellers and learn their most closely guarded secrets for success, please visit

Article #3

    Mistakes That Will Cost You Money on eBay!

Following is a list of common mistakes eBay sellers make and how you can avoid them

     saving yourself a great deal of money and frustration in the long run.

    Common Mistake #1 Listing an auction item at the wrong time

Sunday evening is the time that most people have a few spare hours. It has been

    proven that this is the most popular time for surfing and buying online. So if you set the

    time of your auction to miss Sunday evening you could be costing yourself potential

    bidders … and money!

    Common Mistake #2 Not using photos

If you think photos are unimportant, you better think again. In fact, failure to use photos

    could easily cost you the sale. Here’s why: people like to see what they are buying and

    if you have several photos take from different angles so much the better.

Another related problem in this area is the quality of the photos you use. Poor quality

    photos that don’t properly display what you are selling can also cost you the sale.

eBay has a lot of good advice on the sort of photos that are best to use. For example,

    make sure that you have a plain background so that the product shows up well and

    there is no confusion as to what you are selling.

The simple truth is good clear photos will help you get higher bids.

    Common Mistake #3 Trying too hard to get noticed

Using too much animation, colored text and other “distractions” in an attempt to get the

    customer’s attention often works in the opposite manner causing potential customers to

    ignore your details.

You see, these types of “extras” often make your listing very hard to read and are very

    distracting to potential customers so they simply click away. If a potential customer has

    clicked on your listing you already have his attention so you don’t need to do anything

    extra at that point. The details need to be as easy to read as possible and aimed at

    getting a buyer’s bid not his attention.

    Common Mistake #4 Placing a reserve price on your item

Potential bidders are scared off when they see the “reserve not yet met” tag on your


By placing a reserve price on your item you actually run the risk of having to sell at a

    ridiculously low price and it just might be to some other seller who will turn around and sell your item a few days later at the price you should have gotten for it!

Now here are some additional mistakes that you should watch out for and avoid making

    at all costs:

    ? Not researching the proper value of an item before you buy it to resell at a profit.

    eBay has tools you can use to research an item’s value, learn to use these tools

    for your benefit.

    ? Buying emotionally is another mistake people often make. If you see something

    you really, really want you are much more likely to pay more for it than you need

    to, especially if it is a collectible.

    ? Failing to take responsibility for your own mistakes. Once you learn what you are

    doing wrong, you can easily change it. Why leave money on the table if you don’t

    have to?

To learn even more mistakes that commonly cost eBay sellers money and how you can

    avoid making them yourself, please visit .

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