9A Unit 1 Star sign

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9A Unit 1 Star sign

    9A Unit 1 Star sign

    Welcome to the unit


    1. Have you found some pictures of 12 (星座)on the Internet?

    2. We all want to f out more about the 12 animal of the Chinese horoscope.

    3. It’s n of you to give your seat to the elderly on the bus.

    4. Don’t forget to b your homework tomorrow.

    5. Would you like some cakes? No, thanks. I’m not h ___.

    6. I’m very busy. I have a l to do.

    7. You needn’t worry about (not have) stationary.

    8. How much do you know about (west) culture?

    9. We students had better (not bring) mobile phones to school.

    二、你有兴趣读读有关星座的文章吗, 试一试吧。

    In China, people talk about “Shuxiang”, which is very interesting. For example, 2007 is a “pig

    year”, and when a baby is born in this year, we say he or she is a little pig. Shuxiang usually

    brings people good luck. There are 12 animal signs below.

    1social, having rich feelings, friendly but complaining

    2hard-working, systematic, dutiful (有责任感的) but traditional

    3brave, confident, emotional (易动感情的) but careless

    4peaceful, having a good manner, a business head but cold emotion

    5active, outgoing, popular but self-centred (以自我为中心的)

    6fascinating(迷人的), thoughtful, judicial?有判断力的?, but dressy(好打扮的) and


    7active, self-confident, resourceful(有智慧的) but proud and angry

    8kind, helpful, artistic (优雅的) but sad and hesitant (犹豫的)

    9quick, clever, warm, unsatisfied but slick (圆滑的), and emotional

    10confident, helpful, happy, foresighted (有预见的) but dressy

    11dutiful, realistic, loyal(忠诚的), practical

    12hard-working, honest, simple, lucky but careless

     ( ) 1. When a baby is born in 2008, we can say he or she is a little

     A. pig B. rat C. tiger D. snake

     ( ) 2. If we call a boy a little dragon, when was he born?

     A. In 1998. B. In 2000. C. 2002 D. In 2004

    ( ) 3. Mrs. Yang, our English teacher, was born in 1977, a snake year. Can you choose

    the right description of her characteristics?

     A. She is active, self-confident, resourceful but proud and angry.

     B. She is kind, helpful, artistic but sad and hesitant.

     C. She is active, outgoing, popular but self-centred.

     D. She is fascinating, thoughtful, judicial but dressy and doubtful

     ( ) 4. If someone is brave, confident, emotional but careless, we can guess he was

    born in a year.

    A. rat B. dog C. horse D. tiger


    Reading (1)


    1How many star signs are there in a year?


    2. What is Aries like? (用五个形容词来回答)


    3. Is Taurus changeable?


    4. Do you think Gemini are curious and selfish?


    5. The people from which star sign do not like to argue with others?



     1. Don’t be ________(急躁) with your children.

     2. Young people should be _______ (充满活力的) . Do you think so?

     3. We take an _______ (积极) part in the school activities.

     4. He is as_______ (固执) as a mule (骡子). He doesnt like change.

     5. We are _______ (自信) that we can overcome the difficulties.

     6. This girl is polite and _________(文雅). We all want to make friends with her.

     7. You are _______ (富有创造力的) and _______ (富有想象力的). You can be an artist in

    the future.

     8. We are _______ (成功的) in completing the hard work.

     9. He is a successful man and he is _______ (有耐心的) to do everything.


    1.A day is d__________ into 24 hours.

    2. My father and I both have s____________ characteristics.

    3. Many actors and sports players are e__________ and a________ .

    4.Tom can’t sit there quietly. He is i______________ .

    5. We shouldn’t s____________ .We should be g_________ to others.

    6. The top student in our class is the most h__________ .

    7. G__________ up dreaming is hopeless.

    8. Children are often c_________ about everything.

    9 Though he is one of the most famous writers in China, he is m_______.

    10. The person whose star sign is Capricorn is patient and p_______ .


    Reading (2)



     A year _______ __________ __________ twelve months.


     Please don’t ___________ ________ ____________ when you are in trouble.


    My father never __________ ___________ and he is ___________ .


     He ___________ __________ ____________ details ________ __________ .


     My uncle often _________ __________ and have _______ ________ ________

    __________ .


    1. A year ___________ (divide) into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    2. All the girls are good at _____________ (plan) things.

    3. Give up _______________ (smoke) and youll be much healthier.

    4. Amy likes traveling. She wants __________ (travel) around the world.

    5. Theres nothing ___________ (drink) on the table.

    6. Do you mind ___________ (eat) dumplings for lunch tomorrow?

    7. David is curious about everything and always ___________ (ask) questions.

    8. You are confident and ________ (feel) certain of your ability.

    9. We dont have enough time _________ (do ) all the extra work.

    10. Its clever of such a young girl _________ (make) the birthday cards.


    1!注意细枝末节 9!有幽默感

    2!关心他人 10!炫耀

     3!和别人争吵 11!梦想一切

     4!热爱和平 12!享受生活

     5!保持秘密 13!同一星座下的人

     6!不时,时常的 14!向某人征求建议

     7!去各地旅游 15!同意彼此的意见





    When you go to the seaside, maybe you will find that wind very often c from the sea to the land in the early part of the day, but in the evening the wind b in the opposite direction. Why does this h ? In the morning, when the sun r , it begins to warm the land and the sea. The land g warm faster than the sea. So while the air a the

    sea is cool, the air over the land grows w . The air over the land rises and the cool air

    from the sea moves t the land. When evening comes, both the sea and the land

    become cool, but the land cools more q than the sea. The wind now c its



    1. active 2. alive

    3. attractive 4. well-known

    5. confident 6. dark

    7.. creative 8. difficult

    9. fair 10.shy

    11. formal 12. free

    13. high 14. interesting

    15. last 16. helpful

    17. careful 18. patient

    19. regular 20. weak



    1. It is a little difficult to change his mind because he is quite . What about his young brotherOh, he is .

    2. I think Simon is enough to be a football player. Are you good at spoken English? No,

    I’m a little at it.

    3. My e-friend May always pays attention to details and she is very .

    I'm afraid I can't pass the exam because I made so many mistakes which I really

    shouldn't make.

    4. According to our text, it is of you not to forgive others for their faults. It is of

    you to give needy people help without being known by them. 5. The patient was so grateful to the nurse called Jesse because she was very ______to

    him even though he was in a bad mood. It's not good for a teacher to be __to his


    6. Daniel is so that he takes part in almost all the after-school activities this term. Isn't

    he interested in our discussion? You see, he is today and keeps silent for a long



    Grammar (1)


    1. It’s necessary that we read English every day.

    It’s _________ ________ ______ ________ read English every day.

    2. To learn the computer is useful.

     ___________ _________ useful _______ ________ the computer. 3. They look down on the poor. They are not right.

    It’s ________ ______ ______ them ________ look down on the poor.

    4. The boy doesn’t shout to the old man. He is polite.

    It_______ ______ ______ the boy ______ _____ ______ to the old man. 5. It’s patient of you to wait for two hours here.

    You ________ ________ _________ _______ wait for two hours here. 6. He is kind. He helps me with my English.

    It’s ______ ______ ______ ______ help me with my English.

    He ______ _______ _______ ______ help me with my English. 7. The boy is very strong. He can lift the box.

    The boy is _______ ______ _____ _____ the box

    8. The girl is very outgoing and she can make many friends easily. The girl is ________ ________ _______ _______ many friends easily. 二、改错。

     1. It’s difficult of me to finish his homework in five minutes.

     2. It’s silly for you not to take part in the party .

     3. It’s easier of you to take action if you wear red.

     4. It’s wise of he to go to work by bus on rainy days.

5. That’s very kind of you to help me so much.

    6 . The girl is enough tall to reach the top to the shelf.


    Grammar (2) 一、说出下列划线部分的句子成分。

     1. Andy is planning to go out.

     2. Amy wants to travel around the world.

     3. Playing football is interesting.

     4. We were talking when the teacher came in.

     5. The book on the desk is mine.

     6. He gave me a book.

     7. Some colours make us feel calm.

    . 改错。

    1. Learn English is very important.

     2. I feel sadness at times.

     3. All the students in the classroom.

     4. This is a beautifully park.

     5. The boy shouted to me angry. 三、翻译。



3 他们帮助残疾人,真是很好。








    Integrated Skills


    1. What about _________________ (not wear) boots today?

    You must go to school.

    2. The big birthday cake __________(divide) into ten parts and ___________(give) to ten persons yesterday.

    3. It is silly of you __________________(not forgive) others for their faults. 4. Would he mind _____________(do)some extra work?

    5. You shouldn’t worry about not ___________ (have) breakfast then .

    6. Nobody except his best friends ______ (know) his telephone number.

    7. You should pay attention to _________ (listen) to the teacher carefully in class. 8. This term we will have fun ___________ (learn) English.

    9. Has your parents __________ (forgive) you for your mistakes?

    10. When he got home, he saw his mother __________(clean) the room. 11. Do you always dream about________(be)a top student of your school? 12. Poor children shouldn’t______(worry) about not_______(have)money to go to school

    because of Project Hope.

    13. Though Mr. Wu_____________(explain)the maths problem to us three times, around thirty percent of us can not understand it.

    14. How many seasons _______one year _______into?(divide)

    15.”Do you know what they are doing?” “Yes. They__________ with each other.”(argue)

    16.___________up early doesn’t mean getting up early.(wake)

    17.If you are able _________(correct)your mistakes right now, others ______(forgive) you. 二、首字母填空。

    Amy is our c_________. She has many good p_________ q_________. Amy is a c__________ student. She is never afraid of m__________ a s__________ in front of the whole school. She is also a c_________ person. She once got f__________ marks in a maths test. She is o_________ too. She never f_________ to do the things he needs to do. 三、改错。

    ___________1.I was so exciting that I couldn’t say a word.

    ___________2.Each of them were given a gift.

    ___________3.Kitty can draw beautiful but she never shows off.

    ___________4.We don’t like those who talk much too but do little.

    ___________5.You’d better to pay no attention to the students who laugh at you.

    ___________6.He is a man full of energies, and he is always ready to help others. ___________7.Mr Wu is kind and he explains things for us carefully. ___________8.That’s foolish for you to make such an easy mistake.


    Main task


    1.在某一次历史考试中取得满分______________ 2.作演讲_____________

    3.介意做一份额外的工作___________________ 4.变得更有效率_______________

    5.具备许多优秀的个人品质__________________ 6.害怕在全校同学面前发言_____

    7.剩余的暑假_____________________________ 8.帮忙做班级课题_____________

    9.在测试中取得好成绩______________________ 10.为我们解释难题____________

    11. 具备成为一名优秀毅行者的所有品质________________________________________ 12.做你要做的事___________ 13.同意我们的观点_____________



    1. My brother bought a computer yesterday. He wants to learn to use it to help himself get

    __________than before.(organize)

    2.Can I use_________(额外的) time to finish my work?

    3. Zidane is a good football player because he has many personal______(quality).

    4.Lang Lang is one of the ___________;successpianists in the world.

    5. It’s_________(excite)to become the new chairperson.

    6.Last summer, he finished all his summer homework in the_________(one)week. 7. I have borrowed many useful books from several_________(library)in our city.

    8. It is said that she often _________herself for some tough jobs.(推荐)

    9.Would you please tell me more about your_________(个人的)information.

    10.My mother is a nice ________and she likes _______for us at weekends(cook). 三!写作

    Dear ...,

    I would like to recommend ….as the new chairperson……

    ___________ is confident

    I think

I think

    Yours sincerely



    Study skills and Checkout


    1.He is the chairperson of the __________ (student) Union . 2.Their school is 100 years old. The ___________(庆贺) is coming.

    3.He can use his free time _________ (wise) .

    4.We all think David is __________ (suit) person to be the monitor in our class. 5.I hope Tom will have a big_________(success)in the charity show. 6.The doctor can’t treat every sick people equally. She is________.(fair)

    7.Rocket is a ______(power) basketball team, but they can’t enter the final match.

    8.People always ask Suzy for_______(意见)when they don’t know what to do.

    9.My sister_________(梦见) that she fell into the river last night.

    10.I am ________(please) to meet you here.

    11.Our country is trying to make good use of natural gas, wind and other forms of_______(energetic).


    1.He decided _________ (not be) the monitor .

    2.David_____________(recommend)as the new chairperson of the club just now. 3.I saw Tony______(pack)his bag when I went to see him yesterday evening. 4.-______he________(join)the Computer Club this year?

     Yes, he told me about it yesterday.

    5. Thanks to our English teacher. I_______(catch)up with my classmates. 6. Smoking did harm to man’s health. So last year his father____(give)up smoking. 7. Sandy is good at cooking. But she never_________(show)off in front of people. 8.The girl is a little bit sad today. Let’s go to her and_________(cheer)her up.

    9.He was let_________(enter)the room.

    10.Xiao Dong picked up the paper_________(lie)on the ground. 三、完成句子。

    1. 你想推荐杰夫作学生会的新主席吗?_________________________________________. 2. 我认为你可能会成为我们的新领导,因为你和你父亲一样聪明能干,最重要的是你

    比你父亲耐心。______________________________ because you are_______________.

    ___________________ is that you are ________________________. 3. 成为一名志愿工作者固然很令人兴奋,但我担心自己没有能力做额外的工作。

    It’s__________________________________, but I’m____________________________.

    4. 除非你足够自信,你才能成为最合适的人选。

    ______________ you’re ___________, you can be______________________________. 5. 我们对她上的课很感兴趣,因为它们生动极了。

    _________________________ in her lessons because they’re______________________.


     The ice is _________________ us to____________________.


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