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    512 Brickhaven Drive, Room 203 Raleigh, NC 512 Brickhaven Drive, Room 203 Raleigh, NC

    December 12, 2008 December 12, 2008

Members present: Richard Brooks, Jeff Chandler, Peter Daniel, Anita Flick, Joy Hicks, Zack Ladd, Amanda

    Patnaud, Jerry Raynor, Walter Smith, David Stone, Matthew Swain, Gary Upchurch, Sam Williams, Paula


Members present via conference call: Mark Fleming, Georgena Millar

Members absent: Travis Burke, Maggie Hamm, Wayne Huddleston, Donny Lassiter, Jim Ligon, Nelson

    Powell, George Simpson, Rick Smith, Norris Tolson, William Upchurch

Advisors present: TJ Schneeweis (Faculty Advisor), Jason Gipe (Alumni Association), Bob Ford (Commodity

    Advisor), Gary Cartwright (Faculty Advisor)

Advisors absent: Wesley Wyatt (NCDA)

Staff present: Keith Oakley, Anna Shepherd, Scott Troutman, Chris Wessel

AFS President Peter Daniel called the Advisory Board Meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.

    He began with approving minutes from last board meeting, which were so motioned and approved.

    Peter, Scott Troutman, and Walter Smith thanked Julia Brooks for her service to the CALS Alumni and Friends Society as well as the CALS Alumni Advisory Board. Her four years of service are greatly

    appreciated by the CALS AFS Board. Julia then thanked the board for all they have done for her and said that

    she would continue to be a part of the society and campaign for them continuously.

Peter recognized Joy Hicks as an incoming member to the board.

    Peter recognized outgoing member Tom Gilmore. Tom told of those in his family who attended NC State and of the grandson who is currently in the application process. He gave the board his thanks for the

    opportunity to serve on the board.

Peter gave his President’s Report and said that he was coming into the board during some tough economic

    times. The Alumni and Friends Society has been growing tremendously during the last couple of years.

    Tailgate has continued to have a great turnout even with the reduced advertising. He said that over $8,400

    was raised in the Silent Auction, which was the most that had ever been raised. There was also $255 raised in

    the newly formed Raffle. The Alumni awards continue to be a great event. We will continue to hold life

    sciences events like the Healthcare Alumni event held last spring. The Agricultural Institute Reunion will not

    be held in 2009, but will be back on the calendar for 2010, which is their anniversary year. He said that we

    will also be holding the CALS Retired Faculty/Staff Luncheon on December 5, 2009.

    Peter continued by saying that our upcoming challenges will be the bad economy and budget issues. He said

    that Keith is committed to the board and will do everything he can to help. Communication will be a focal

    point in 2009. We will be trying to focus on networking because there are many alumni wanting to move up

    in their careers as well as ones who are looking for work. We can help provide opportunities for the alumni to

    meet potential employers. The website and e-news will be much more important in the upcoming year, as we

    cut back on the amount of printed mail. We need to investigate creative ways of reaching the alumni of CALS.

    Peter finished his report by thanking the board for their dedication to the college.

Scott then passed around thank you cards from scholarship winners and alumni award winners to show how

    much appreciation there is for what the board and CALS Alumni and Friends Society does.

    Peter then introduced Jason Gipe of the Alumni Association to give his report. Jason talked about the following:

    ? Setting up a volunteer networks around the state and country

    ? There were 150, 000 alumni last year

    o 2/3 were in North Carolina with 2/3 of those in NC were in Wake County

    o 40, 000 of total alumni were young alumni

    ? Pledge Cards for Alumni Network Commitment to volunteer at 2 non-athletic events per year that

    are sponsored by the Alumni Association

    o 35 networks need to be started the goal this for this year

    o There are 27 events already with more to come

    ? Senior Sendoffs in the Spring-an incoming freshman event where alumni share their experiences

    Peter asked Zack Ladd to give a Brick report. Zack reported that we currently have 35 bricks sold to date for the latest brick order. Next week, letters will be sent to the parents of December graduates along with brick

    brochures to encourage them to purchase a brick for their recent graduate. We only need 15 more bricks to

    place an order with the company. Zack wants the board members to encourage those they know to buy bricks

    for Christmas gifts. Anna has brick brochures available if you have someone in mind.

Peter then began the discussion on Board Committees:

    1. AFS Executive Committee Peter Daniel, Keith Oakley, Walter Smith, Scott Troutman, Gary


     Budget Cuts

    ? 10-20% possible programming cuts in 2009

    ? What’s important to us? If we have to be without something, what will that be?

    ? We should try to be more innovative in our spending

    ? More efforts need to be made by everyone

    ? Endowments are down

    ? Important to be referring people to Marcy for career advice because people will be needing

    career help

    ? Julia’s position has been frozen for possibly all of 2009

    ? Budget issues are cyclical and we will work our way out; we’re still going to accomplish


    2. Tailgate Recap/Ideas for Future Tailgates Richard Brooks

    ? Numbers were good despite the hurricane and power outage

    ? Dorton could use the concourse more

    ? Band