LX01 (500W) Infrared Sensor

By Dolores Thomas,2014-12-28 14:16
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LX01 (500W) Infrared Sensor

    LX01 Infrared Sensor



     The product is a energy-saving automatic switch adopted integrated circuit and precise detecting components. It can be on when body detect it and will be off automatically after body leave. Its performance is stable. It can identify day and night. The light can turn on when body enter detection field and move, it can turn off automatically when body leave detection field . Function:

    ; Can identify day and night automatically, the

    ambient-light can be selected, so it works at night

    automatically and stop in daytime.

    ; Detection distance can be adjusted according to the local place. ; Time-delay can be adjusted vary to the place. Specifications:

    Detection range:120? Working humidity: <93%RH

    Detection distance: 12m (22~24?) Time-delay: min 5sec

    Power source: 110V/AC~130V/AC Max 11min?3min

     180V/AC~240V/AC Ambient-light:<10Lux~2000Lux Rated load: 500W Installation height:2m~4.5m Working temperature:-10?~+40?


     I. Avoid installing it near heating or air

    conditioning outlet, air stream brownoutput redaccording to connection-line.(see the ~inputinfrared motion sensor

    blueright fig)

     N blue

     L brown load

     Earthing yellow and green

     Red ( be from infrared sensor)

     connect blue and brown with power

     connect blue and red with load

    ?. 1 please tighten off the screw on the rear lid of connection-line box.

    2 the sensor is fixed on the halogen lamp

    3 the lamp power is connected with the sensor according to connection-wire figure.

    4 please cover the rear lid and tighten up the screw.

     Installation figure fitting the lamp Installation figure using alone


    1. After installation, please turn anti-clockwise the time knob(1) to the end and turn

    anti-clockwise the light-control knob(2) to the end before you switch on the power. the sensitivity knob(3) turn clockwise to the maximum value. TIMEDAYLIGHT SENS

    1232. Restore the main power, the light can be on after 30sec. After it turns off, take 5sec to sense. 3. If all are under good condition, with time adjustment knob the light period can be adjusted according to your desire, with light-control knob ambient-light can be adjusted ,with sensitivity adjustment knob the detection distance can be adjusted.


    Avoid install it near heating or air conditioning outlet, air stream, don’t impact the lens Device with sharp things and crude polluter.

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