Spirit Never Perish

By Vernon Anderson,2014-12-23 11:53
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With time goes by, Lei Feng's spirite should be carried on or be abandoned?In author's point of view, a great spirit will never perish...

    A Spirit Wont Perish

    Recently I heard the saying that Lei Feng should no longer be listed among the

    fine examples of Chinese young people, in the new century they need new role models. I really cannot see eye to eye with them.

    As we all know, Lei Feng was respected because in his time, our nation was not well developed and the society needed people to be generous enough to devote themselves. Lei Feng was that kind of people who did not care about personal benefit while sacrificed himself to the whole society and other people. Nowadays, our country is developing well, but it does not necessarily mean that we do not need him to be our role model, because in our society, people are becoming more and more selfish. For example, lots of people do not give seat to old ones in the bus; if someone was injured in an incident, few people would help for fear of being treated as the one who brought the car crash. It is a cold world now so we need to set him as our example and remind us that we should learn to give help.

    Someone may say that time is different now. What Lei Fend did has passed many years; we should move forward to find new idols. At first I want to say that students at our age are more or less influenced by Lei Fend. We treated him as a fine example since we went to kindergarten. I can even remember the song I was taught when I was seven years old Learn from Lei Feng, a good example…” So we may see

    he is till inspiring many youths. Besides, although time passes by, good things never perish. Time is a good test which will perpetuate whats really good. Lei Fengs spirit

    has endured the test of time and still shows its vitality nowadays.

    From all what I have said above, a conclusion may be safely drawn that we still need Lei Feng to be our role model even in the new century and he should not be omitted from the list of fine examples of China. Lei Feng is a kind of spirit now, a spirit showing us that we should stretch out our hands to help , which wont vanish

    as time goes by.

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