UNL's Export Control Policy and Statement of Compliance

By Debbie Garcia,2014-08-09 18:31
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UNL's Export Control Policy and Statement of Compliance







    One fundamental mission of the University of NebraskaLincoln (UNL) is

    research, that is, to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge with the extraordinary talent and dedication of our faculty. Our innovative research is a key driver in the success of this university. However, we as investigators need to be aware that research can have multiple uses and applications and can lead to unintended international impacts. The Office of Research has the responsibility to inform our university community about federal regulations that affect their work and to assist our researchers with compliance with these regulations. UNL is committed to compliance with all Export Control Regulations.

    This Policies and Statement of Compliance Manual for Export Control Management at UNL has been prepared to assist the faculty, staff, students, and anyone affiliated with the university with the rules and regulations associated with Export Controls. Compliance with export control regulations is an important responsibility of conducting research in this area, and carries serious penalties for violations. We know that you join us in devoting your full efforts toward fulfilling these requirements. Contact our export control specialist at (402) 472-4491 to consult on the application of these regulations in your research. Also, check our website,, for more



    Prem S. Paul, DVM, Ph.D. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Ph.D.

    Vice Chancellor for Research Associate Vice Chancellor for

    and Economic Development Research & Institutional Official

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of Nebraska - Lincoln



    Key Questions to Ask BEFORE Beginning a Research Project

    If you answer yes to ANY of the following questions, contact the UNL Export Control and Laboratory Safety Specialist at 402.472.4491 to determine how Export Controls Regulations apply to your research.

    ; Does your Research Agreement/Contract/Grant contain a restriction on publication or

    presentation of results?

    ; Does your Research Agreement/Contract/Grant contain a restriction on export or foreign

    national access?

    ; Will the University partner with a foreign company?

    ; Will equipment be shipped to a foreign country?

    ; Will you be traveling to sanctioned or embargoed countries for purposes of teaching,

    outreach/service or performing research?

    ; Is your research subject material specifically for, or could it have any application in,

    military use, use in outer space, or use for weapons of mass destruction?

    ; Will a defense article be used in the research?

    ; Is encrypted software involved?

    ; Is your research subject listed on the Commerce Control List?

    ; Is your research covered in the U.S. Munitions List (USML), found in Part 121 of the


    Primarily, research relating to:

    o Spacecraft

    o Satellites

    o Weapons of Mass Destruction

    o Missile Technology, or

    o Military Equipment.


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