Burke Greens Script for One-on-One Presentation

By Victor Wright,2014-06-17 23:47
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Burke Greens Script for One-on-One Presentation ...

Burke Green’s Script for One-on-One Presentation using the H&F


1. Build rapport

    Ask about THEM, their background, their interests.

    Find common ground. Use Allan Pease‟s technique “Questions Are the Answers”

    by drawing out their #1 Priority so you can „target‟ your presentation more

    effectively to their needs. Build rapport. If they don‟t like YOU they will never

    join you in your business, despite how great your presentation is!

2. Tell Your Story

    Let me tell you a bit about why I joined USANA.

    (Following is Janet‟s story – just substitute with your own story. Keep it short.)

    I worked in the corporate world earning a huge salary, corner office, shareholder,

    the works and like so many companies today, there was a merger and I was

    retrenched. A bit humbling at my age, as anyone over 40 these days is

    considered past their use-by-date. So, I started my own advertising consultancy

    working from home. Got paid by the contract so no contract, no pay. Then I knew what pressure was … and to cut a long story short, I was diagnosed with

    Cancer. That‟s when I found USANA products and how good they are. I took

    them and sailed through my Cancer treatments. But by the time I got back on

    deck, my business was taking a beating, so I knew I had find another way to

    generate a solid weekly income without me having to trade my time for money.

    A couple of a important things I learnt in life … NEVER ask financial advice from

    someone who‟s broke, and NEVER ask network marketing advice from someone

    who‟s not an expert in network marketing. And that‟s when I found JR and Penny

    Challenger two of the top people in the world in USANA. Working with them I

    replaced by corporate salary in two years. So, that‟s my story …

    So, what I want you to do today …as I am going through this, introducing this company, I want you to evaluate FOUR things.

    1. I want you to evaluate the COMPANY - who‟s the leadership of the

    company, the management team, look at the Company as a strong

    company –one that you‟d want to be involved with.

    2. Second thing, look at the PRODUCTS - When you‟re looking at a

    network marketing company as an option for you, you want products that

    have impact in people‟s lives, and products that are CONSUMABLE.

    Literally, you can network market anything you want, you can even

    network Bulldozers. But first of all, who needs a Bulldozer? And who

    wants to buy another Bulldozer once they bought the first one? So, you

    want products that are CONSUMABLE products that people take on a

    monthly basis.

    3. The third issue I want you to look at is TIMING. Timing in the Company,

    timing in the Industry that the company is in, Timing in your Area .

    4. And the fourth is the COMPENSATION PLAN. Is it fair for the individual

    working on a part-time basis someone who wants to make a few

    hundred dollars a month? AND, above and beyond that, will it pay an

    individual $10,000, $ 20,000 a month you know, the people who REALLY

    want to go out and create wealth and financial independence will it pay

    those people that type of income?


    As I going through this presentation, take a look at that, evaluate it and we‟ll go from there. It‟s what you‟d probably do if you were going to invest in any



    Even Fortune 500 companies are taking entire divisions into network marketing,

    because it is a viable way for doing business. Xerox, Toyota, IBM, Coca Cola …

    big name companies that recognised network marketing is a very effective way of

    distributing product.

3. The Company/ Dr Wentz Story

    What I‟ve got is a newspaper called Health & Freedom, it gives an overview of the Company, Products, Timing and Compensation Plan. It‟s an all-inclusive newspaper, which I am going to give you to take home, so don‟t try to read

    ahead as I am flipping through the pages. It‟s a good overview, you can take

    home and talk with your partner about and go from there.

To start up with, I‟ll tell you a bit of where we came from.

    Page 2: See this gentleman here. That‟s a man by the name of Dr Myron Wentz . Dr Wentz is a microbiologist, he‟s an immunologist. He founded a

    company in the early 1970‟s called Gull Laboratories. Dr Wentz‟s claim to fame is

    that he was one of the first people to come up with a commercially-available test

    kit for viruses, particularly the Epstein Barr Virus. With Gull Laboratories, he

    established them as a world-leader in viral test kits, and many of them are still

    Gold Standard in hospitals today.

What happened, a few years back he started to look at the health care industry in

    the States and around the world, and what he saw was that 99 cents out of every

    dollar in the health care industry is being spent on CURE. Once people get sick

    we take them to the hospital, medicate them, radiate them and do whatever is necessary and let me ask you ….. is it working? (No….) And as Dr Wentz researched further, there were things that started to shock him. A hundred years

    thago, at the beginning of the 20 century, people were dying of infectious diseases,

    such as smallpox, influenza, TB… these were serious issues.

Well, what‟s happening, these diseases have been virtually eliminated. But as we

    have gone from a rural society to an urban society, where once we used to grow

    our own fruit and vegetables, to where today, our lifestyle choices aren‟t what they should be, our diets are what they should be- high fat, low fibre - we can

    see the air we breathe, and taste the water we drink. Now, we are susceptible

    to chronic degenerative diseases.

If you look here (at the bottom of page 2) USANA has listed 8 deadly diseases

    that are sending people to an early grave. Do you know anyone who‟s had a

    stroke, had cancer, arthritis??? Most of us are affected by these, one way or the


As Dr Wentz was establishing Gull Laboratories as the world leader in developing

    Test Kits, he became a world leader in cell culture technology. At Gull Labs in Salt Lake City they literally grow 20 billion human cells a day they grow lung


    cells, heart cells, kidney cells all the different cells of the body so that they can

    infect them with the viruses so that they can develop the Test Kits.

What happened, when doing this research on the human cell, Dr Wentz found

    that the human cell can live for a long time without degeneration when fed the

    right nutrients.

He started to feed the cells with different formulations of nutrients to keep those

    cells growing and as he did his research he discovered EXACTLY what nutrients

    were needed to keep the cells in optimal health. He said: “I know how to

    nutrient cells at the cellular level. The cell is the building block of the body. If we

    can feed the cells optimal nutrition, literally we can do the same for the body.”

    So he took the last 25 years of research of what optimal nutrition is, and he put

    them into these products.

4. The products

    And these products on page 4 are called the Essentials. The Essentials are the core of the USANA product line … they comprise a large

    market share of the product line. They‟re designed to work synergistically with

    balance and bio-availability to the human cell again to nourish the human cell at the optimal level.

Now we have a teenage version of the Essentials and a children’s version of

    the Essentials. You can see here at the bottom of the page - the importance of

    nutrients at a young age especially with so much junk food being pushed at

    kids these days.

And (page 6) USANA have a lot of other products for people with individual needs.

    Proflavanol another potent antioxidant . … a natural anti-histamine, great for asthma and allergy sufferers and a natural anti-inflammatory, great for back

    aches, arthritis etc. (Select one or two products that may answer any of your

    prospect‟s health issues you may have discovered in your initial „getting to know

    them‟ questions.)

All USANA supplements are made to pharmaceutical-grade standards, which

    means they must dissolve in the stomach within 30 minutes, so they work.

And USANA is listed in the Physician Desk Reference in the States, and MIMS for

    Australian doctors.

I‟m not going to cover all the products today … I‟ll give you this to take home and

    look at.

Here on page 7 - USANA also has a very extensive line of weight management

    products. One thing that USANA believes is that you not only need good

    supplementation, but you need to eat a good diet and exercise.

And here‟s a great natural toothpaste without artificial flavours, colours and

    sweeteners. It‟s all about health.

Over here, page 8, Sensé skin care - which is nutrition for the skin. Dr Wentz

    says that anyone with a face should be using it. Once again, it‟s skin care that is

    good for the human cell.

5. The Industry/Timing


Now, let‟s talk about where you are and how you become involved with the

    company. Let‟s talk first about network marketing. Tell me, do you have any strong feelings

    one way or the other about network marketing?

I talk to a lot of people. And there‟re a couple of common things that they want.

    Firstly, they want MONEY …. and the second thing they want is a lifestyle that

    money can give them. What I am seeing a lot of times with the way the economy

    is, the way large companies are, people are making good money, but the

    company OWNS them. They don‟t see their kids, they leave early in the morning,

    they come home late at night, they‟re under huge stress. And the second issue is,

    if they DO have time to spend with their kids, they don‟t have the money.

What I have found is that Network Marketing industry is a viable, ethical business

    if you can get with a good company, with good products …. Things have changed dramatically over the past few years … Robert Kiyosaki („Rich Dad Poor Dad‟) now describes network marketing as the „perfect home based business‟. And

    when it comes to timing, economic forecasters like Paul Zane Pilzer describe wellness and communication at the Next Trillion Dollar Industry because the „baby boomers‟.

There are about 78 million of them in the States alone …(those born between

    1946 and 1964). The leading edge of the baby boomers are looking towards

    retirement in the next few years … and getting a few aches and pains, and

    worrying about whether they‟re going to have enough money to enjoy their

    retirement. They all want to live longer, look younger and stay healthy and have the money to enjoy it.

Now, if you can get into a business that will solve the problems of these Baby

    Boomers …. you‟re on a winner.

USANA is right at the forefront of this Next Trillion Dollar industry. They started

    in 1992 and have expanded around the globe to launch in 13 countries with more

    launches on the drawing board.

USANA is a world-class company, which is why we are attracting such a high

    calibre of business person. Have you heard of Dr Denis Waitley? Author of Psychology of Winning. (See him on the front page). And Robert Allen, author of the One Minute Millionaire.

6. Compensation Plan

Why don‟t we get into how we get paid?

Here on pages 9 to 12 they talk about different people and the success they‟ve

    had, different testimonials … we have all sorts of people. Here (top of page 11) this is a picture of JR & Penny - John Ross and Penny Challenger our business partners in Perth. They are VERY successful in the top 1% of income earners in

    Australia and in the top 25 income earners in USANA worldwide!

The common denominator with all these people is that they have the desire to

    create a better life.

    So, when you look at network marketing there are 4 things you look at the company, the products, the timing and the compensation plan. The

    compensation plan is very, very important. In most cases, when people don‟t


    have a good experience with network marketing, what they‟re usually talking

    about … they didn‟t make any money.

What I know about the industry after doing all research, there are a couple of real

    key issues that keep people from succeeding when they go out to try and create


One of the issues is „WIDTH‟ versus „DEPTH.‟

    What I mean by that if you have seen any other network marketing companies

    out there, in a lot of cases, in order to be successful you have to go out and

    sponsor so many people WIDE to be paid so many levels deep. Some are 5 wide,

    some are 10 wide, some are 15 wide … and they have to do so much volume in a

    month that they have so many requirements, it‟s all too hard.

The second issue is how many people do you think an average person will

    recruit into a network marketing company?

According to the Direct Selling Association, the answer is 2 or 3.

    Well, when Dr Wentz saw that he said: “You know what, if that‟s the case, we‟re going to have a Compensation Plan that the average person can make money


The way ours works (page 13) Go to Figure 2 right in the middle of the page.

    Where it says YOU BC 001 that is called a Business Centre (think of it like a „shop‟). And what you do is go out and share the products, share the opportunity with two people.

    Here, you shared it will Jill.

    And you shared it with Bob.

    And then we teach those people to do the same.

    You‟re paid on your ability to manage two teams.

Go up to Figure 4 you sponsor two people, they sponsor two people, four turns

    into eight, and so forth ….again you‟re paid on your ability to manage two


    How you‟re paid, is that you have a LEFT side and a RIGHT side … and the way that works, down on Figure 3 down in the centre of the page as soon as you and your entire organisation on the LEFT side, under Jill, have gone up and have

    accumulated over 250 points worth of volume and 250 points worth of volume on

    the RIGHT, under Bob you‟ll get a cheque for $66. (In the United States they get $40).

Now, there are a couple of very nice features - unique features in the network

    marketing industry about this.

    ? One this is accumulated volume. It can take a week, a month, a year

    however long an individual takes to accumulate this volume there‟s no

    time limit.

    ? The second thing, we get paid WEEKLY. Literally, you can sign up today,

    do that volume, and have a cheque next week. In a lot of companies, it

    could be 2 or 3 months before they see their cheque.

(Read down Payout Schedule Figure 3) -

    As your organisation grows, and there‟s 500 on the Left and 500 on the Right,

    you get a cheque for $165.

    1000 on the Left and 1000 on the Right, you get a cheque for $330.

    2000 and 2000, you get a cheque for $660.


    3000 and 3000, you get a cheque for $990.

    4000 and 4000, you get a cheque for $1,320.

    5000 and 5000, you get a cheque for $1,650.

USANA cap it at 5000 points and each side per week.

    Now, remember that $1,650 cheque can come weekly. That‟s $85,800 a year.

One thing to understand this is an international company, and because there

    are different exchange rates around the world, these points are sales volume points. Every product has a points value which are converted to Australian dollars.

    What if you don‟t have BALANCE on the Left and Right? Good question.

    What happens, is that every Friday night, the computer at USANA shuts down,

    and scans all the points you have accumulated on your LEFT side and all the

    points you have accumulated on your RIGHT side.

    Say you have 2000 on your LEFT and 1000 on your RIGHT.

    It takes the lowest value and pays you on a BALANCED amount. So you‟d get

    paid for 1000 on each side and you get a cheque for $330. Then the following Monday, your RIGHT Side would start with zero because

    you‟ve been paid on that, and your LEFT Side would start with a 1000 carry-over volume. It rolls over. It‟s like money in the bank. And in the reality,

    that‟s the way it‟s probably going to work, because Jill may be more excited

    about the business and work harder.

Unlike other network marketing companies, you don‟t lose any carry-over volume!

Now, I‟m going to ask you – could you use an extra $1,650 a week?

Now, with USANA you can start with ONE business centre or THREE business

    centres. So, let me ask you do you want to work harder, or smarter?

    Smarter? Great. Well, the way this works (Figure 6) is with ONE business centre you find two people two turn into four, four turn into eight, and so on. And this

    is how you‟re paid (Figure 3). Any questions on that?

    Now, let‟s talk about the THREE business centre option. (Figure 6). A 3 Business Centre, where it says BC001, BC002 and BC003? All three - 1, 2

    and 3 are all YOU. And you essentially do the same thing as you do when you

    have a 1 Business Centre. You sponsor how many people? Two people. Except,

    what happens you see where Jill and Bob are now? Jill is down on the LEFT

    side of 002 and Bob is down on the RIGHT side of 003.

    And what a 3 Business Centre does is allow you to share with a couple more

    people. In this illustration you‟ll see Ken and Sue. Ken is the RIGHT side of 002. And Sue is on the LEFT side of 003.

    Now, here‟s the MAJOR difference I want to show you. In this Figure 6 1 Business Centre let‟s assume that Jill and her whole

    organisation goes out and creates 2000 points worth of volume on the LEFT side.

    And Bob goes out and does the same amount 2000 points worth of volume.

    Now have a look at the pay chart at Figure 3 what would your cheque be this week?



    Now, let‟s look at the difference with the same volume in a 3 Business Centres.

    ? Jill did 1000 points worth of business.

    ? Ken did 1000 points worth of business.

    ? Sue did 1000 points worth of business.

    ? And Bob did 1000 points worth of business.

So you have the same total volume but let‟s look what happens to your


    I‟ll just cover up 002 and 003.

    So on the LEFT side of 001, how much volume do you have?

    2000. You have Ken and Jill both did 1000. A total of 2000.

Sue and Bob also did 2000 on the RIGHT side of 001.

    So if you go up here (Figure 3) 2000 and 2000 - you get $660 cheque.

BUT … look what happens to 002.

    002 also has a LEFT side and a RIGHT side.

    Jill did 1000 on the LEFT and Ken did 1000 on the RIGHT.

    So, you get $330.

And the same thing would happen on 003.

    Sue did 1000 and Bob did 1000.

    You get another $330.

If you add that up 001 received $660, 002 earned $330 and 003 earned $330.

    So for that EXACT SAME VOLUME, 4000 points worth of volume, you‟re virtually DOUBLING your income. A total of $1320.

    Another thing that‟s interesting about this Compensation Plan – there are NO LEVELS you‟re paid strictly on volume. Some other network marketing plans you‟re only paid on levels. There are no limits to the amount of income you can earn.

These are just some of the reasons that USANA‟s Compensation Plan has been

    voted the fairest and best in the industry for the past 6 years straight.

In order to stay active and qualified to participate in the compensation plan you

    have to buy 100 points worth of USANA products every month. It‟s around $220

    depending on what you order. Because you have to „walk the talk‟ and use the

    products anyway … think of it as „overheads‟ you eat. It‟s called Autoship.

Ballpark capital outlay between $500 and $2200 depending how serious you

    are and what you want to earn.

One Business Centre you go out and share the product and opportunity with

    TWO people has the income potential to earn over $85,800 a year.

Three Business Centres you go out and share the product and opportunity

    with FOUR people has the income potential to earn over $300,000 with leadership bonuses.

So, a question I want to ask you: Do you think you find TWO people who are

    interested in better health, better nutrition, losing weight and making money?”


    YES? Well, there‟s no reason not to get going, because literally that‟s the

    business! Do you think you could do what I just did? That‟s how you do the


I‟ll give you this Health & Freedom newspaper to take home. I‟ll also give you

    this CD/audio tape to take home. Talk it over with your partner and we‟ll get together again in a couple of days. (Make a time to follow up, ideally within 48



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