Business Innovation for Farriers - Ambrit Software sets the trend

By Marcus Griffin,2014-06-17 23:49
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Business Innovation for Farriers - Ambrit Software sets the trend ...

Business Innovation for Farriers - Ambrit Software sets the trend

For some time now Ambrit Software has been stressing the importance of keeping

    client and business records not only in respect of work performed on the horse, but

    also critical financial information.

    As John Fligg, Managing Director of Ambrit Software points out, “The Farrier business is no different to any other business, just as we have to keep records of

    sales, expenses and client correspondence, so equally must the successful Farrier

    of today. The Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise no longer accept handwritten

    records but require electronic records. Insurance companies have the same

    requirements. Referral work is increasingly making use of technology, by sending

    patient history and imaging in electronic format.

    Ambrit Software has seen this trend coming for a long time now and has eased the

    transition for the Farriers by introducing “Farriers Manager”, a bespoke software

    package aimed at not only helping to administer the business, but allowing for

    financial forecasting, business planning and enhancing the client relationship.

     In today’s market, the client has a lot of say in how their horses are treated and are

    increasingly looking for different payment options and terms, an enhanced service

    and all at competitive prices. Ambrit Software has found that clients who have

    reported showing Farriers Manager to their clients have had a very positive response by comments such as “oh you are keeping up with the times” or “how

    professional you look compared to someone else”.

    “Think of it this way” John Fligg continues, “When you go to the doctors or vets you

    expect the records to have been kept. Even taking your car to the garage involves

    an electronic service history record. The farrier industry seems to one of the minority industries in the adoption of modern

    technology. There are of course, many reasons for this, but Ambrit Software has

    addressed the obstacles to innovation.

    Farriers Manager is a practical and truly mobile solution. It is also exceptionally easy

    to use and provides all the important financial information from just putting into

    practice what the Farrier does every day, namely producing an invoice and collecting


    So no longer do you have to be a financial wizard to be able to make critical

    business decisions based on the information you are given.

    Trends can be identified along with good and bad customers. If you supplement your

    business by selling goods to the customer you can now measure the impact that has

    on your profitability over any given period.

    So if anyone reading this finds this of no interest, ask yourself the question why you are in business? You must know what profit you are making and what trends are developing in the business so you can react before a problem arises. Those who had been doing this before the recession hit were in a far better position to ride out the storm and make early adjustments to their businesses.

    Today’s Farrier is just as much a businessman as they are experts at shoeing. The

    work pattern has changed with much more referral work taking place and the potential associated involvement with insurance companies.

    But of course Farriers Manager does not only identify trends in the business but it also helps set a trend in the industry.

    Recently, Ambrit Software representatives met with Peter Ablett, Chief Executive of the Farriery Training Agency. It was a surprise to all parties at how much the FTA and Ambrit Software had in common, down to the provision of an electronic shoeing plan. The industry is keen to promote professionalism and adopt IT and consider Ambrit Software central to this by providing an easy to use and comprehensive software package at an affordable price.

    Ambrit Software will continue to work with the governing bodies in the industry and the colleges to help raise awareness of the importance of business skills for the farrier. A business is not just about making money (known as turnover) but actually making a profit. A high turnover does not necessarily mean any profit has been made and the businessman needs to know these figures.

    With the FTA welcoming Ambrit Software to present this philosophy at various seminars in 2010 it really does seem that there is now a definite trend within the industry to adopt modern technology and make record keeping and financial management the top of the agenda. Ambrit Software is delighted to be helping spearhead this campaign.

    Peter Ablett did ask Ambrit Software if they would consider promoting the phrase “Business Innovation for Farriers” which was agreed as it really does sum up how

    the governing bodies are viewing this transition.

    As John Fligg told us “Anyone within the craft who is serious about their business will

    now look at our product and see the benefits it can offer them, in the knowledge that this is something that is setting a trend and not just a gimmick.”

    So the message is clear, adopt the new technology and embrace it and let it help you enhance your business in so many ways.

    A final word from John Fligg was “Our largest market share is now in the United

    States where this trend has now been identified. So much so that we are guest speakers at the International Hoofcare Summit once again this year where our topic

    (set by the organisers) is “You Don’t Have To Be a Financial Genius to Track Your Profitability.”

    If the American farriers think this is important then so perhaps the UK market should


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