Wandering drum sound - On "The Tin Drum" theme _11200

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Wandering drum sound - On "The Tin Drum" theme _11200

Wandering drum sound - On "The Tin Drum" theme

     Abstract: Günter Grass is Germany's most prominent contemporary writers, and the Heinrich Boll tied for the leader of an alliance for the post-war

    Federal Republic of Germany's literary world, and in 1999 won the Nobel

    prize for literature. "The Tin Drum," published in 1958, less than a year has won the "47 Society" of the literature prize, was published in 1959, has quickly won praise at home and abroad. Study of this work not only helps the reader understand the early Glass creation, but also to understand the characteristics and laws of the creation of Glass.

     Key words: Glass theme of moral

     Why Europe is one of the most cultured nation educated, highly organized, disciplined, creative German nation obedient service for the Nazis, almost all the people showing a Nazi, everyone in the party situation, a policy of genocide in the war , murder millions of people? What is more frightening is that some Germans do not only voluntary but

    also believe that this is a dedication to follow the sacred in their own beliefs. Reflections on these issues is the Glass work, "The Tin Drum," the starting point.

     In this work the glass, right from a moral level, to reflect on the war just ended. As the 1996 Nobel Prize winner in literature, Nigerian writer Feature of Soyinka said: "Günter Grass's lifelong work is a

    literature of this century, the moral world of fiction." [1]

     Glass did not focus on the war itself, but on the ordinary people

    of German society in the analysis. Glass, through their own works that the rise of Nazi Germany, is by no means a sudden accident occurs, it is with the German society for each person is inseparable from the moral standards and evil.

     First, the ordinary German Hunhunee is one of the reasons the rise of Nazi Germany. "The Tin Drum" in addition to the hero Oscar, almost

    everyone thought the lack of enthusiasm, they are happening for the outside world indifferent like animals passively adapt to the changes in

    the political environment and refuse to think for the reasons for changes in . Therefore, they lack their own independent judgments and explicit beliefs, will not be able to judge their own actions, we can only drift with the tide. They are either integrated into the Nazi frenzy to become a supporter of the Nazi atrocities, or indifferent spectators.

     Second, Glass pointed out that the German general public emotional numbness and loss of conscience is also very important. Grocer

    Matzerath persecution of the Jews in the Nazi "Kristallnacht" took his son to watch the fun. EU member Mayen in the impact of Jewish Kristallnacht toy stores, forcing businessmen committed suicide. Mayen smashed and looted Jewish churches and shops did not believe that is wrong, no one to

    blame whistle-blowing, when he killed himself keep the cats, he was immediately denounced "the inhuman murder of the animals," was removed from the Emergency Unit of the Nazis. The events of these two opposing feelings of the German general public apathy exposed profound meaning.

     Finally, the novel reveals the profound suffering of the Nazi persecution of the nation's state of mind, pointing out that their attitude of obedience to compromise has also accelerated the tragedy.

    Marcus is the toy manufacturers on behalf of the Jews, he predicted the political situation is much more clever than others, in the Second World War took place, he realized it increasingly difficult environment in which the Jews, but his response is just converted to Christianity , preparation and Agnes leave Germany together to London. When Agnes refused his proposal, he also stride to live as usual, did not take any measures. Glass point out here that is as aware as Marcus disaster approaching

    people, has not taken any measures to protect themselves, nor take any action against the occurrence of a disaster, we can only after the Nazis came to power persecuted to death.

     Novel attempt to pre-war German thought Hunhunee, emotionally

    numb state of indifference that those who thought, planning calculations, of course, issue an order of the Nazi chieftains in the massacre of the war crimes, and those little people, those who only know how to submit to the mediocrity the Nazi regime, but not reflect the strength of the

    people, even though they are also the victims, but in a way that they should also bear certain war crimes.

     Glass in the "Tin Drum" and reveals the common man Hunhunee, numbness, apathy is rampant leading to the Nazi cause. Through analysis,

    Glass to look beyond the moral level locking.

     First of all, the spread of ordinary passions, family moral values no longer exist. Most representative is the Oscar Biaojiu Jan Bulangsiji. He was a Ka Shubei who grew up he was facing a choice of

    Polish or German issue. And he made this his personal fate of the most important decision is based on, but his "impulsive decision" because he loved cousin Agnes choose to marry German policy LVL Sagittarius, so he joined the Polish to punish "My mother for his infidelity." He was not created for the Polish identity, but is entirely self-willed result. So he

    and Agnes have organized their own family, Germany, also eyeing the case of Poland, he was just keen to seek opportunities to rendezvous with

    Agnes, and Agnes to maintain long-term adulterous relationship, and the

    most Ironically, the Matzerath time each week to participate in the Nazi rally Agnes became his rendezvous with an excellent opportunity, simply do not care about the country's situation. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Secondly, the corrosive greed has led to moral corruption. In the "showcase" one chapter, the Oscar-shop windows with the sound of glass cut

    to lure people to steal, including the young clerk, maid, secondary school teachers, the rules of the old gentleman, dressed in fashionable decent wife, believe in religion, in order to maintain the old youth Miss, and even the state Supreme Court where the prosecutor and every other person.

    Greed will make people's criteria for judging the same imbalance, so that people follow the crowd and ignore the tragedy took place in the surrounding.

     In the "Tin Drum" in Glass for "war crimes" Thinking is mainly carried out from a moral level. Glass seems to go to the passions and greed caused due to moral hazard, allowing people to lose their standards, losing the ability to self-reflection, which gave the Nazi rampage left the door open, works in the "black cook "It was after the loss of the

    moral barriers that exist in society evil. In the writer seems that only a renewal of moral standards, people are bound by their own minds with moral evil desires, similar to World War II in order to avoid such a human catastrophe, mankind have hope. In "The Tin Drum," the authors failed to point out the moral content of the new and redevelopment goals. The book was filled with a deep sense of uncertainty and faint hope intertwined atmosphere.


     [1] Wang Peili, "national writers and successive pairs of Günter Grass's

    Nobel Prize for Literature awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature view" [P] "Foreign Literature" 2000 (1)

     [2] Glass, "Looking Back

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