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EB - Raymond Buckland - ESP, Witches & UFOsUC - The Best of Hans Holzer Book#2

    ESP, Witches and UFOs copyright ? 1991 by Hans Holzer. AH rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from Llewellyn Publications except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Holzer, Hans, date. ESP, witches, and UFOs /edited by Raymond Buckland. 1st ed.

    p. cm. (Fate presents) (The Best of Hans Holzer ;bk. 2) ISBNO-87542-368-X

    1. Parapsychology. 2. Reincarnation. 3. Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric. 4. Witchcraft. 5. Unidentified flying objects. I. Buckland, Raymond. II. Title. III. Series. IV. Series : Holzer, HansSelections.

    1990; bk. 2.

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    Since 1948, FATE magazine has brought to readers around the world true, documented reports of the strange and unusual. For over four decades FATE has reported on such subjects as UFOs and space aliens, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, ESP, psychic powers, divination, ghosts and poltergeists, startling new scientific theories and breakthroughs, real magic, near-death and out-of-body experiences, survival after death, Witches and Witchcraft and many other topics that will even astound your imagination.

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    One of the things that makes FATE special is the wide variety of authors who write for it. Some of them have numerous books to their credit and are highly respected in their fields of specialty. Others are plain folkslike you and mewhose lives have crossed over into the world of the paranormal.

    Now we are publishing a series of books bearing the FATE name. You hold one such book in your hands. The topic of this book may be one of any of the subjects we've described or a variety of them. It may be a collection of authenticated articles by unknown writers or a book by an author of world-renown.

    There is one thing of which you can be assured: the occurrences described in this book are absolutely accurate and took place as noted. Now even more people will be able to marvel at, be shocked by and enjoy true

reports of the strange and unknovm.

    Other Books by Hans Holzer

    Ghosts, Mountings and Possessions: The Best of Hans Holzer, Book I CONTENTS

    Introduction ix

    Telepathy and How It Works 1

    What Exactly Is a Dream? 27

    Prophetic Dreams 41

    Reincarnation Dreams 63

    The Evidence for Survival After Death 85

    How to Overcome Negativity 111

    Medical Men and Unorthodox Healing 123

    Healing and the Occult Sciences 167

    Witchcraft Is Alive and Well 179

    When UFOs Land: Physical Evidence

    vs.Cultists 193

    Where Do UFOs Come From and Why? 231


    Hans Holzer's prolific writings cover a wide variety of subjects under the metaphysical (or "New Age") umbrella. Dreams and extrasensory perception have always been big interests of his. He has also written a number of books on contemporary Witchcraft and paganism, as well as a book on the ever-fascinating subject of TJFOs and visitors from other worlds. In this second volume of The Best Of Hans Holzer he examines these things, in his usual thorough way, and explains them for the benefit of newcomer and seasoned student alike.

    Many people have preconceived ideas on most of these subjects. Frequently ideas held over a lifetime; ideas oftimes inherited from parents and elders. But today the world is changing rapidly, with new discoveries and tremendous advances, almost on a daily basis. Many of us are having to adjust our thinking; to accept ideas that may have been anathema to us twenty years ago, or less. And this, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, is a good time to rethink our positionseven

    to start thinking for ourselves! As Professor Holzer says in the introduction to his

    x I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    book Possessed, "Change does of necessity indicate the ending of one period and the beginning of another. Old ideas and new ideas on the same subject cannot possibly coexist. There has to be destruction in order to build up."

    So it is with much of what we find in this and the previous volume. New ideas. New evidence to endorse, correct, or supplant the old. This is how we move forward. As it happens, the whole area of parapsychology and psychical research is so relatively new that there is not a true

    changeover from old to new, simply because there is no "old"! Yet even in the short time that serious investigation has been around there has been a tremendous move forward in the methods of investigation and in the willingness to accept some of the surprising results obtained. What of the future? As Hans would tell you, we have not yet begun to scratch the surface. There is a whole world of fascinating and intriguing material out there, just waiting to be investigated. Just to take one exampleUFOs and extraterrestrial incursions into our world. Where do they come from? Why do they come here? How do we make and keep contact? What can we learn? This is just one subject in this wide and wonderful world. I hope that Hans Holzer's writings will inspire many of his readers to take up the torch and carry light into dark corners; to follow in his footsteps and explore these new, yet old, worlds.

    Raymond Buckland


    (ESP and You)*

    Probably the best known form of ESP, and at the same time the least understood, is telepathy, not "mental telepathy" as some people redundantly call it.

    Strictly speaking, the term in Greek merely means "impression across a distance." To the parapsychologist it represents the simplest form of extrasensory perception. Another name given this faculty at times is "thought transference," but I prefer to describe the ability of telepathic communicationwhether as sender or as receiveras knowledge

    gained without the use of the ordinary five senses.

    First of all, let me define "thought" as the image or set of conditions created in the mind of one person, or the observation of existing conditions by a person in which he or she takes note of what is perceived through the ordinary five senses. In my opinion, a thought is also an electric impulse very much like a radio message, sent out by means of * The parenthetical title appearing after each chapter heading indicates the book from which excerpts were taken.

    2 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    the brain (as different from the mind, which operates through the brain but is not identical with it). Since it is an electric entity, a thought must naturally have some body or substance, no matter how small, and therefore one should be capable of registering, measuring, or, in some other neutral, non-subjective way, tracing its existence. What orthodox medicine likes to call "brain waves" have long been measured by the electroen-cephalograph, an apparatus capable of registering, through electrodes attached to the head, the tiny currents within a patient's brain.

    When a person has an "idea," it means that a thought wave has already

    been created and sent out by the brain. Ordinarily, humans cannot control either direction or intensity of this "broadcast." However, some particularly endowed people can be trained to use thought messages in a way that they will be received by a particular receiver on the other end of the invisible line. We then have a two-way experiment which is capable of being rigidly controlled by the simple method of examining the information received by the receiver. If he or she had no foreknowledge of the contents, or any access to the information contained in it, yet the material checks out as true in specific respects, then we have a clear-cut case of successful "thought transference," or telepathy.

    Probably the best known of these experiments in recent years was the exchange of thought messages between Harold Sherman, mentalist and author, and the Arctic explorer, Sir Hubert Wilkins. It all happened in 1937, when Wilkins, an

    Telepathy and How It Works I 3

    Australian, led a rescue mission to the North Pole to find some Russian aviators w.ho had crashed on the ice. Long interested in telepathy, Wilkins arranged with Sherman to attempt regular communications across the miles via mental messages.

    Sherman would sit at certain intervals, three times a week, in his New York apartment, while Wilkins was out there looking for the lost flyers. Wilkins would send thoughts to Sherman, while keeping a diary, and Sherman did the same in New York.

    Each night, the two experimenters sent records of their activities separately to Dr. Gardner Murphy, now president of the American Society for Psychic Research. When the material was compared by Dr. Murphy, it was found that over 70% of the entries were correct, that is, identical.

    Occasionally, Sherman managed a kind of "television" telepathy as well as the more ordinary "radio" telepathy. On Armistice Day, 1937, Sherman saw, in his mind's eye, Wilkin's plane forced down in a blizzard and right afterwards he perceived an image of the explorer waltzing at a ball, wearing a full dress suit! This made very little sense to him, consciously, of course.

    Ten days later Wilkin's own report arrived. On an emergency flight to Saskatchewan, his plane had been forced down at Regina during a blizzard. There the governor had invited him to attend an Armistice Day Ball! The distance between the two men was roughly 3500 miles, but distance and time barriers do not exist in the realms of ex-

    4 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    trasensory perception.

    Later, Sherman allowed himself to be tested by Hollywood producer Ivan Tors, whose curiosity he had aroused. In the presence of several doctors,

    Sherman was placed in a small office and the door closed. For half an hour he jotted down random impressions received by him telepathically. Tors had meanwhile gone on location to work on a motion picture he was producing at the time. Sherman's notes were 80% correct, involving some intricate details of the shooting, the unforeseen problems Tors encountered, and things that had happened to the producer that day. This, of course, is different from sending clear-cut messages through space. Here we have a telepathic medium, Sherman, picking up random thoughts and situations at a distance, not expressly beamed at him. Still, it worked.

    In scientific language, "cross correspondences" are controlled experiments, often long distance, in which a psychic person gets impressions of situationswhile a scientific team of observers at the other end also records what it sees or what is happening. There are many well-documented cases of this.

    Typical perhaps is an experiment I myself am familiar with, which was undertaken about ten years ago in New York City. At that time, a group assembled on the Lower West Side, watched as a young man named Stanley went into a trance state, in which he was able to project himself to a designated location some distance away. Naturally, he knew nothing about that location before-

    Telepathy and How It Works / 5

    hand. The other team had arranged a rose in a vase and a book opened at a certain page as markers in the apartment that Stanley was to visit telepathically.

    On his "return," Stanley described what he had seen quite accurately. He could not have obtained this knowledge from those around him, since they did not know the details of the other apartment.

    The question, however, arises whether Stanley received a picture of the place from the minds of those present in the apartment, which would be telepathy, or whether he himself was able to project his "etheric self," his own person, to the place that is, leave his body temporarily, observe what he could, and then return. This is called astral projection, and is quite common, both the voluntary and the involuntary kind. I am convinced that many telepathic experiments involve this kind of projection. "Pure" telepathy, where the receiver does not go any place, but merely concentrates on getting messages or impressions, is much more common in spontaneous cases, that is, cases not anticipated or experimentally induced.

    The dividing line between telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition (foretelling of future events), and astral projection (apparent travel of the "inner body" while asleep or entranced) is very uncertain. It is so badly drawn, in fact, that I have long suspected that it does not exist at all.

    True, we must label experiences somehow if we are to proceed cautiously and scientifically to

    6 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    explore and explain them, but I rather think that all psychic experiences are of one kind. Just as there are short and tall people and people who speak different languages or have different backgrounds, yet are all humanso I feel that these various aspects of sixth-sense experiences are merely varying forms of the same force, differing in specific circumstances but not in origin.

    Simple thought transference, telepathy without the possibility of other explanations, works best when there is a compelling reason for it. If there is an emotional urgency in transmitting a message, or if normal means of communication are out, then it works even better. Several years ago I was attending a play rehearsal in New York when I suddenly remembered that I had made an appointment with the lyricist John Latouche for 5 P.M. that day. The set being closed and no telephone nearby, I became increasingly unhappy at the thought of having to disappoint my distinguished friend. My preoccupation was noticed by one of the singers present, a psychically gifted young lady named Future Fulton. I explained my inability to let Latouche know I would be late, and how I wished I could send him a message to that effect. "Is that all? she asked, closed her eyes for a moment, breathed deeply, and then, reopening her eyes added, "The message has been delivered." I laughed a little uncertainly, and went on with the work at hand. When I returned home around six, I quickly telephoned Latouche and started to apologize for not having called him earlier.

    Telepathy and How It Works / 7

    "What are you talking about?" Latouche interjected. "You most certainly did. Why, my answering service tells me someone called at five to say you'd be delayed."

    Telepathy works best between people who know each other, and even better between people who are emotionally close to each other. This is no more astounding than the fact that an electric plug fits best into a socket especially made for it, or that a stage director likes to work with actors he or she knows already because they can communicate better with each other. Two radios tuned in on one another naturally yield better results than a random beam looking for a receiver and losing its energy while searching a very large field.

    I have already stated that all extrasensory experiences are emotionally tinged in that they involve the whole personality. The emotions need not be love or hatred. Creative excitement is an equally strong emotional force. Many ideas seem to have been "in the air" only to be picked up simultaneously, and quite independently from each other, by a number of people. The same inventions are made in widely separated areas, and

    music is written by people who don't know of each other, and yet duplicate each other's work. Some philosophers want us to believe that there is a "World Mind" whence all knowledge comesa sort of super public domain

    ready to be tapped by anyone with the right tools.

    But it may be just one mind, giving out strong thought waves, and another at a distance, receiving them without realizing that the new idea he or

    8 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    she has suddenly hit upon really originated in someone else's mind. Innocent plagiarism, perhaps, and the world is full of this kind of "coincidence."

    Particularly strange things happen to identical twins. Apparently the ties of their physical birth extend into the psychic realm as well. They will feel pain at the same time, even though separated by distance, and can frequently read each other's thoughts. The Young twins of Jackson, Mississippi were recently tested by Mississippi State University psychologist Ophelia Rivers, who found them exceptional in their ability to convey thoughts to each other.

    Practically speaking, telepathy is a faculty everybody may have deeply imbedded within his or her personality, but only those capable of being "good senders" or "good receivers" will make practical use of this most valuable talent.

    Here then are some hints how you can achieve this; that is, if you are honestly interested and not "scared" of something that is perfectly natural. Fear inhibits all forms of extrasensory perception. Learn to remove all prejudices on the subject, have no preconceived notions whether it will "work for you" or not. Your doubting will surely make you fail. Cautious optimismthat it may well workis the best

    attitude to take. Above all, relax and don't strain or force. Tension is your enemy. A carefree, unperturbed, and above all, unhurried attitude is helpful. Don't restrict your experiments to rigid schedules. Don't insist it must

    Telepathy and How It Works / 9

    work by next week or else. Let go of yourself, allow it to happen and sooner or later it may.

    Visualize the person to whom you wish to transmit your thoughts, if you are to be the sender. Check with the other person at intervals to see if you have indeed succeeded, but do not alert the other person. This is not a controlled scientific experiment, and if the other person is aware of your efforts he or she may also tense up, making it twice as hard to get through. If the receiver does not know when and what will be transmitted tele-pathically, you have an open door on the other end.

    The best telepathy occurs when the thought being sent out is conceived

    spontaneously, without trying. For instance, you have a sudden thought how nice it is to see your mother again. Your mother lives five hundred miles away. Just at that instant, she also suddenly thinks of you and how nice it would be to see you. Coincidence? Not when it happens in thousands of cases, many of them easy to verify. There is something about thoughts that is very much like radio waves. They travel, once emitted, in every direction until their energies have thinned out to such an extent that they are no longer capable of being received. Since thought waves, very much like other radiation, give off tiny particles of themselves as they travel along, they gradually become weaker. However, this loss of energy potential is so small that, for all practical purposes, thought waves can travel great distances without apparent loss of clarity. Thus we have a total disregard for the usual laws of space and time, inasmuch as thought

    10 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    waves do not respect solid objects and other hindrances either. They pierce walls and, in some as yet not fully understood way, are caught or attracted by "tuned in" receivers. There may be more than one receiver. There may be none. Once the thought waves have been created by the sender and are on their way, he or she has no further contact with them. We do know that thought waves originate in the mind, which uses the brain as its "switchboard." The electricity required to make the process possible is derived from the network of nerve fibers within the human body, which has sufficient voltage for this. In this respect much more research will have to be done to explore the mechanics of transmission, but I daresay it is no different in concept from radio transmission, only on an infinitely finer and more sensitive scale.

    Although thoughts originate in the mind and are sent out via the brain, they are received on the other end through the unconscious part of the mind. With trained experimenters, the conscious part of the mind can also be used on occasion to serve as a receiver, but the vast majority of telepathic cases involve spontaneous reception which employs the unconscious (or, if you prefer, subconscious) part of the mind as its gateway.

    This eliminates the inhibiting factors of rationalization and rejection, which might otherwise come into play and destroy the message before it is properly evaluated. Since only few people understand the workings of telepathy, the majority of those having such experiences will explain the

    Telepathy and How It Works I 11

    thought that arises in them, possibly spurring them into action of one kind or another, as a "hunch," or a sudden inspiration.

    The shadings of telepathic communication are many and they run the gamut from vague feelings about distant people or events to clear-cut, sharp,

    and definite messages instantly capable of verification. It depends on both sender and receiver, their individual abilities to free themselves from inhibiting factors, their surroundings, their prejudices, their fears, and the nature or urgency of the message itself. The stronger the need, and the greater the emergency, the more likely will there be a strong reception. Trifling bits of information are less likely to create such remarkable impressions on the other end of the line. There are cases where the message is nothing more exciting than a friendly hello from a distance. Telepathy has no hard and fast rules. But it works.

    What can it do for you?

    Lots of things. If you are "aware"that is, willing to accept messages

    of this kindyou may well be warned in times of danger by someone at a distance who wishes you well. Conversely, you may do this for someone yourself. It is a distinct thrill when two people who are close, such as husband and wife or good friends, manage to communicate without wordsspoken words, that is. Not that it saves wear and tear on their speech mechanisms, but the spark of instant thought flying from mind to mind makes such relationships stronger, and when creative work is involved this can be a

    12 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    blessing. Two partners working together, or two artists or writerstheir separate thought processes can be fused into one creative effort!

    On a business level, for the salesperson or executive to catch a fleeting thought from the mind of the individual opposite him or her can be very useful. This is not so much mind reading as merely being tuned in on what the other person wishes to put across. Just think how surprised your new boss would be if you say the very things he or she has on his or her mind. On the other hand, if the person you are dealing with is likely to be unreliable, catching a thought wave might very well warn you to be careful.

    I do not pretend that everybody can use telepathy in the same way. But potentially, at least, it is a lost faculty that can be restored to humans by their assuming the proper attitude, and then allowing actual usage of this faculty to improve it. The more you relax-and-project (instead of concen-trate-and-worry), the more chance you will have of coming across from mind to mind.

    The Trinity of Prophecy:

    Clairvoyance, Clairaudience,


    Next to telepathic communication between living persons, incidents of foretelling the future are the most common ESP experiences. In the days of the Bible these were referred to as prophecies, and on their least

desirable level they are called fortunetellingthough, heaven knows,

    the for-

    Telepatky and How It Works / 13

    tune made is mainly that of the fortuneteller. Again, the basic characteristic of the phenomena is a seeming disregard for the conventional boundaries of time and space. Distance in either time or geographical location has no effect on the results of this faculty. I am convinced that it is one faculty with three different forms of expression. It depends merely on the particular "phase" of the psychic personthat is, the area in which the psychic talent manifests itself. Just as some musicians are good on the piano while others are better with a violin and still others are singers, so we have people who foresee things, others who hear things before they happen, and still others, though least in number, who can get olfactory impressionspeculiar

    smells associated with eventsseemingly ahead of actual occurrence.

    Clairvoyants are by far the most numerous. Their visions can be subjective (in the mind's eye) or objective (before them). Clairaudience means the hearing of voices or messages in one's inner ear without seeing the person who speaks. Although clairsentience can also be useful at times, most of the scientifically reliable data can be religious in one's heart and still demand something more. The nature of the deity is a philosophical question but it can and must also be a scientific one if a truly valid religion is ever to be found for all of humankind. Probably the closest to an acceptable truth are those who argue that God is within us all and we are all part of God, and that the universe and its clearly established laws are the guiding princi-

    14 I ESP, Witches and UFOs

    pies governing our bouts with events in space and time. But it still leaves the question open, who set all this up, who started it, what started it, and when?

    I wish I knew the answer, but I don't. Yet.

    Astral Projection, or Going Places Without Body

    Out-of-the-body experiences are far more common than one would think, but the majority of people to whom they happen either prefer to keep still about them out of fear of ridicule or worse, or they simply don't understand them and put it all down to a bad dream.

    It was only a few years ago that Sylvan Mul-doon and Dr. Carrington explained these phenomena logically in a book considered a classic on astral flight. Muldoon was the flyer and Carrington the investigator. I have touched briefly before on experimental astral projection, undertaken under controlled conditions and with research teams supervising all phases.

    That this type of experiment is not without danger is known, and Madame

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