Green Manual for Residents

By Diane Austin,2014-12-28 14:15
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Green Manual for Residents


for Residents of [INSERT Project Name]

[INSERT developer’s name]


    RE: Adapting and Customizing the Green O&M Manuals for Other Development Projects

A Green Operations & Maintenance Manual for ___ has been developed for use by the development’s

    management and maintenance staff, along with a Healthy Home Guide for the project’s residents.

    When preparing to use one of the template documents as a model, please review the entire document in order to identify the content that is or is not applicable to your own project. The template manuals do not provide comprehensive information on all building systems and materials, and the template cannot be used wholesale. Every project is unique and specific content will inevitably need to be removed, modified, and added to the template document to make it relevant to your project. [Insert name of project and unit

    configuration]. As such, the manual covers aspects of green O&M that are unique to this population and this type of housing.

    To supplement the information provided in the manuals, management and maintenance staff should also refer to the manufacturer and product information provided by the project’s General Contractor, including Owner’s and Operating Manuals, product specifications, and warranty information for specific equipment

    and systems, as well as preventive maintenance schedules for routine pre- and post-warranty maintenance, and as-built drawings. The owner, property management, and maintenance staff should also reference and integrate this manual’s green recommendations into any existing property management and building maintenance manuals and other key reference documents for this project.

    Lastly, please bear in mind that the manual serves as only one part of a comprehensive Green O&M Plan and Program that should be established for the project. To implement a successful green O&M program, the manual must be used in conjunction with other ongoing strategies and activities, such as:

    1) On-site trainings for staff and residents to ensure that the best practices are understood and

    carried out (this manual can be used to help guide the training curriculum). Have knowledgeable

    staff and residents educate new staff and residents who arrive. Also consider developing incentive

    programs to encourage the proper implementation of best practices.

    2) Signage, where it would help to provide reminders or clarification on specific green practices,

    maintenance products to use or avoid, or special settings for equipment. (Whether permanent or

    temporary, the signage should be made from green materials, e.g., non-PVC, recycled content

    materials with low-toxic adhesives.)

    3) Green procurement/purchasing policies and service contracts (e.g., for vendors/suppliers of

    cleaning supplies, paper goods, fluorescent lamps, paint and adhesives).

    4) Ongoing monitoring and commissioning of all building systems, and adjustment of settings and

    controls, to ensure that systems are operating as intended and at optimized efficiency.

    It would be beneficial to designate a member of the on-site management staff as the point person in charge of monitoring and coordinating all of the development’s green operations and maintenance activities.

    Healthy Home Guide

    for Residents of [Project Name]

Healthy Home Guide 2 [Project Name]

    [Notes and items that might need to modified or customized are inserted in brackets and/or highlighted in yellow throughout. Review and address or remove these notes prior to the final printing.]

    This document is based on a guide that was prepared by M. Landman Communications & Consulting on behalf of Enterprise Community Partners, for The Plaza Apartments in San Francisco.

    The parties involved in the funding or creation of this manual make no representations or warranties with respect to the contents and specifically disclaim any implied warranties or fitness for any particular purpose. No endorsement of named products is intended, nor is criticism implied of products that are not mentioned. Enterprise reserves the right to revise this manual without obligation to notify any person of such revision.

[Insert publication date]

    Healthy Home Guide 3 [Project Name]

Healthy Home Guide



    How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

    A. Housekeeping and Cleaning

    B. Trash and Recycling

    C. Pest Control

    D. Smoking Policy

How to Save Energy and Water


    ; Green Materials and Systems in [Project Name]

    ; Resources for More Information on Green Housing

    ; Recycling Collection sheet

    ; Transit Map[May or May Not apply]

[Review and adjust all page numbers once the guide has been finalized, formatted and


    Healthy Home Guide 4 [Project Name]


Welcome to [Project Name]!

    [Insert some general information on the project and its sustainability goals, achievements, benefits, etc.

    To keep the building healthy and to conserve natural resources, it is important that residents (and maintenance staff) clean, maintain, and operate the building using green and healthy products and practices. This guide is meant to help residents do that. It presents some of the things that you can do to keep your home environment clean, green, and healthy. Many of these things are easy to do, and all of them are worth the time and effort.

    We hope that you will use this guide and we hope that it will help you to maintain an enjoyable living environment at [Project Name].

    In addition to this guide, you should also have owner’s manuals for the appliances in your apartment; please refer to those manuals for information on maintaining your appliances. If you do not have those manuals, request them from a building manager. And if anything breaks in your apartment, or if you need some other type of maintenance or repair help, please contact your management agent by calling [ insert telephone number and primary contact person or other preferred method of contacting maintenance].

Healthy Home Guide 5 [Project Name]

How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy

    This part of the manual includes sections on housekeeping and cleaning, trash and recycling, pest control, and the building’s smoking policy.


It’s important to take care of your home, to keep it clean and pest-free, and to clean it using safe

    products, in order to help protect your health and maintain a pleasant living environment. Here are some recommendations on general housekeeping practices, cleaning products, and clothes cleaning.

General Housekeeping Tips

NOTE: Remove/Insert/Amend the below Tips specific to your property

    ; Sweep the floors of your apartment regularly (preferably at least once a week), and mop

    the hard surface flooring whenever it starts to get dirty or sticky.