My days of a week

By Andrew Arnold,2014-10-10 02:02
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My days of a weekmy,of,a,days,week,Days,Week

    My days of a week

     I’m a student and I am in Grade 5. I get

    up at six o’clock every day. I have breakfast at half past six, and go to school at seven o’clock. I have classes from Monday to Saturday. I have an English class on Friday and I have a PE class on Tuesday. I don’t

    have to go to school on school, and I like to go swimming on that day.

    My days of a week

    These are my days of the week.

     I like Mondays, We have P.E. class. What do we have on Tuesdays? We have computer class, I love Tuesdays. I like Wednesday and Thursday, I like English .Friday is my favourite day, because tomorrow is Saturday. What do I do on Saturdays and Sundays? I often do homework and play computer on Saturdays. I often watch TV and read books on Sundays.

My days of the weet are happy for me!

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