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    2009 Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    Rivers Awards Composition Competition


I. General Provisions

    The Rivers Awards Composition Competition aims to:

    Stimulate the enthusiasm of composers and performers in original musical works; promote extensive exchanges in musical compositions; and introduce outstanding original musical compositions and new performers to the public.

    Members of the Jury Panel and the Organizing Committee are not allowed to submit their compositions as entries for the competition. The decision made by the Panel for the competition results will be held as final and therefore, unchangeable.

II. Scheme of Organization

    Host: Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    Organizer: The Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    Jury: The Jury Panel will consist of notable composers from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music

III. Registration Requirements

    1. The subject matter of the composition should be healthy and in accordance with the spirit of the times. The way of composing should be original and rich in artistic appeal. Compositions that are thoughtful, distinctive, and original are most desirable. Adapted or arranged works will not be accepted as entries for this competition.

    2. The submitted composition should be chamber music of any genre or style composed in recent years that hasn’t been published officially or received any official prizes.

    3. The entry composition should be composed for 1 to 6 performers of any of the following groupings of instruments or performers: 2 of each and every regular instrument for the orchestra; 3 regular percussion instruments; 1 celesta, 1 harp and 1 piano; 2 voices; 2 accordions (including bayan).

    4. The duration of the entry should be 5 to 12 minutes and it should be clearly shown on the instrumentation page.

    5. Each participant can only submit one composition as entry for the competition. He/She should also provide a tidy and clear score of the entry composition. The composition should be submitted anonymously without any signs or marks unrelated to the composition itself. Where there is a violence of this rule, the participant will be disqualified.

    6. Materials required for the registration of the competition include: a) 2 copies of the score

    of the entry composition; b) registration form completed and correctly filled in and signed by the participant; c) C.V. or resume of the participant and an introduction to the composition (both should be not longer than 200 words); d) 2 recently-taken passport-sized photographs (2" x 2"); e)

    a copy of the pictured and valid ID card or passport, which bears the date of birth of the participant.

    7. All the materials required for the registration of the competition must be submitted no later than 5 p.m., Monday, November 2, 2009 (based on the local postmark of Shanghai). Participants who shall have any questions or want to make any enquiries may contact the Office of the Competition.

    Any composition that meets all the above seven requirements will be accepted as eligible entry for the competition (all the materials submitted for the registration will be kept on file by the Organizer and will not be returned).

    Contact Information for Enquires and Registration

    Address: Office of 2009 Rivers Awards Composition Competition

    Composition Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

     20 Fen Yang Rd., Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China

    Postal Code: 200031

    Tel: +86-21-64314220

    Fax: +86-21-64332633


    People to contact: Xinyu Zhang, Gong Chen

    Supervision: +86-21-64318436

IV. Procedure of Selection

    1. To ensure fairness of the competition, all the entries must be numbered and sealed up to keep the names of the participants unknown to the Jury Panel during the selection.

    2. The competition will make up of two stages. The preliminary stage will be based on the submitted scores and a short list of nine finalists will be selected. The nine finalists will be judged by means of a Final Live Concert, where the award-winning compositions will be selected and announced (in the light of the seriousness and authoritativeness of the competition, one or more of the awards will be left vacant if the situation requires). The performing of the compositions will be arranged by the Organizing Committee, and an extra award, Award for the Performance of New Musical Works, will also be given out.

    3. The awards for the competition are categorized as follows:

    Composition Awards in Cash (RMB yuan)

    First Prize 20,000

    Second Prize 15,000

    Third Prize 10,000

    Fourth Prize 6,000

    Fifth Prize 4,000

    (Each of the remaining four finalists who are not the Composition Awards winners shall receive the Finalist Award.)

    Performance Awards in Cash (RMB yuan)

    First Prize 6,000

    Second Prize 4,000

    Third Prize 2,000

    (All of the above cash awards are before tax.)

V. The Final Live Concert and Awards Ceremony

    Time: Monday, December 7, 2009, at 7:15 p.m.

    Venue: He Luting Concert Hall of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

VI. Others

    1. Grant and exercise of rights

    1) The award winner holds the copyright of the winning composition.

    2) The award winner agrees to grant the following rights to the Organizer without requiring

    further payment or royalties:

    a. The Organizer has the right to use the score, sound and video recording, or any other

    necessary audio or visual forms, of the award-winning compositions, for non-profitable


    b. The Organizer has the right to give the world premiere of the award-winning

    compositions and the right to publish and give performances of the winning compositions

    for the first two years after the competition

    3) The following text must be shown on the title page of the award-winning compositions

    and in all concert programs whenever or wherever these compositions are performed:

    In Chinese: 本作品为2009上海音乐学院!百川奖,作曲比赛获奖作品

    In English: Winner of 2009 Shanghai Conservatory of Music Rivers Awards Composition


    2. The Organizer reserves the right to amend, if necessary, the above regulations of the competition at its discretion and without any prior notice.

    3. The right of interpretation of the Regulations belongs to the Organizer.

    Organizing Committee of 2009 Shanghai Conservatory of Music

    Rivers Awards Composition Competition

    October, 2009







    英文/English 二寸照片

    Passport Size

    出生年月日 Photograph Date of Birth Age

     Nationality Sex




    Communication 电话/Tel 传真/Fax


     中文/Chinese Title of

    英文/English the Work

    作品编制 Instrumentation

    创作年份/Year of composition


    在“?”中“?”确认 a. b. c. d. e. Check the following items a-e of Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ?The Registration Procedure, #6


    I agree to abide by the Regulation of this Competition. 签名/Signature 日期/Date

    注;本表可以复印或网上下载用作正式申请表。网址! This form can be downloaded from If necessary, this form can be duplicated.

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