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    Introducing Innovative New Products for Spring

    (Edison, New Jersey - April 2009) Leucos USA is pleased to announce that starting this spring, the Leucos USA family of brands will add the FDV Collection (Murano Due, Aureliano Toso, Gallery and Alt Lucialternative) to the existing Leucos and ITRE collections. Leucos USA will now be able to offer the market an extensive selection of lighting fixtures manufactured by the Italian parent company FDV Group (formerly Firme di Vetro), which range from traditional chandeliers to contemporary lines. This exceptional group of internationally recognized trademarks, all based in the Venice region of Italy, has played a major part in the history and development of the glass lighting industry. With this new corporate structure, they will all be able to take advantage of the market leader position, warehousing and marketing of Leucos USA. For the upcoming show season, this dynamic group will bring several new distinctive lighting solutions to the North American specifier.

According to Josie Anthony, president of Leucos USA, “This was a strategic evolution for

    our company. We are positioned to compete in both the hospitality, commercial and high-end residential markets with an even broader and varied portfolio of design-forward lighting solutions. There is a real synergy between these brands that comes from their shared commitment to design, craftsmanship, technical excellence and 50 years worth of knowledge.

    All of the Leucos USA products are UL listed and produced to the highest technical standards. Constant research and investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows the group to produce fixtures according to the quality norms EN 9001, and to carry out routine controls on 100% of the lighting equipment.

    The brands:


    Founded in 1975, ITRE has a worldwide reputation as a leader in the development of high performance, contemporary light fixtures. All of the ITRE products are crafted using the most advanced technology, state-of-the-art materials and traditional glass techniques pioneered in the Murano region. Product categories include floor, wall, table, and ceiling as well as recesselow voltage. Designers creating products for ITRE include: Paolo De Lucchi, Marc Sadler and Jac Jacobsen.

New for spring ‘09, ITRE will introduce, among others, Converse, a collection of

    wall/ceiling models characterized by energy saving solutions and modularity of dimensions.

    FDV Collection:

    The FDV Collection is a curated selection of pieces suitable for the North American market. Ceiling, wall, pendant, table and floor fixtures in the collection are drawn from four boutique lighting studios in Italy: Muranodue, Aureliano Toso, Gallery Vetri d’Arte and Alt Lucialternative. New fixtures will be added to

    this collection once or twice a year. All of the models, which are unique in terms of elegance and design, are made using beautiful blown and cast glass, which is enriched by the ancient techniques and processes of Murano.

    At the upcoming HD Show, the FDV Collection will present many new models. including Charme pendant, wall and ceiling fixtures designed by Marina Toscano for both contemporary and traditional settings. Charme features lightweight,

    curved glass diffusers adorned with a decorative gold or platinum metallic leaf layer that gives the white diffuser an amazing 3D effect.


    Founded in 1962, Leucos is an award-winning, brand leader in the US market with national distribution and an expansive customer base. An artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has progressed alongside the evolution of design, exploring new techniques of glass manufacturing and developing “light” through constant engineering innovations.

    With its artistic philosophy focused on the value of design, the company’s offerings continue to mature, emphasized by collaborations with renowned international designers such as Danilo De Rossi, Marco Piva, Renato Toso, Noti Massari, Thomas Sandell, Matteo Thun, David Rockwell, Tobia Scarpa and Ilkka Suppanen. Today, Leucos presents a versatile and sophisticated line of specialty products, including recessed, pendant, wall, table and floor lamps.

    The new dramatic Fairy collection includes pendant fixtures in three shapes -

    spheres, geoids, cylinders and a cylindrical floor fixture. The sparkling glass is

    made from borosilicate crystal glass with a ribbed inner tube that encompasses a

    halogen light source. Pendants are crafted in metal with chrome or gold finish

    while the floor fixture is available in polished chrome with a matte black base.

About Leucos USA

    Leucos USA is a family of distinctive lighting brands that include Leucos, ITRE and FDV Collection. Crafted in Italy, all of the Leucos USA products represent the very best blend of traditional hand-blown glass techniques combined with innovative, modern design. While deeply valuing Italian tradition, the Leucos brands continue to explore new and invigorating production methods that make the company a renowned and visionary leader in contemporary glass lighting. Leucos USA specializes in the hospitality, commercial and high-end residential markets. Brand collections include recessed, pendants, table, wall, floor and ceiling fixtures. All lighting fixtures are UL listed. Many pieces are stocked in a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse located 30 miles south of New York City.

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