When I was a little girl

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When I was a little girlI,a,i,when,was,girl,When,Was,Girl

    1 When I was a little girl, my brothers hair, dark eyes and dark skin), she takes May, who lives in town. found many new customers for the products. and I collected stamps for many years. My after her mother: she is artistic and musical, I have a brother, Syd. He comes to He has developed the export marked and mother didn‟t use to work during the week, and like her mother she‟s attractive. stay two or three time a year. He is very good has improved profits by 200%. He has but she worked in the post office near our She loves looking after animals-she and keeps in touch, but he lives 300 miles opened a new design office and employed house on Saturdays, and she used to bring has two dogs, three cats and a goat. She away. Once a year, he collects mum and three young designers. They have been all home all the new stamps as soon as they lives in a little house in the country. I like takes her to stay with him in London for a over the world to get new ideas, and one of were issued(). animals too. I like riding and hunting, but week. She doesn‟t really like going because them has gone to France this week to a

    On the day of the World Cup football Anna hates hunting. She thinks it‟s cruel. We it‟s a long journey, but I need the rest. major trade fair. Most importantly, he hasn‟t final;决赛in London in 1966, we were very discuss it a lot. Sally, the nurse, comes to see mum been bored since he bought the factory. excited because England were playing West She is quiet and a bit shy with regularly. My next-door neighbour, jack, often

    Germany in the final. When we were having strangers. I am more outgoing and I love calls in. In the evening we usually watch

    lunch, my mother told us to go to the post meeting new people. But she‟s not TVand we sometimes play cards. Mum is 5 An extraordinary change of direction office straightaway after the match if England boring-actually, she‟s very funny. She always fantastic for her age. But I can never decide Molly Wilson had been a dancer and a won, but she didn‟t tell us why. At 2 o‟clock has lots of stories of her life in the country. to go anywhere spontaneously. I always mother for many years when she decided to my mother went back to work as usual, while She‟s an art and music teacher in a little have to plan it, so I feel a bit trapped. But sail round the world to raise money for the rest of the family were watching the village school. what is the alternative? An old people‟s home? charity.

    football on TV at home. Although she wasn‟t She is very good-natured. Anna says I couldn‟t do that to my mother. As a child she had trained as a ballet watching the match, she was listening to it on we brought her up well, and she‟s going to dancer, but at 15 she had grown too tall for the radio. bring her children up to be honest and loyal. classical ballet, so she became a member of

    England won 4:2 and so my brothers But I think she was easy to bring up. I don‟t 4 Morgan Rees has always been a good a pop dance team.

    and I ran to the post office. As we burst in, remember ever telling her off. businessman. He used to own three petrol She got married, and after she had my mother was standing behind the counter. stations and was busy most of the time. children she retired from show business to She was waiting to sell us a very special 3 A day in the life of a carer When he was 65, the normal retirement age, bring them up. They grew up, and when they limited edition with ENGLAND WINNERS on Lily is 70 years old and she takes care of her he decided that he didn‟t want to stop. So were 18 they left home. each stamp. We were over the moon. 91-year-old mother. She told us about caring he carried on working for another two years. She says, ”When I decided to do the

    We still have it today, and perhaps it for her mother. Eventually, when he was nearly 68, his wife, round-the-world race, my husband thought I is worth a lot of money. I wake up early every day, it‟s usually Dolly, asked him to retire because she was bored because the children had left

     about 6.30 a.m, and wait until I hear Tilly, my wanted to enjoy their old age together. home. He was also worried because I had

     mum, moving about. Then I make her a cup Reluctantly, he handed over the business to never sailed before. I was not bored, but I 2 Anna is only daughter. My wife and I of tea. At about half past seven she gets up his son. had met some people who told me about the have two sons and Anna is the youngest in and we have breakfast together. We normally But he was unhappy. He didn‟t know what race. They had taken part in it, but they had the family, but she‟s twenty-five now. Anna just have toast, but on Sundays we always to do with himself. Although he read a lot of only done one section, say, from New was not well when she was little. It was a have bacon and eggs. After breakfast she books and he went on holiday to interesting Zealand to Australia. I wanted to do the very worrying time and she stayed at home a reads the newspaper, then she sits by the places with his wife, he was bored and whole ten-month journey. ”

    lot. She was seen first by the local doctors, window and waves to the neighbours as they began to get depressed because he hated Before Molly left she did a lot of and then she was sent to a specialist in walk by. being retired. training, but it hadn‟t prepared her for the Cardiff where she was diagnosed as diabetic. She hardly ever goes out but she is Then one day saw an advertisement worst weather which they experienced. She It was my wife who mainly took care of her very proud of her personal appearance, so in the newspaper and, without telling his wife, tells one story. “One night the sea was very then. I am not very good at looking after little she goes to the hairdresser once a month. he bought a small crockery factory. The next rough and it was very cold. I had gone children. I suppose I am a bit traditional in She doesn‟t like being left on her own week he told his family. They were horrified downstairs when a huge wave smashed into that way. But when she grew up a bit, we for very long, so I always arrange for a and worried. They thought he was too old at the boat and injured two men on the deck. spent a lot of time together. We loved walking neighbour to come and sit with her when I go 71 to start work again. One of the men couldn‟t move because he and talking and discussing life. We still love it out. Now and again, my friend and neighbour, He is now 76 and he has expanded had broken his leg. They were taken to today. We get on very well. Joan, comes to spend the day with her, and I the company considerably. He has increased hospital by helicopter. That was the worst

    Although she looks like me (tall, dark can go and have lunch with another friend, the number of staff from 6 to 24 and he has time.

    By the end of October last year, she repairing and the chimney needs mending. look shabby and this affects the value of the to 21% of 20-24 year-olds. had raised more than $50,000 for charity. The bedrooms need decorating and we property.

    She says, “ Sometimes I ask myself, haven‟t had the broken windowpanes Secondly, we are appalled by the

    what did I do? How did I do it? But then I replaced yet in the conservatory. We need to condition of the garden, which is in a terrible 10 Animals at home

    think, it‟s the same as being a dancer. Before fix the gate and repair the path-it looks state and needs tidying up. The trees need Just under half the households in the I left on the trip, I had trained hard. I had got dreadful when you arrive.” cutting back, the flowerbeds need weeding UK(45%) own a pet. Pets range from dogs, very fit and had prepared myself completely. and the lawns need mowing. cats and rabbits to the more exotic animals, Then on the trip I was simply a good team The gardener agreed to deal with this such as snakes, lizards and tropical fish. member.” 7 The residents of 24 Acacia Grove were three months ago. However, he has not been Dogs used to be the most popular pet, but

     dissatisfied with the condition of the property, to the property for several months. Therefore changes in lifestyle and the family structure

     so John Preston called a meeting to discuss the garden now needs extensive work. have now made cats more popular than dogs 6 John Preston lives in a flat in north things last week. At the meeting John Residents themselves have had to mow the because they are more independent and London. He moved there after his wife died suggested setting up a residents‟ committee. lawns. need less care.

    four years ago to be closer to his daughter‟s Everyone was so worried and angry about We feel it is unacceptable to residents A large proportion of people who family, and because his big detached house the agent‟s inactivity that they agreed, and to neglect the gardens and buildings in this own a dog own only one dog(78%). and garden were too much work for him as they elected John as chairman of the way. Therefore the Committee has decided Although the majority of people who he got older. It‟s easier in the flat because the committee. Many residents said that they that residents will not pay the next service own a cat own only one cat, over a third letting agent does everything that needs were tired of telephoning the agent and tired payment until we are satisfied with the (38%) own two or more cats. doing. The agent has had the roof repaired of complaining about the flats. Although the plans to improve the situation. More than half the dogs in Britain are and got the gutter replaced, but at the agent was responsible for the flats, they I look forward to hearing from you. pedigree (52%), but only a small proportion moment John is not satisfied because the thought that he didn‟t do enough. Therefore of cats are pedigree(8%). window frames need painting and the garden John was asked to write to the agent and say Yours sincerely,

    looks neglected. The agent had the windows that they were disappointed with the

    painted two years ago, but the painters didn‟t management of the flats. 11 The Olympic Games

    do it very well, so they need doing again. The next service payment was due at 9 After hours The ancient Olympic Games were part of a John pays over $1500 a year for service and the end of the month. However, they agreed Government figures in a recent survey show religious festival in honour of the Greek god maintenance, and he thinks that it‟s not good not to pay it until they were happy with the that British people do housework for an Zeus, the father of all Greek gods and enough because the flats look shabby and a plans to improve the property. They decided average of three hours a day. This figure has goddesses. The festival and games were lot of things need repairing. to tell the agent that he must start the work fallen dramatically in the last thirty years held in Olympia, a religious sanctuary. The

     His daughter, June, and her husband, within one month. They all went away very because of the increase in labour-saving athletes came to Olympia from all parts of the Pete, on the other hand, have to do pleased with themselves. devices (washing machines, microwaves, Greek world, from as far as Spain in the west everything themselves or find builders to do it. vacuum cleaners, etc.) and Turkey in the east. They live in a large semi-detached house Consequently, leisure time has The ancient Olympic Games began in the further out from the centre of London than 8 Dear Mr Hall increased. The number of TVs, stereos, year 776 BC when Koroibos. A cook from the John, but they are still near enough to see As chaiman of the new Residents‟ videos, CD and DVD players, etc. has also city of Elis, won a 200-metre-long race. They him often. They live in the suburbs with a Committee, I am writing to you to complain risen sharply during the last decade because took place for a period of 617 years until the nice garden where their children play. They about the current state of the flats. We are using these has become the most important last games were held in AD393. moved there four years ago to have more dissatisfied with the condition of the flats and leisure activity.99% of people have spent In the ancient games, athletes received space. The only drawback is that June‟s unhappy that you have not replied to our time watching television in the past four prizes worth large amounts of money. In fact husband has to commute into the centre of complaints. weeks and 78% of people have listened to the word athlete is an ancient Greek word, London every day, but, overall, they are For example, although you sent records or CDs and tapes. However, meaning one who competes for a prize.

    happy with their decision. When they bought painters to do the doors and windows two listening to tapes and records decreases with Although women did not compete in the the house, a lot needed doing to it and it still years ago, the work was not satisfactory and age, and gardening for pleasure rises sharply. games, there was a separate festival held at does. June says, “ We have a list of things to they now need repainting. We are very 63%of 55-64 year-olds have spent time the same time in honour of Hera, wife of do as long as your arm-the roof needs concerned about the state of the flats. They gardening in the past four weeks compared Zeus. At thisfestival unmarried girls

    competed in foot races. However, the study appears 4 to fly in Children in the UK have to go to school from further education colleges and universities The marathon was not an event of the the face of research last year which the age of five for 11 years. When they are offer foundation courses for foreign students ancient Olympic Games. The marathon is a concluded that more than 30000 people die 5 two or three years old, they sometimes go to to prepare for university study in the UK. mondern event that was first introduced in prematurely every year in Britain from a nursery school, but they dont have to . The

    the Olympic Games in 1896. It was named illnesses caused by being overweight. first school is called a primary school, and in

    after a village called Marathon where the The British Government is putting this school children study a range of basic 15 Mapping The Future

    Persians were defeated by a small Greek pressure on manufacturers to reduce high subjects, such as reading, writing and At beijings new Urban Planning Exhibition army. The news of the victory was brought to levels of sugar in food and to restrict the mathematics. There is a National Curriculum Centre a computerized city planning map is Athens by a soldier, who ran the 26 miles hard-sell of 6 junk food to children in order to which all state schools must follow, but which creating great interest. Visitors are crowding from the village of Marathon to the capital. improve the nations health. But the new private schools are not required to follow. around it to locate their neighbourhoods and 26miles was therefore adopted as the study suggests the Government should Most children go to state schools, where the to learn about the changes that are occurring. distance of the modern marathon race. encourage more people to exercise. parents dont have to pay. About 6% of Why? Because during the last decade the The Olympic flag was introduced in 1908 and children go to private schools, where the government and the local authority have carries the symbol of five linked rings, which parents have to pay fees. These can be very been pushing forward urban development at represent the five continents-Africa, America, 13 Hygiene Problems in British Hospitals expensive. great speed. Old and ugly factories, even Asia, Australasia and Europe. The Olympic The government has revealed a finding that At the age of 11,most children change whole areas are being demolished to make flame was firest carried in the 1932 Olympic 40 public hospitals have failed an inspection schools and go to a secondary school. They way for new skyscrapers, blocks of flats and Games in Los Angeles. There was no torch of their hygiene standards. This investigation have to stay at this school for five years as shopping malls.

    relay in the ancient Olympic Games. The first is being conducted by the Commission for schooling is compulsory in the Uk until the Urban planning officials say, We are

    torch relay in the modern Olympic Games Health Improvement. The Commission is age of 16. In many secondary schools trying to be more open. We want to get more was staged in berlin in 1936. committed to taking action to improve children have to wear a uniform for the first feedback from the public. This computerized

     standards in hospitals throughout Britain. five years, but often in the last two years they map is real progress. In fact, the Centre is

     Britain has the highest rate in Europe dont have to . At 16, children take the first of its kind in the city. Residents are 12 The Fittest Do Live Longer of patients catching diseases while they are examinations in a range of different subjects. sharing with the government the vision of A study has shown that fitness is the key to in hospital. The Commission intends to tackle This examination is called the General making a new city.

    long life, irrespective of body shape or even this head on. This high rate of infection is Certificate of Secondary Education(GCSE). The main attraction is a large-scale smoking habits. Reserachers discovered that being blamed on hygiene conditions in After that they may stay at school for two or model of the city and about half the size of a people who exercise live longer than those British hospitals. Last week more than 200 three more years to take Advanced-level tennis court-visitors can even see the traffic who do not, even if they are overweight and patients were being treated in a Glasgow examinations (A-levels) or they may leave. lights and the bridges in the city. A guide, smoke. hospital for a virus which they had caught They can, for example, leave school and go who comes from the Beijing suburbs, points

    The study found that the least fit of the while they were there. to a further education college to take A-levels, out Beijings landmarks to the visitors, for 6000 middle-aged men in the study were five The unions claim that the hospitals or vocational qualifications (diplomas). Or example, the Foridden City and the times more likely to die within six years of the used to be much cleaner when they were they can leave to find jobs. 2008Olympic Games complex. People can start of the research than the fittest. This was being cleaned by public employees. Now, Over 20% of students in the UK go on study the new underground extension and true whether or not the men had heart four out of five hospitals are being cleaned to higher education (university or college) to see where the new underground stations problems, smoked or were overweight. by private companies. take degrees or diplomas. This figure is are.

    Scientists concluded that it was better to be The 40 public hospitals are now being rising and will soon be 30%-40%. Visitors come to the Centre for a fat and active than 1.skinny and 2. sedentary. cleaned by special hit squads to raise the Because English continues to be a variety of reasons. One man, in his 70s, is Dr Ken Cooper, a fitness expert, said, You wards to satisfactory standard. One hospital highly important world language, many planning to spend five months in Canada are better off smoking a packet of cigarettes is being given a $1 million grant by the foreign students want to go to university in with his daughter later in the year- he wants a day and exercising regularly than being a government to improve its hygiene the UK. They believe that good English will to know if his flat will still be there when he non-smoker and sedentary. Although he conditions. help them to find better jobs and have a more gets back. Good news! He discovers that his adds, But dont misunderstand me. I am not successful career. As well as this, many area is designated a conservation area. The

    3, endorsing smoking. I amtrying to tell you students think that they will benefit from the beautiful old statues, fountains and how dangerous it is to be sedentary. 14 The British School System ideas in Western universities. So, many pavement cafes in his area will stay. They

    are even making this attractive part of the marriage and divorce in the UK. Bethnal Green, an area of inner London. She city into a pedestrianised area-no more traffic! She uses the following expressions: was moved to Greenleas by the local However, not everyone is pleased with the The Divorce Law Reform Act authorities when her old house was new centre. One young couple, from the The marriage rate demolished.

    citys emerging professional middle classes, Lone parents She came from a large family with six girls are trying to choose the best place to buy a Lone parent families and two boys, and she grew up among flat. They feel that the Centre still does not Headed by a woman brothers, sisters, aunts, grandparents and give enough information for them to make a 1.8 children per couple cousins. When she married her boyfriend good investment decision. You now hear Dr Woodward. from school at eighteen, 2 they went on living

     There have been changes in all sorts of with her parents, and her first child was

     different areas of British society. In recent brought up more by her mother than by 16 Swearing Charity Worker Found Guilty years in the UK we have had a very large herself, because she always worked. of Theft increase in the number of couples who get As the family grew, they moved out of their A 15-year-old boy, who was first found guilty divorced. parents‟ house to a flat.3 It was in the next of theft at the age of 12, was convicted of After 1969 and the Divorce Law street, and their life was still that of the stealing 22 charity boxes yesterday from Reform Act we had a very rapid increase in extended family.” All my family used to live local shops. He was arrested while he was the number of divorces. The rate increased around Denby Street,” said Mrs Sharp,” and dressed as a woman pretending to be a steadily and in recent years has increased we were always in and out of each other‟s representative of the charity Help Aids. much more rapidly. But there are also quite a houses.” When she went to the shops, she

    The boy had been arrested 80 times lot of people who do actually get married. At used to call in on her mother to see if 4. she before, and neighbours say that he had present the marriage rate in the UK is about wanted anything. Every day she would visit committed over 1000 offences, One local 70 per cent, which has gone down since the one sister or another and see a nephew or person said, Hes always in court. Weve number of people who marry has gone down niece at the corner shop or in the market. had enough of him. He had been sent to a quite a lot in the last 20 years, but more You always knew 90% of the people you young peoples prison on two occasions and significantly in the last 10 years. Quite high saw in the street everyday, either 5.they were had been convicted eight times- for burglary, proportions of people now live together related to you or you were at school with robbery and criminal damage. At the trial the without marrying, and, for example, 40 per them,” She said.

    jury heard evidence from the shop owners. cent of children born in the UK are born to When her babies were born (she had two One of them had finally called the police couples who arent married or are born to sons and a daughter), she said, “All my because of what he had said after his mobile none parents. There are quite a large sisters and neighbours would help 6,they phone rang. He had answered the call and number of lone parent families, 90per cent of used to come and make a cup of tea, or help had started swearing. It was only at that these are headed by a woman rather than a in some other way.” And every Saturday point, the shop owner said, That I realized it man. night there was a family party. 7 It was at Mrs was not the usual lady who collects the The average family size now in the UK Sharps mother‟s house.” Of course we all boxes. is 1.8 children per couple, which means that know each other very well. You have to learn

    After the verdict, his mother, who had theres been quite a decline in the birth rate to get on with each other. I had one given evidence in the case, said that she was in the UK along with other European neighbour who was always poking her nose unable to control her son. The judge told the countries. into our business. 8 She was forever asking court that the problems of the family could be questions and gossiping. But you had to put due to the absence of a father. up with everyone. Whatever they were like.”

    The judge will sentence the boy next 18 The Extended Family

    Tuesday. Mrs Sharp, a large, red-faced woman in 1

     her late sixties, has lived in Greenleas, a

     “new town” in the countryside outside

    17 Dr Kath Woodward talks about trends in London, since 1958. Before that she lived in

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