Annex B

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Annex B ...

    Annex B


    Ngee Ann Polytechnic Team Excel Ngee Ann Polytechnic Team Excel

Crusader 1 Lie Meilyna

Name Lie Meilyna

    Nickname/Petname Mazit

    Age 20

    Address Alexandra Road

    Hobbies Golf, Fencing, Socializing

    Course of Study Business and Accountancy (Human Resource) Fun/enjoys doing.. Cooking and Business related matters Favourite Music/Idol Oldies

    Favourite Hangout Orchard Road

Crusader 2 Alvin Ong

Name Alvin Ong Khong Weng

    Nickname/Petname Grim Ripper

    Age 26

    Address Alexandra Road

    Hobbies None

    Course of Study Business and Accountancy (Marketing) Fun/enjoys doing.. Outdoor Activities

    Favourite Music/Idol All Types

    Favourite Hangout Home

    - 1 -

Crusader 3 Derek Chua

    Name Derek Chua Yong Wei Nickname/Petname Shy Guy

    Age 20+

    Address Ang Mo Kio

    Hobbies Soccer, Jogging

    Course of Study Quality Assurance Fun/enjoys doing.. Surfing Net, Making Money Favourite Music/Idol Slow rock, Pop Songs Favourite Hangout Anywhere that can kick a ball

    Crusader 4 Ang Hsing Yee

Name Ang Hsing Yee

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 22

    Address Serangoon

    Hobbies Shopping, traveling, sleeping Course of Study Business and Accountancy (Marketing) Fun/enjoys doing.. Shopping

    Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout Orchard Road

Crusader 5 Chay Nanyan

Name Chay Nanyan

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 21

    Address Chua Chu Kang

    Hobbies Shopping, trying out new food Course of Study Business and Accountancy (Marketing) Fun/enjoys doing.. Shopping

    Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout Orchard Road

    - 2 -

Crusader 6 Andie Chen

    Name Chen Bangjun, Andie Nickname/Petname None

    Age 18

    Address Jurong East

    Hobbies Basketball, soccer, movie, making noise Course of Study Film Sound and Video Fun/enjoys doing.. Studying film

    Favourite Music/Idol “If we hold on together” Favourite Hangout Friends’ place

Crusader 7 Chris Yeo

    Name Christoper Yeo Siew Hua Nickname/Petname Ah Hua

    Age 18

    Address Lloyd Road

    Hobbies Basketball, drawing, eating, sleeping Course of Study Film Sound and Video Fun/enjoys doing.. All my hobbies and movie Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout Home

Crusader 8 Dennis Lim

Name Lim Wei Qiang

    Nickname/Petname Den

    Age 18

    Address Bishan

    Hobbies Badminton, movies, music, computer games

    Course of Study Networking

    Fun/enjoys doing.. None

    Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout Plaza Singapura and Sim Lim Square

    - 3 -

    Singapore Polytechnic Team Pinnacle Singapore Polytechnic Team Pinnacle

Crusader 1 Clara He

Name He Jiawei Clara

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 19

    Address East

    Hobbies singing, playing piano

    Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Shopping

    Favourite Music/Idol pop songs/mariah carey

    Favourite Hangout Home

Crusader 2 Benjamin Loy

    Name Benjamin Loy Wee Chong Nickname/Petname None

    Age 19

    Address Chai Chee

    Hobbies Playing card games like gin or canasta.

    Immersing myself in the wonderful world of the Internet.


    Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. I like a good game of mahjong as it is an ever changing game of strategy

    where you battle your playing skills, acting talents and your luck to

    strategise and defeat your opponents.

    I enjoy watching television programmes like Smallville, Friends and Alias.

    I also enjoy reality tv, and I make the effort that I never miss Survivor, the

    Amazing Race or the Mole.

    I enjoy involving myself with mental challenges. Favourite Music/Idol My favourite genre of music varies from time to time.

    My current interest is from the Smallville OST and Japanese Anime


    Favourite Hangout My own comfort zone lies in front of my laptop; I can't imagine my life

    without the wonders of technology.

    - 4 -

Crusader 3 Eva Ching

Name Ching Eva

    Nickname/Petname Ah Va

    Age 19

    Address Singapore

    Hobbies Listening to music, watching tv Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Cycling at ubin, spending a day out with my friends Favourite Music/Idol Song theme from winter sonata, Hacken Lee and Wang Lee Hom

    Favourite Hangout Nice cafes with pleasant atmosphere

Crusader 4 Baey Ee Wei June

Name Ching Eva

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 18+

    Address Pasir Ris

    Hobbies Reading, singing, movies

    Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Reading, cooking, watchin movies, disturbing my friends, making up for


    Favourite Music/Idol Mandarin pop

    Favourite Hangout Orchard, Bugis, Pasir Ris Library, KTVs

Crusader 5 Gwenne Chen

Name Gwenne Chen

    Nickname/Petname Gwenny

    Age 22

    Address my own huge galaxy

    Hobbies Playing touch rugby, watching movies, reading. Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. (read above hobbies) + hanging out with friends, going dancing


    Favourite Music/Idol Bossanova.

    Favourite Hangout Mostly in town, but it's actually the company that matters most.

    - 5 -

Crusader 6 Tiffany Yeo

Name Yeo YanTing Tiffany

    Nickname/Petname Tiffi, Belacan

    Age 19

    Address In 5 Room HDB Flat up north

    Hobbies Read Romance Novels, Listen to Music, Shopping, Basketball, Gym. Course of Study Media & communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Eating delicious food, lazing at home, hanging out with my friends,

    singing, dancing, meeting new people.

    Favourite Music/Idol Music; Rock, Hip Hop, RnB

    Idol; Linkin Park, Eminem, Clay Aiken, William So, Sammi Cheng, SMAP,

    Bae Yong Jun, Jang Dong Jun, Chae Rim.

    Favourite Hangout Home, Orchard, School, Cafes (Coffee Joints), My Pals’ Place.

    - 6 -

Temasek Polytechnic Team ICE Temasek Polytechnic Team ICE

Crusader 1 Sim Shi Hui

Name Sim Shi Hui

    Nickname/Petname a-Hui

    Age 20

    Address Tampines

    Hobbies Karaoke, listening to music

    Course of Study Diploma in Business Information Technology Fun/enjoys doing.. Karaoke, dancing, Internet chats, friends gathering Favourite Music/Idol Zhang Hui Mei

    Favourite Hangout KTV

Crusader 2 Christina Ong

Name Ong Christina

    Nickname/Petname Christina

    Age 20

    Address Tampines

    Hobbies Listening to music, shopping Course of Study Diploma in Marketing

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Listening to music, shopping Favourite Music/Idol Andy Lau

    Favourite Hangout Orchard

Crusader 3 Panadura Kankanamze Nishantha Nalaka

    Name Panadura Kankanamze Nishantha Nalaka Nickname/Petname Nishan

    Age 26

    Address Tampines

    Hobbies Reading, traveling

    Course of Study Diploma in Marketing

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Surfing Internet

    Favourite Music/Idol Sentimental music, Michael Learns to Rock Favourite Hangout Orchard

    - 7 -

    Crusader 4 Camila Chen Tian Lu

Name Camila Chen Tian Lu

    Nickname/Petname Cam

    Age 21

    Address Blk 317 Tampines St 33 #02-66 Singapore 520317 Hobbies Dancing, Acting

    Course of Study Diploma in Marketing

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Outdoor Sports, Playing pool Favourite Music/Idol Slow music

    Favourite Hangout The Heeren

Crusader 5 Geh Si Wei

Name Geh Si Wei

    Nickname/Petname Wei

    Age 19

    Address 2 Island Gardens Walk, Singapore 578725 Hobbies Soccer, Golf, Music

    Course of Study Diploma in Communications and Media Management Fun/enjoys doing.. Soccer

    Favourite Music/Idol Pop & rock music, Dad

    Favourite Hangout Esplanade

Crusader 6 Chen Zihao

Name Chen Zihao

    Nickname/Petname Ryan

    Age 21

    Address 33 Pasir Ris Drive 3 #02-04 Singapore 519492 Hobbies Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Reading Course of Study Diploma in Banking and Finance Fun/enjoys doing.. Drinking coffee

    Favourite Music/Idol Eminem

    Favourite Hangout Siglap

    - 8 -

Singapore Polytechnic Team Zenith Singapore Polytechnic Team Zenith

Crusader 1 Choo Guan Kiat

Name Choo Guan Kiat

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 19+

    Address Lives in 3-Rm HDB flat in Clementi Hobbies Volleyball, Swimming, Reading Chinese novel, hanging out with friends

    Course of Study Studying Multimedia Software Engineering Fun/enjoys doing.. Sports, Computer Games

    Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout Sentosa (Sunset Bay)

Crusader 2 Tan Yanwen

Name Tan Yanwen

    Nickname/Petname Yannie

    Age 19

    Address Cantonment Close

    Hobbies Sleeping

    Course of Study Media and Communication

    Fun/enjoys doing.. Watching movies, reading books, swimming to lose weight.

    Favourite Music/Idol Anything by Linkin Park or Robbie Williams would rank high among my

    favourites/Michael Schumacher in Formula One Racing. Favourite Hangout My room when alone, some coffee place when with friends.

Crusader 3 Kay Qiaoling

Name Kay Qiaoling

    Nickname/Petname None

    Age 20

    Address Cantonment Close

    Hobbies reading, drawing

    Course of Study Multimedia software engineering Fun/enjoys doing.. Watching movie, listening to music, sleeping Favourite Music/Idol rock pop

    Favourite Hangout Home

    - 9 -

Crusader 4 Jolynn Wong

Name Jolynn Wong

    Nickname/Petname Monkey

    Age 18

    Address Paya Lebar

    Hobbies Pool, clubbing, reading, jogging and surfing the net

    Course of Study Media and Communication Fun/enjoys doing.. craft and baking

    Favourite Music/Idol My Mother

    Favourite Hangout Orchard Road

    Crusader 5 Wendy Cheng Yan Yan

    Name Wendy Cheng Yan Yan Nickname/Petname None

    Age 19

    Address Teban Gardens

    Hobbies Shopping, sleeping, reading Course of Study Media and Communication Fun/enjoys doing.. Same as hobbies

    Favourite Music/Idol None

    Favourite Hangout None

Crusader 6 Tan Yanwen

Name Ivan Zeng Xianwen

    Nickname/Petname Ah Boon

    Age 18

    Address East

    Hobbies Leisure windsurfing, Drums n Percussions, take photographs, shoot silly

    short film clips, composing music and some leisure Photoshop and Flash


    Course of Study Media and Communication Fun/enjoys doing.. Disturbing my neighbours with my drums at home, wrestling with my

    brother, thinking of the future and film everything everywhere

    Favourite Music/Idol Music: Rock, country, swing jazz

    Idol: Buddy Rich, Tony Royster Junior, Carter Beauford

    Favourite Hangout Hangout: my room or in the jamming studio

    - 10 -

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