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By Howard Cooper,2014-06-17 23:28
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And Theyre Off ...

I Have Great Pedigree

    Road to the Kentucky Derby Newsletter #6

    43 Days and Counting…

    By your hero, Jeff the Julepenator

    I have great pedigree, meaning that my bloodlines rock. My father invented things that you use

    everyday, my grandfather ran a country store in Indiana, and somewhere down the line, one of my

    great grandfather’s invented the trapper keeper. Pedigree is very important in betting on horses, I am not sure if it is important in the person making the bets, but it is important in the horses you are betting on. There are

    several horses that you may have heard of from the past that are very good for breeding. What happens is once a horse

    is done making money racing, if they are a good racer then they get to bump uglies for a living. Some of the dopest

    sires get millions just for a humping. This weekend you will notice some great mothers and fathers on your program

    next to the names of some of the Derby contenders. Birdstone, who is racing in the Lane’s End Stakes, came from

    Grindstone and Dear Birdie. Grindstone you may remember from winning both the Louisiana Derby and Kentucky

    Derby in 1996, and Grindstone’s dad, Unbridled, even won the Derby back in 1990. Unbridled is one of the best

    humpers in the breeding game, producing 35 different stakes winning horses. Right now the biggest stud out there in

    breeding land is AP Indy, he has 81 starters out there with 21 winners and 7 stakes winners hitting up the racing

    circuits. Florida Derby winner Friends Lake is AP Indy’s son, and he just won that $611k purse! Gradepoint is also a

    son of AP Indy, and he won the Risen Star Stakes in February! Another good poppa horse to look for is Saint Ballado.

    Saint Ballado fathered 88 horses running out there today and of those 31 have been winners, and although only 2 of

    them are stakes winners, he still is producing some fast and pretty horses. St. Averil who ran a fabulous second the

    other day is fathered by Saint Ballado. El Prado from Ireland is another famous daddy, and you’ll see three horses in

    the Derby hunt this weekend that are sons of his, El Prado Rob in the Rushaway, and Pro Prado and Proper Prado in

    the Rebel Stakes. Also it is good to see Unbridled’s Song, Smoke Glacken, Wild Rush, or Halo’s Image as the horse

    you’re betting on’s daddy.

    Last week we saw some exciting races take place. The racing season is in full swing and all the trainers are trying to

    get their horses ready for the Derby. Friends Lake shocked the crowd (except me of course) by winning the Florida

    Derby and immediately people jumped on the bandwagon for this horse’s Derby chances. If you were checking out

    pedigree (see above), this horse may have made you some mad sheets if you would have just put 2 bucks on this horse

    to win you could have won $76.80! Immediately following this race we saw the Swale Stakes with derby favorite

    Eurosilver. The Eurosilver came in second to Wynn Dot Comma, but ran a great race and was flying like a freight

    train toward the wire. On Sunday, another Baffert trained horse won a stakes race. Preachinatthebar took the San

    Felipe in a crazy paced race. The number 1 horse Laditude lost its rider at the gate and took off and set a far too fast

    pace, which made for an exciting finish when the sprinters were completely winded and the closers were coming on

    from far behind. St. Averil was pushed way outside on the first turn, and came from far back in the pack to take a

    stunning second place. Limehouse, the favorite in the Tampa Bay Derby, lived up to expectations and easily won over

    Mustanfar and Swingforthefences. Check out the daddy of last week’s winners and you may see some pedigree trends.

    This week there are another 4 stakes races to contemplate. The first is the Rushaway Stakes where the El Prado Rob

    takes on Gamblin’ and Tales of Glory. The field isn’t too tough, but expect for one of these horse to try to make a

    statement to merit derby consideration. Next up is the Batman inspired Gotham Stakes. Eddington blew away his

    competition in his last two maiden races and now tries to step it up a notch against stakes winner Redskin Warrior.

    Watch out for Saratoga County and Pomeroy in this race, but if Eddington is really Derby material, he better show it

    here. We then move to Lane’s End Stakes where my Derby favorite, Birdstone, makes his stakes debut for 2004.

    He’ll rock the socks off the other horses (hopefully), because all of the other horses seem to be one step down from his

    awesomeness. Silver Minister, Little Matth Man, and Stolen time are the ones that will put any danger of an upset out

    there. I would guess 10 ? length win for Birdstone, unless he wants to taunt and play with the other horses a little bit,

    and he can, he is that good. The last race of the weekend is a little more up for grabs then the previous three. The

    Rebel stakes features stakes winners in Smarty Jones and Mr. Jester. Smarty Jones is undefeated and Mr. Jester is

    pretty. The Prado brothers keep coming up on these handicappers’ radars screens (pedigree by chance?), but I would

    doubt either would win. They might come up in your exacta picks, but they ain’t the shizzle that Smarty Jones is. Watch out for Purge and Gran Prospect in this race. Good luck and if you win a lot, make sure you kick a little down

    to me, cause don’t you remember we signed that deal that gives me 10% of your winnings? Yeah, it was that one night

    when you were really loaded.

     The “I told you so!” Page

    Road to the Kentucky Derby Newsletter #6

    43 Days and Counting…

    By your hero, Jeff the Julepenator

     Jeff the Julepenator’s Derby Trifecta

    The Prettiest horse in the “bidness” better 1 Birdstone Derby Future OddsPool 2 show everyone he’s a winner this week. Horse Pool 1 Pool 2 If Shane Sellers doesn’t screw this horse 2 Lion All Other 3 YO’s 9-5 6-1 everytime he rides him, then he’s good, Heart but Shane has no business putting Lion Eurosilver 11.8-1 10-1 Heart next to the sprinters and expect to Wimbledon -- 13-1 win. Dumbass. Birdstone 12.8-1 13-1 He lost to a crappy horse I know, but 3 St. Averil St. Averil 25-1 15-1 remember Funny Cide lost last year to Eddington -- 15-1 great horses in all of the Derby Prep races, Lion Heart 14.4-1 16-1 and then beat them out at the run for the Roses Action this Day 14-1 16-1

    The Cliff’s Edge 28.9-1 16-1 Master David 19.3-1 18-1 Tapit 17.8-1 18-1 Jeff the Julepenator’s Picks this Weekend Rock Hard Ten -- 18-1 Winner Place Where? Read The 14.1-1 20-1 Birdstone Little Math Lane’s End Footnotes Man Borrego 52.3-1 24-1 Smarty Jones Purge Rebel Stakes Imperialism -- 24-1 Gamblin’ El Prado Rob Rushaway Value Plus -- 27-1 Eddington Redskin Gotham Limehouse -- 35-1 Warrior Halfbridled (f) 24.4-1 35-1 2004 Pick Record: 2 for 11 Redskin Warrior -- 40-1

    Swingforthefences -- 44-1 Gradepoint -- 46-1 Mr. Jester 58.7-1 50-1

    Minister Eric 32.4-1 52-1 Upcoming Stakes Races Fire Slam 55.6-1 76-1 3/20 Gotham Stakes Aqueduct

    3/20 Rushaway Stakes Turfway Park

    3/20 Lane’s End Stakes Turfway Park 3/20 Rebel Stakes Oaklawn Park Stakes Winners 3/27 UAE Derby UAE Read the Footnotes 2/14/04 Fountain Of Youth 3/28 WinStar Derby Sunland 2/15/04 Risen Star Stakes Gradepoint 4/3 Illinois Derby Hawthorne 2/21/04 Best Turn Redskin Warrior 4/3 Santa Anita Derby Santa Anita 2/28/04 John Battaglia Silver Minister

    4/10 Bay Shore Aqueduct 2/28/04 Baldwin Stakes Seattle Borders

    4/10 Wood Memorial Aqueduct 2/29/04 Borderland Derby Go Kitty Go

    4/10 Blue Grass Stakes Keeland 3/6/04 San Rafael Stakes Imperialism

    3/7/04 Louisiana Derby Wimbledon 4/10 Arkansas Derby OP 3/13/04 El Camino Real Kilgowan 4/17 California Derby BM 3/13/04 Swale Stakes Wynn Dot Comma 4/17 Lexington Stakes Keeland 3/13/04 Florida Derby Friends Lake 4/17 Federico Tesio Pimlico 3/14/04 Tampa Bay Derby Limehouse 4/24 Derby Trial Churchill Downs 3/14/04 San Felipe Preachinatthebar

    5/2 Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs

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